There’s a lesson here

What would you teach a skin? And how would you do it? Until I read this on Yahoo! Style, I never would have believed that skin can be taught:


(Just in case the writer is reading this, the word is taut.)

Apple Watch: Losing its memory?

Is there a risk that the Apple Watch will lose its cache memory? That’s the question posed by the geniuses at

fp cache

After all these years of documenting the errors made by Yahoo!’s writers and editors, I’m still astounded by their ignorance. The word cache (which is pronounced cash, not cash-ay) means “the storage buffer of a computer, also called cache memory” or “a hiding place or the stuff in a hiding place.”

With errors like this, Yahoo! is losing any cachet it might still have. And by cachet (which is pronounced cash-ay) I mean its prestige or appeal.

Idiom, idiot. They’re so close

Maybe the genius writer for Yahoo! Style made a little typo and was going for idiot when she wrote this:

idiom sty

Clearly she couldn’t have meant idiom because it’s not an idiom, it’s a saying, an adage, an old saw.

Now here’s an idiom (or it would be an idiom if the writer had gotten it right):

up to par with sty

The expression is “on a par with,” which means equal to. Or maybe it’s “up to par,” which means just average.

She would have been correct with close-ups — if she had just closed it up with a hyphen.

By “scratching on a century,” I think the writer means “approaching 100.” Maybe the writer doesn’t know that a century is 100 years and that at 86, the subject has 14 years before she’ll hit that milestone. That’s like saying a newborn is nearly a teenager or a 50-year-old is “scratching” on retirement.

Idiom, idiot. So close in spelling. And so close to being the correct word.

Were hormones involved?

What did Apple’s employees secrete? Hormones? Or did they just secrete something in a hiding place? Whatever they did, as reported by the brain trust at, they probably did it secretly:

fp secretely

Singing the praises of a saddle back

If the editors over at Yahoo! Style ever develop a sixth-grade vocabulary, I’d have considerably less to write about. Fortunately for us, they continue to misuse words, even when writing about a handbag style that’s called a saddle bag:

touting sty

Using their prescience powers, they’ve decided that editors will be singing the praises of the bag “around.” OK. I would have thought they will be toting it around, but I’ll go with touting.

Make over that makover

I love it when folks go to the trouble of making a graphic for their website, and neglect to proofread the text. It happens a lot on Yahoo! Makers, and it happened again today, on Makover Monday:

makover diy

Not even close

Those wacky writers at Yahoo! Style are at it again. They don’t even come close to the right word in this article about clothes?

close sty

Enduring the humiliation

I don’t know that I could endure the humiliation if I were responsible for this excerpt from Yahoo! Style:

endured humility sty

Dropping a word in what should be housed in a convent is no big deal (though I’d never use the verb housed to refer to a person). Using humility instead of humiliation is disgraceful.

Suit yourself

Yahoo! Makers offers all kinds of articles on do-it-yourself projects. You may just find one to suit your taste. My favorite is the edit-it-yourself features, allowing readers to express their inner grammarian:

suite diy

Use / or or, but not both

When reading this list of materials for a DIY project on Yahoo! Makers, I almost overlooked the redundant use of the slash and the word or. That’s because I was focused on the word velum:

velum diy

I haven’t seen that word outside of biology textbooks. The velum is a thin membrane or the soft palate, which is the back of the roof of the mouth. I’m not sure how you’d use it instead of tracing paper. Perhaps the writer meant vellum. Just takin’ a wild guess.


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