Taking some more flak

A writer for Yahoo! TV could get his fair share of flak for choosing a variant spelling of a word and for making up a word, even if he oozes a sort of earnestness:

flack tv

Justin Bieber: Not best-remembered

How can you claim that Justin Bieber was a “best-remember” character if you can’t remember how to spell his name? Somebody at Yahoo! TV forgot his name and forgot a two letters in best-remembered:

beiber tv

It’s Betty White’s birthday

January 17 is the anniversary of Betty White’s birth; it’s her birthday. Her birth date is the date she was born — January 17, 1922. Would someone please pass that info on to the writer for Yahoo! TV?

birth date

It’s just Henry VIII

Although you pronounce the word when reading it, you don’t include the word when writing Henry VIII.

henry the viii tv

This lesson on English nobility is brought to you by Yahoo! TV.

Retro TV shoes

Although I prefer watching TV shows, I decided to try watching the shoes recommended by Yahoo! TV:

shoes tv

Well, I stared and stared at these retro shoes, but nothin’ happened.

shoes tv 2

I think I’ll stick to TV.

The real freak show

It’s a freakishly obvious typo on the home page of Yahoo! TV:

rea-life tv

I wonder how this got past the editors.

Was that an Alp?

Take a peek at this: Yahoo! TV brought us a sneak peak and I’m wondering if the peak is an Alp or a Himalayan or Andean mountain:

sneak peak tv

Too much of Graham Elliot

How embarrassing for Yahoo! TV. Here on its home page is a little more of Graham Elliot than is necessary:

graham elliott tv

Created by a sometime writer?

Was this written by a sometime writer for Yahoo! TV?

sometimes tv

If Courtney Love is an occasional actress, she’s a sometime thespian. She acts sometimes. The similar words are really different parts of speech: Sometimes is always an adverb; sometime is an adjective or adverb. So, if you’re modifying a noun, use sometime.

Here a things you may have missed

Here’s one thing that the writer/editor/proofreader/whoever missed on Yahoo! TV:

here a things tv


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