Nay, the time is nigh

When I read this on Yahoo! TV I actually said, “Huh?” loudly enough that others heard me (and if they read this, they were probably thinking it, too). Someone needs to tell the writer (who is actually the New York bureau chief for Yahoo Entertainment) that there’s a time to learn a little more about the English language, and the time is nigh:

time is neigh tv

What do you do with an airplane hanger?

What would you do with an airplane hanger? Hang up airplanes? Or hang up your coat on this airplane hanger?

airplan hanger

If you read this on Yahoo! TV wouldn’t you be asking those questions?

airplane hanger

Can you image the number of airplane hangers you could fit inside an airplane hangar like this one:

airplan hangar

Is dyslexia contagious?

Is this the start of a dyslexia epidemic at Yahoo!. This attempt at Bryan Cranston was just spotted on Yahoo! Movies:

byran mov hp

and this misspelling of Justin Bieber’s name is the focus of a headline on Yahoo! TV:

beiber tv in no t

Who is that woman covered in puppies?

Is that Salma Hayek on the home page of Yahoo! TV’s “TV in No Time”? Nope, it’s Salma Hayak:

hayak tv

At least they didn’t call her Selma — this time.

Spreading goo with a goo bomb

Yikes! Who would want to diffuse a goo bomb, which would spread its contents?

diffuse tv

Methinks the writer for  Yahoo! TV would suggest defusing the bomb, to make it fuse-free and nonexplosive.

I’ll never ever understand

I’ll never ever understand who sentences like this one from Yahoo! TV get past the editors:

none never

If I believe this, then all pupils on “The Simpsons” seem to graduate. Which is not what the writer meant. Someone needs to explain the effect of a double negative like none and never.

This really embarrasses me

I’m embarrassed for the writer of this headline on Yahoo! TV:

embarrases tv

Will Yahoo! ever provide its writers and editors with a spell-checker — and require them to use it?

Taking some more flak

A writer for Yahoo! TV could get his fair share of flak for choosing a variant spelling of a word and for making up a word, even if he oozes a sort of earnestness:

flack tv

Justin Bieber: Not best-remembered

How can you claim that Justin Bieber was a “best-remember” character if you can’t remember how to spell his name? Somebody at Yahoo! TV forgot his name and forgot a two letters in best-remembered:

beiber tv

It’s Betty White’s birthday

January 17 is the anniversary of Betty White’s birth; it’s her birthday. Her birth date is the date she was born — January 17, 1922. Would someone please pass that info on to the writer for Yahoo! TV?

birth date


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