Missed Elliott

Yahoo! Style totally missed the mark on its home page with this spelling of Missy Elliott:


When words out are of order

If you’re shopping around for a great loan, you might be interested in this article from Yahoo! Finance:


Unfortunately (but not surprisingly), you’d be disappointed. The article isn’t about saving “when money shopping.” It’s about saving money when shopping. That’s just a little different.

Time warped

When you create a feature for your website, you really need to decide how you’re going to refer to it. Don’t make the mistake that the editors at Yahoo! Style did. They can’t seem to agree on the spelling of this feature:


Clippin’ the Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers are a professional basketball team. Their home court is in Los b, according to Yahoo! Sports:


There’s another team with the same name, but it’s located in Los Angeles, which isn’t anywhere near Los b.

Writing be a tough job

I don’t know if there’s a word missing here or if the verb is horribly wrong. I only know that this sentence on Yahoo! Style is one of my favorites:


Harley Quinn: Kevin’s smith’s daughter

I have no idea who Kevin is, but he has a locksmith or a blacksmith or some other smith. And that smith has a daughter named Harley Quinn Smith. At least that’s what I get from this headline on the home page of  Yahoo! Style:


You might think it’s just a typo, but here it is again, a little lower on the same page:


Those editors are sure consistent, aren’t they? I’m sure if it were a typo, they would have corrected it before publishing it, right?

How to avoid plagiarism accusations

To quote or not to quote? That is the question the writer for Yahoo! Style should have asked herself. Then she should have asked: To proofread or not to proofread?


Perhaps if the writer had bothered to read what she wrote, she might have realized that she was being a tad repetitious — and that not all the words she “wrote” were her own.

It’s a typo, but of what?

This is definitely a typo on the home page of Yahoo! Finance:


But what should the word be? I’m voting for anally.

When do you proofread?

Do you proofread your writing before publishing it? Do you proof it after publishing it, too? Maybe you should. If you don’t check your posts after they’re published, they might end up looking like something from Yahoo! Style:

html sty

How about a little vocabulary building?

Here’s a sign a Yahoo! Style writer could use a little vocabulary-building course. Or absent that, a competent editor with a high education:

smattering sty

Could there be plenty of stars and a smattering of celebrities at a party? Yes, but only if you think smattering means “lots, loads, tons” and not “a small number.”

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