Something else is scrambled

It looks like this headline and picture on Yahoo! Food got a bit scrambled:

scrambled eggs food

That doesn’t look like scrambled eggs to me.

Check your calendar

Anyone who trusts that the Yahoo! Style writer knows how to read a calendar is a tad foolish:

sunday sty

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day, February 14. The Grammys are on the 15th, but that would be Monday.

Is that a joke?

It’s entirely possible that the Yahoo! Style staff was attempting to be humorous when they wrote this:

tres chic sty

But I’m not so sure. They make so many mistakes and have demonstrated such an extreme ignorance of the French language, that they really do not know that très chic is French.

Getting rid of ‘social imbibers’ can be beneficial

Did you know that ditching drinking and even social imbibers can be good for you? That’s what the editors at claim, though I suspect they have no idea where to insert a parenthetical phrase:

fp social imb

Cristiano Ronaldo’s really big underwear

Cristiano Ronaldo has either every large underwear or very small balls (I’m talking soccer balls):

underwear sty

We’ll have to ask the Yahoo! Style editor for an explanation of how he manages to juggle balls in his underwear.

Getting words in the order wrong

If someone paid to have this written for, I’d suggest they try getting half or more of their money back:

fp or more 2

How would you answer?

In a series of interviews, this Yahoo! Style asked designers this enigmatic question:

or is a mix sty

And surprisingly, they all were able to answer it, even if they couldn’t understand it.

Still learning English?

If you’re still learning English, you might want to rethink you’re decision to write for Yahoo! Answers. You might just find that your skills aren’t up to par — even for a site with standards as low as Yahoo!’s.

You don’t want to end up writing like this:

feed dogs ans

I have no idea what “to make it easier” means. To make what easier? I have no idea why the writer can’t figure out how to write a question. Someone needs to explain to this writer about transpose the words in “you should” and “you shouldn’t.” Sigh. Maybe that will be covered in the writer’s next English class.

One day’s worth of errors

I could never write about one day’s worth of errors on Yahoo!. There are just too many and I’d just get a migraine. So, here’s just one grammatical goof from

fp millions of dollars

Yahoo! advertises millions of dollars’ worth of products every day; too bad one of those products isn’t a grammar book. The editors could use a little lesson on using the apostrophe to form quasi-possessives like one day’s pay and four years’ experience.

Hilary Swank answers

So, Hilary Swank was being interviewed by a writer from Yahoo! Style, who asked her this question:

so are planning sty

And amazingly Ms. Swank managed to come up with an answer. If it were me, I’d still be laughing.


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