What no one tells you

Here’s something no one tells the writers and editors at yahoo.com: You’re missing a word.

fp what no tells

I need a verb

Gosh, it’s amazing that someone can write some many words that look almost like a sentence, and yet isn’t, because someone at yahoo.com forgot to include the verb:

fp no verb

Thank heaven Paris Fashion Week is over!

With Paris Fashion Week over, we might actually see the end of Yahoo! Style’s writers pathetic attempt at French:


Th0se writers are trying to be soooo sophisticated with their mangled French and the result is that they look like tweens who don’t own a English-French dictionary. The word is très and it means very. We may not be treated to their French follies, but there will always be a missing word or two in their articles. (I think the writer meant collection is representative, but il se peut que je me trompe.

Taking the typo trend next level

Yahoo! Style takes the typo trend (at least it’s a trend on Yahoo!) to the next level with this headline:

trend next level sty

It’s chock-full of errors

How can one little paragraph be so chock-full of errors? Simple. It’s from Yahoo! Makers, where quality writing is not a priority.

london bridge

The preferred spelling at the American Heritage Dictionary is chock-full, although chockfull is also acceptable. The preferred reference by anyone familiar with English is Big Ben, not the Big Ben. If the writer is referring to London Bridge (with a capital B) it doesn’t get the before it either. But if she’s referring to generic bridges, it doesn’t get a capital B. Who knows what she means?

Befitting a high school newspaper?

I’ve seen high school newspapers that are better written than Yahoo! Style. You don’t need a high school diploma to spot the missing word between in and white or to find the misspelled white. All you need is a basic knowledge of English to know that these errors are not befitting a professionally written website read by millions around the world:

is befitting for sty

Enduring the humiliation

I don’t know that I could endure the humiliation if I were responsible for this excerpt from Yahoo! Style:

endured humility sty

Dropping a word in what should be housed in a convent is no big deal (though I’d never use the verb housed to refer to a person). Using humility instead of humiliation is disgraceful.

The snapping talk show

Talk shows are a lot smarter than they used to be. They can take pictures and they have a gender. At least that’s the case with this one, mentioned on Yahoo! Celebrity:

the talk show celeb

You’re onto something

If you spotted the missing word on the Yahoo! front page, you may be labeled an “eagle-eye.” And if noticed the irrational split of a word, you’re onto something:

fp may labeled

How’s that proofreading going? How’s that proofreading going?

It’s not uncommon to see mistakes on Yahoo! DIY. It’s not uncommon to see mistakes on Yahoo! DIY. Like repeated sentences. Like repeated sentences. And sentences that never get an end because the writer nodded off. And sentences that never get an end because the writer nodded off.

ind wed diy

Kinda illustrates the need for proofreading, doesn’t it?


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