Lily Rose-Depp drives readers crazy

This hyphenation on the Yahoo! Style home page is driving me crazy:

lily rose-depp sty hp

Did the writer really think her last name is Rose-Depp, as if she were the child of Pete Rose and Johnny Depp? Her name is Lily-Rose Depp and Johnny Depp is her father.

I’m a writer, not a mathematician!

The majority of readers of Yahoo! Style (that’s more than 50%) think that the writer needs to return to the third grade:

majority sty

SEALs the deal

Nice try. But wrong. The plural of SEAL (a member of the U.S. Navy’s special forces) is SEALs. Don’t believe what you read on the Yahoo! front page:

fp seals cap

What’s on the chopping block?

If I made as many mistakes in my job as this writer for Yahoo! Style, I’d be afraid my job would be on the chopping block:

chopping block sty

At least I know the difference between a chopping block and an auction block, which is what she meant, but didn’t write. I also know not to put a hyphen between an adverb ending in -LY and the word following it.

Northwestern is what?

Northwestern is. Yes indeedie, Northwestern is. What exactly is Northwestern? Only the writer for knows:

fp northwestern is

Oh! His phone!

Oh! His phone at halftime! Does that make sense to anyone except the person at who wrote this?

fp oh his phone

Do you mean Halloween?

The writers at Yahoo! Celebrity shouldn’t try to be clever. They should just use simple words, words we all know. Like calling October 31, Halloween and not All Hallows’ Day:

all hallows day

All Hallows’ Day is actually November 1. The word Halloween is derived from All Hallows’ Eve — the day before All Hallows’ Day.

At least the writer didn’t call it Old Hallow’s Eve  or Halloween Eve or All Hollow’s Eve.or any number of other mislabels given the holiday by Yahoo! staffers.

Make over that headline

What do the editors at Yahoo! Makers make? Mistakes! This headline needs a make over to change the noun makeover to the phrasal verb make over:

makeover mak hp

One word, so wrong

The writers at Yahoo! Style just love the word through. They love it so much they use it instead of threw. They use it not just for the past tense of the verb, but for the present tense of throw:

through sty

So, they got the wrong word in the wrong tense? Does that make sense?

Subject matter experts need not apply

If you know the difference between piping (that narrow tube of fabric enclosing a cord) and pipping (which is what a baby chick does to get out of its shell), then you’re too well educated to write for Yahoo! Style:

pipping sty pic pipping sty


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