Please get this girl an editor

Please, someone, anyone get this girl an editor. Save Yahoo! and Yahoo! Shine further embarrassment from the ramblings of a language-impaired writer.

This gal has problems, and she’s not afraid to show them. In one article she can make a dozen major goofs. Like this:

Going into what? Omitting a word and a hyphen isn’t actually a brand-new mistake for Shine writers.

Remarked at? What has he doing — talking to a metal scanner? This poor child has no idea what word to use in any situation:

Yes, CGI animation enters. Enters what, I have no idea. I’m thinkin’ maybe the Earth’s atmosphere. Or maybe Midtown Manhattan:

I’m getting tired of this. A professional writer who doesn’t know to hyphenate Broadway-style or capitalize Emmy Awards:

OK, this is just too funny. Her later apologized? Let’s give this writer a shout-out for the best typos of the week (and it’s only Tuesday):

Was Bob Iger dead? Drunk? Dead drunk? Why on Earth did they have to stand him up? Why on Earth doesn’t the writer know that TV shows need some kind of special treatment, like quotation marks?

Why doesn’t she try to hit the Shift key at the right time. Really, honey, capitalized letters mean things. So, capitalize Snuggie, which is a trademark:

Lordie. She can’t even capitalize Mickey Mouse correctly? No red-blooded American would make a mistake like this:

No, she’s not a very artistic. She’s also not a very writer:

Were you really at the Animator’s Palate, as you claim? I doubt it, because you don’t even know the name of the restaurant:

Huh? Are there too many words here:

and not enough words there?

Please, get this gal an editor. Or a different career.

No comment necessary

Some writing is just so mind-numbingly awful that I can’t bring myself to comment on it other than to point out the errors. Such is the case with an article about product placement in movies that appears on Yahoo! Shine.

So, without accompanying explanations, I give you the most egregious of the errors.

There’s a missing word, a misplaced comma, a misspelled “Super Size Me,” a mysterious meta-expirament, a misspelled Steven Spielberg, a missing comma in Reese’s Pieces, and missing quotation marks around the movie title “E.T.”:

There’s a missing a word here, and the name of the journal is Pediatrics:

There’s a f**ked up White Castle, another missing word, and the misuse of it’s instead of its twice:

A misspelling of Rene Russo:

A funky capitalization of the title “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and a missing apostrophe in Campbell’s:

Will Ferrell is misspelled and there’s the use of add for a shortened form of advertisement:

Once again, add instead of ad:

The movie title isn’t “Wall Street 2”; it’s “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”:

Who is the genius behind this writing? Is this article just an anomaly? If you’re wondering, the writer is a senior features editor whose juvenile style and illiterate musings are most evident in this comment she added to her article:

Would you lend your name to this?

Geez. Who would lend their name to anything this badly written?

An editor for Yahoo! Shine, that’s who! So, she’s not familiar with common English idioms (like “lend their name to“). So what!

She may not know much about English, but that’s not a requirement to write for Yahoo!.

Yodeling too hard?

Ya-hoooo! Someone may have been yodelin’ a little too hard over at Yahoo! and it may have temporarily affected the air supply to the writer’s brain. The writer of a recent blog entry on the Yahoo!  corporate blog, Yodel Anecdotal, made a couple of typos (let’s be charitable and call them that), a common punctuation error, and a homophonous goof.

Rob Cavallo might be an actual important person (I have no idea who he is), but he’s probably not the entire chief creative office. Maybe a chief creative officer. But office? I think not. Anyhoo, the man is highly acclaimed, which doesn’t need the hyphen after the adverb highly:

yodel 1

Mr. Cavallo may have been timing the coaching, but I think he probably spent time coaching:

yodel 2

Homophonous errors know no bounds:

yodel 3

Ya-hoooo! I think I’d be yodeling a little less and proofreading a little more.

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