What made you do that?

What made the writer and editor for Yahoo!® Style think it was necessary to put a ® after Barbie® and not after Bob Mackie®? Can you imagine what a sentence would look like if you put a ® on every registered trademark?

reg tm sty

Don’t do it! It’s just freakin’ wrong and really freaky looking.

I doubt that a book could do that

Are you as confused as I am reading this excerpt from Yahoo! Style?

jane eyre ital sty

How would “Jane Eyre,” either the book or the movie, do a double take? Because the editors used italics for the name, it refers to a title. If they meant the character from the book or movie, well, she’s just plain Jane Eyre.

Kanye West in pink, mesh dress

Who wouldn’t want to see Kanye West in a pink, mesh dress? Unfortunately, there’s no photo to accompany this article on Yahoo! Style:

kanye dress sty

In the future, homes will be made of heather

Yahoo! Beauty reports that in the future, homes will be heathy:

heathy hea

I think that means they’ll be made of heath, also known as heather.

Does this make sense?

Somewhere in the brain of the Yahoo! Style writer, this makes sense.

runways lack of log

To the rest of the world this is a result of strange, warped thinking.

Is that a cigarette or a derrière?

These cookies from Yahoo! Food sound yummy — chocolate, peanuts, and butts.

peanut butt food

I prefer lattés

Why go to all the trouble of creating a graphic and then not proofread it? Or, proofread it and overlook the misspelling? Or proofread it and not know this is a misspelling?

lates diy

Why? Could be any or all of those reasons. I just don’t know the reason for mistakes at Yahoo! Makers.

Check this out!

Do you include pictures in your blog or website? Do you do a quality check after you publish them? You probably should. And the writers and editors at Yahoo! Style probably should, too:

pic sty

Refrigerator magnets of the Internet

You know those refrigerator magnets that hold just a single word? You’re supposed to arrange the words to create pithy sayings, obscene limericks, or just complete nonsense. Well, this sentence on the Yahoo! front page is like someone threw those magnets on a refrigerator and published the results:

fp huh

Reader beware

Where the heck did the writer for Yahoo! Style get the idea that ware works here?

neck-ware diy

It looks like she doesn’t know there’s a perfectly acceptable word that fits: neckwear. It ends in wear, just like many other words referring to articles of clothing: footwear, menswear, swimwear, sportswear. The words that end in ware are a tad different: hardware, software, silverware.


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