Your kidding

Whether you’re having fun pointing fingers at Yahoo! Makers writers or merely shaking your head in disbelief, things are bound to get silly when you read this:

your having fun diy

Yet another Grammar mistake

The writers at Yahoo! Style are no strangers to grammar errors. And here’s one more — but of a different kind:

grammar sty 1

The former “Frasier” star and his ex-wife are Camille and Kelsey Grammer.

Check your calendar. Again

First someone at Yahoo! Style told us that the Grammys would take place on Sunday, February 15. That’s kinda funny since February 15 is a Monday. Now we learn that today is the eve of the Grammys, which takes place on Monday. So, that makes today Sunday.

eve of monday

Please ignore your calendar. It’s wrong. At least according to the senior editor at Style.

Too bad!

This is too, too funny. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a writer use too when to is called for. But, someone at Yahoo! Health did just that:

too hea

First things first

First things first: The writer for Yahoo! Style messes up a common idiom:

first thing sty

Is this the work of a fledgling writer?

There must be a logical explanation for the Yahoo! Style writer’s use of the world fledgling to refer to a retailer that’s nearly 40 years old:

fledgling sty

Perhaps she doesn’t know how long Banana Republic has been in business. Perhaps she thinks fledgling means struggling. Perhaps she’s an idiot.

Worst spelling on the Web

There are lots of poorly spelled words on the Web, but none as bad as this from the Yahoo! Style “news editor”:

decipels sty

What the heck is that? decibels? Nah, that would make no sense (although making sense is not a criterion for writers on Yahoo!).  Does it refer to the members of some secret society of anorexic models?  Or is it the worst possible mangling of disciples?

Low and lower

I was reading an article on Yahoo! Makers when lo and behold, there was an incorrectly capitalized valentine (when you’re writing about a card, it’s a common noun) and a homophonic horror that’s become all-too-common on Yahoo!:

valentine cap low diy

Something else is scrambled

It looks like this headline and picture on Yahoo! Food got a bit scrambled:

scrambled eggs food

That doesn’t look like scrambled eggs to me.

Get the lead out!

Ya’ gotta wonder what led the Yahoo! Style to think that this was the correct word:

lead the pack sty

Although lead can be pronounced led, it’s not the past tense of the verb lead. That would be led.


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