Alter that word

Even if this Yahoo! Style writer had used the correct word in this paragraph, it would still be a hot mess:

alter sty

We all know she should have used altar, not alter (which means “to change,” but you knew that, too). But the rest of that ‘graph is complete idiocy, making no sense. Don’t bother reading it. It will only infuriate you, especially if you consider that the writer only had to synthesize a published article and she gets paid to write this crap.

Mad Libs of the Internet

Here’s a little Mad Libs entertainment for you from those pranksters at

fp trek

Just like the parlor game you used to play as a child, this game requires you to fill in a missing word between “a 1,700″ and “trek.” I’m going to guess “centimeter.”

In love with hyphens?

Has the writer for the Yahoo! front page just discovered the Hyphen key on a keyboard, and decided to use it — once too often?

fp hy

The hyphen after Jenner is correct. (Good job!) But there shouldn’t be a hyphen in the name because there’s no chance of a misunderstanding. Unless you’re writing about Olivia Newton-John or Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Then they get one hyphen each. But just one.

This is news?

Is anyone surprised that Harvard University accepted only a fraction of  its 37,000 applicants?

fp fraction

Geez, I would have thought it accepted all of them. Good to know that it was only a fraction, but what fraction? Perhaps the writer meant only a small or tiny fraction. We’re left to guess. I’m thinking maybe 99%.

Busboy, bellhop. What’s the diff?

Once more the writers at Yahoo! Style prove that knowledge of common English words is not a requirement for employment as a writer:


That’s the caption for this photo:

busboys pic

Do they look like busboys? No? That’s because they are bellhops.

Where has it been?

Where the heck did it go? Where’s the hyphen that makes it a real bunch of has-beens on the Yahoo! front page?

fp has beens

Playing fast and loose with the language

Maybe the writer for Yahoo! Makers has nothing to lose by using an incorrect word:

come lose diy

Me? I think that any editor who didn’t correct that has a screw loose

If you don;t like this…

If you don’t like the use of a semicolon to form a contraction, you won’t like this caption from Yahoo! Makers. But it doesn’t stop there: Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, the writer (who happens to be the site’s editor in chief) doesn’t know the difference between you’re and your and she omitted the hyphen in the compound adjective store-bought:

dont like youre diy

How many can you spot?

This is like Find Waldo, except you’re looking for the errors committed by one writer for Yahoo! Makers. How many can you find?

bike stor

I’m going with these:

  • an invisible storage? Shouldn’t that be just invisible storage?
  • If it’s like invisible storage, then you wouldn’t see it, would you? Then how could you hardly ever see it?
  • Misspelling! That misspelled allows was just too easy.
  • Your bike themselves? Really? Does the writer really not understand the concept of matching a pronoun with the noun it refers to? And why include themselves (or even the correct itself)?

Your turn. What did I miss?

Just one person?

There’s just one American whose confidence in housing is on the rise, according to Yahoo! Finance:

americans apos fin


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