I’d hide that headline, too

I realize I’m tragically unhip, so maybe this Yahoo! Style headline means something to someone younger and more pop-culturally aware than I:

food hiding sty

I thought maybe the editor chose a dark background for the text so that no one could read it. It’s actually not a bad idea.

Music nerfdom?

Just what is “nerdom”? Is it like a society of Nerf  balls? Or the condition of being a ner? Only the editors at Yahoo! Movies know:

nerdom mov

Is a time machine involved?

Let me get this straight: According to Yahoo! Music, the U.S. won’t have its next president until 2020.


So, we’ll be without executive leadership in Washington for four years. Some people probably think that might not be a bad thing. But then, if he isn’t elected in 2020, he’ll travel back in time (maybe in Doc Brown’s DeLorean) to 2016 and try to be the next American Idol.

Makes sense to me.

How to write like a pro

Here’s how to write a list like a professional writer. In this case, the writer is the editor in chief of Yahoo! Makers, so she knows what she’s doing:

materials mak

The trick is to make a list Use random capitalization Don’t worry about separating items Just keep typing Hope nobody notices

Word dyslexia

A writer demonstrates a common problem on yahoo.com in what one blogger calls “word dyslexia.”

fp in one what

Where is Instagram?

Perhaps only Taylor Swift’s personal pilot knows the location of Instagram. Because according to this Yahoo! Makers writer, the singer flew there on her private jet:

jet to instagram diy

Who were the others?

If models weren’t the ones only showing off stylish looks, who else was only showing off those looks? I actually have no idea what that means, but it must be important because I read it on the Yahoo! front page:

fp the ones only

Check your calendar

If you’re a fan of “Dancing with the Stars,” you know that the show isn’t currently on TV. But somehow it showed up last night on Yahoo! Style:

dwts sty

Week 5 of the program occurred back in April.

This article, which also appeared on last night’s site, is also a tad out of date:

may 4th sty

Hey, at least its more recent than the other article. So there’s that.

Refrigerator magnets of the Internet

Those wacky writers over at Yahoo! Makers are at it again! Throwing a bunch of words out to see what sticks. This time it has something to do with “tiny houses.” I think.

nonsense diy

What are the chances that the writer (who has the title of “editor”) proofread that sentence before publishing it? When “editors” can publish complete nonsense, is it any wonder the site is so poorly written?

That was kinda insensitive

Is the writer for Yahoo! Style tasteless or clueless?

carolyn bessette sty

Those blue words that you can barely read are “Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy.” The writer is speaking metaphorically, of course, but isn’t it a little insensitive to suggest you “ask” someone who died tragically? Or is the writer just ignorant of Ms. Bessette-Kennedy’s demise? I think either way, it’s embarrassing. Maybe that’s why they made the name nearly impossible to read.


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