Fifty shades of Grey? Is that your question?

No, no, no. Somehow writers and editors at Yahoo! got the idea that terminating punctuation always goes before a closing quotation mark. To prove my assertion (as if one more example is proof), here’s a headline from Yahoo! Movies:

grey apos ques mov

In the U.S., commas and periods go before the closing quote mark. Colons and semicolons go after the quote mark. But exclamation marks and question marks can go before or after the quotation mark, depending on meaning. A question mark goes before the closing quote mark only if the words within the quotation marks are an actual question. That means that the writer thinks “Fifty shades of Grey” is the question. It is not.

Does this make sense?

Somewhere in the brain of the Yahoo! Style writer, this makes sense.

runways lack of log

To the rest of the world this is a result of strange, warped thinking.

Do you remember the pale, lifeless years?

Yahoo! is celebrating its 20th anniversary. In honor of the event, Yahoo! Style is focusing on 20 pale, lifeless years:

pasty sty

Taking the typo trend next level

Yahoo! Style takes the typo trend (at least it’s a trend on Yahoo!) to the next level with this headline:

trend next level sty

It’s a historic mistake

It’s not a horrible mistake, but it’s a common one on the Yahoo! front page:

fp an historic 2

Most words beginning with H are preceded by a, not an because the H is pronounced: a head, a heart, a hand.  But some words beginning with H are preceded by an, not a because they start with a vowel sound: an hour, an honor, an honest mistake.

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

In this episode of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” we find a missing hyphen or an unnecessary hyphen.

fp plane tracking

Seems like they just can’t agree on much of anything at

This is meant to be a criticism

My only criticism of this on It’s a misspelling that would have been easily detected by a spell-checker or a person who knows how to spell:

fp criticsm

So different from correct

This is different from correct grammar on the Yahoo! front page:

fp different than players

The writer and editor goofed with the different than, but they also screwed up by omitting an apostrophe: different from most veteran players’.

Not a spelling genius

Someone at the Yahoo! front page came up with an ingenious new spelling:

fp ingenius

Did I say “ingenious”? Sorry, I meant “wrong.”

Is that a cigarette or a derrière?

These cookies from Yahoo! Food sound yummy — chocolate, peanuts, and butts.

peanut butt food


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