It’s a rite of passage

There should be some rite of passage — some sort of test of competency — for editors who work for huge Internet companies. Maybe a competent editor would have found this misused word on Yahoo! Sports:

rite of passion spo

Mon dieu!

Why do the writers at Yahoo! Style insist on trying to write in French. They have a hard enough time writing in English without demonstrating they’re illiterate in another language.

youll jadore sty hp

The French j’adore means “I love” or “I adore.” It makes no sense in this context.

I can’t bear it any longer

You tell me: How could a dress with a big fat cutout in the middle hold up a model’s ab? And why does she have only one abdominal muscle? Yahoo! Style has me so confused; I just can’t bear it any more:

ab-bearing sty ab-bearing sty pic

At least the model is cute, abs-baring dress and all.

To which I say

This is what the Yahoo! Style writer wrote, to which I say, “If you want to do this for a living, learn English”:

to with sty

Confused about plural possessives?

Do you ever get confused about forming the possessive of a plural noun? Where does that apostrophe go? Before or after the S? If you find yourself in a quandary over possessives, just do what the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity did: Put in an extra S so that you can place that apostrophe before and after an S:

sisterss apos cel

Writers’ mistakes like this happen all the time on Yahoo!.

Throwing my hands up

I practically threw my hands up in the air after reading this on Yahoo! Style:

through a party sty

It’s the kind of homophonic mistake that only happens on Yahoo!.

What would you say afer reading this?

What would you say to the writer or editor after reading this on

fp afer 2

How about “Take a proofreading class”?

How to write like a pro

Here’s how to write a list like a professional writer. In this case, the writer is the editor in chief of Yahoo! Makers, so she knows what she’s doing:

materials mak

The trick is to make a list Use random capitalization Don’t worry about separating items Just keep typing Hope nobody notices

Where did you get that idea?

Where did the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity get the idea that this is correct? And where was the editor who would have known to change wears to wares?

wears cel

Sneak peek

If this is a sneak peek of the quality of writing we can expect from Yahoo! Decor, I think it will be a rich source of fodder for Terribly Write:

chatskis sty

Can you figure out what “chatskis” are?I think it’s the phonetic spelling of tchotchkes by someone who doesn’t know how to pronounce tchotchkes. That’s the worst misspelling I’ve ever seen.


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