With respect to that word…

Show your respect for the language by using the correct word every time you write. The Yahoo! Travel writer could pay her respects by using respects, and not respect, in this common expression:

pay respect tra

Searching for meaning

Huh? Am I missing something or is this teaser on the Yahoo! front page missing something?

fp how they differ

What on God’s green Earth does “How they differ” mean? What differs? Did the writer forget to tell us?

Based on your word choice…

Based on her word choice, I’d say the writer for Yahoo! Style is grammatically challenged:

based off of sty

The first clue was the use of the singular pronoun it to refer to a plural antecedent (images). The correct pronoun is they. The second clue was the expression based off of, which is just wrong. The correct expression is based on.

Dumbest Statement of the Day

If you read this on the Yahoo! front page, you might be wondering how Blake Lively could wear 256 outfits in one week:

fp outfits

That would require a lot of changes of clothes; in fact, she’d have to average 36 outfits a day. She’d have to change outfits not just between engagements, but during engagements and in the limo driving to  engagements.

So, why did the writer publish such a dumb statement? Because Ms. Lively asked designers for 256 outfits prior to her press tour. During the weeklong tour, she wore a total of 18 outfits. That’s just a tad different from what you read here.

Oh, and the use of was? If making grammatical errors were a sport, this writer would be considered an Olympian. A statement contrary to fact requires a verb in the subjunctive mood; in this case that’s were, not was.

Dumbest Statement of the Day

This episode of Dumbest Statement of the Day comes to you from Yahoo! Makers, where makers make dumb mistakes:


What does “watercooler cookies” have to do with Monet, who was known for his paintings of water lilies? Uh, nothing. You might notice that the cookies look like they were painted with watercolors, and they are indeed called “Watercolor Cookies.” And what does that have to do with Monet? Uh, nothing. Monet didn’t paint with watercolors. So this writer screwed up the name of the cookies and screwed up with the reference to “Monet in the Bank.” Maybe that’s the dumbest statement of the week.

Stupid word choice, Yahoo edition

Where does Yahoo! Style go from here? Maybe next year the site will hire real editors and we’ll see some intelligent word choices on Yahoo!, 2016 edition:

addition sty

What were you sipping when you wrote that?

Was the writer of this headline on Yahoo! Makers sipping a little champagne when writing this?


Where did you get that idea?

Why? Why do some writers (and apparently their editors, too) think that you have to include a registered trademark symbol ® on registered trademarks? I’m at a complete loss to explain this on Yahoo! Makers:

reg tm diy

This is just ludicrous. Can you imagine if I had to include the symbol every time I wrote about Yahoo® on my Lenovo® Think Pad®? Stop it now!

This is news?

Is anyone surprised that Harvard University accepted only a fraction of  its 37,000 applicants?

fp fraction

Geez, I would have thought it accepted all of them. Good to know that it was only a fraction, but what fraction? Perhaps the writer meant only a small or tiny fraction. We’re left to guess. I’m thinking maybe 99%.

What made you do that?

What made the writer and editor for Yahoo!® Style think it was necessary to put a ® after Barbie® and not after Bob Mackie®? Can you imagine what a sentence would look like if you put a ® on every registered trademark?

reg tm sty

Don’t do it! It’s just freakin’ wrong and really freaky looking.


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