And then I fell aslee

Did the editors at suffer from an attack of narcolepsy before they could finish this sentence?



Would not be first time

This would not be the first time a word has gone missing on

Ya’ll laugh

Y’all take a look at this headline; y’all be embarrassed for the editor:

The Southern express y’all is a colloquial contraction of you and all. The misplaced apostrophe in ya’ll makes that a contraction of ya (or you) and will. Y’all got that?

A lost win

I know virtually nothing about American football, but I do know that this tidbit on is wrong:

Philadelphia isn’t looking for its first Super Bowl. It’s looking for its first Super Bowl win. That’s kinda different.

Can’t make a decision?

Can’t decide how to spell a word? Can’t figure out if it should be hyphenated or not? Don’t consult a dictionary. Just do what the folks at Yahoo News do: Spell it both ways!

Do I repeat myself? repeat myself?

From, more evidence that everyone needs to proofread:

It’s it’s, but it should be its

It’s practically an everyday occurrence at Yahoo. Someone confuses its and it’s. This time it’s on Yahoo Finance for its mistake:

At least error 1 on

There’s at least one error on, one of the world’s most visited websites:

Just stopped by to say “hi”

Hi! That’s the word from Yahoo News:

I’d say that Yahoo’s image as a news source takes a hit with that headline.

A series of mistakes

A series of mistakes has lined up on Here’s just one of them:

The word series is both a singular and plural noun. If it’s preceded by the indefinite article a, it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s singular.  So, it requires a singular verb, like has and not have.

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