A never-ending ability to make mistakes

The editors at yahoo.com display a never-ending ability to make mistakes:

fp ability make

Guess the missing word!

There’s a word missing from this headline on Yahoo! Style. Do you know what it is?

miss wd sty hp

This looks a lot like a sentence

This looks a lot like a sentence on the Yahoo! front page. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense, what with the missing word or words:

fp sounds a lot

They looking not so good

Editors at yahoo.com must be under a lot of stress and it shows. I wonder if they are looking for the missing word here:

fp they looking

Make sure all the are there

When you write a headline and display it in big letters on your home page — like the editors at Yahoo! Style did — make sure you include all necessary words:

revealing met gala sty hp

This is what I call DIY writing. The reader is required to supply the missing word or words. Did Madonna call her revealing Met Gala swimsuit a “political statement”? Or was it a revealing Met Gala confession?

Whoever did it should be embarrassed

There’s a dearth of competent editors over at Yahoo! Sports. Heck, there may be no editors at the website because any editor would know that the nominative case he is wrong following a preposition like between:

between he 1

Any editor would know that there’s a word missing in what should be a couple of years:

between he 2

And why can’t the writer and/or editor choose correct pronouns? The pronoun whomever is the objective case of whoever, which is the word the writer should have used since it’s the subject of the sentence.

Whoever wrote or edited this article should be embarrassed.

Headline leads to confusion

Will a reward lead to information that leads to a gunman? Is that what the editors at yahoo.com were trying to say, but failed?

fp leads to in

Banking on readers’ ignorance?

Do you think the editors at yahoo.com were banking on their readers’ ignorance when they wrote this?

fp banking

The expression that means “rely or depend on” is bank on. It is not simply bank. And adding the word on to that sentence just won’t cut it. It needs to be rewritten to be grammatically correct.

Jennifer Lawrence rents a secret

Yes, you read that right. According to the brain trust at Yahoo! Style, actress Jennifer Lawrence went braless and was concerned that her secret was leased:

was leased sty

This is so contrary to everything we’ve learned about Ms. Lawrence, who seems so open about the most intimate details of her existence. I would have thought that she doesn’t care that her “lingerie secret” was leaked. But what do I know? More than this writer.

News gets worse

It looks like Yahoo! News is trying out a new format (at least that’s what I see in Firefox). Too bad the Internet giant didn’t spend a little more time training some proofreaders and teaching their editors to writer shorter headlines that fit into the now limited spaces:

new news hp


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