Low and lower

I was reading an article on Yahoo! Makers when lo and behold, there was an incorrectly capitalized valentine (when you’re writing about a card, it’s a common noun) and a homophonic horror that’s become all-too-common on Yahoo!:

valentine cap low diy

Not too bright

Gigi Hadid was in Paris, known to many as the City of Light. Known to many, but not known to the Yahoo! Style news editor:

city of lights lc

What’s with this editor?

The last time the Yahoo! Style “news editor” wrote about Charles de Gaulle Airport, she screwed it up with a bunch of random hyphens. Well, she hasn’t learned a thing in the last few months. She’s at it again:

charles-de-gaulle sty

Perhaps this woman doesn’t know that Charles de Gaulle was an actual human being and that his name does not contain hyphens, and other human beings do not get to change the spelling of his name.

When southern isn’t just a direction

If you’re writing about the southeastern portion of the United States, as the folks at yahoo.com are, then you’re writing about the South and Southern states:

fp southern no c

Elevating high fructose corn syrup

Whatever gave the editors at yahoo.com the idea that high fructose corn syrup was a proper noun? It’s not. And it’s not a trademark. It’s a common noun like sugar, sweetener, and screwup:

fjp hfcs

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

There seems to be some confusion on yahoo.com about an interest hike. Or maybe there are interest rate hikes. And who’s responsible? It’s either the Fed or the fed. Whatever:

fp fed hike

Do you work for the same company?

It’s hard to believe that the people who write or edit yahoo.com ever communicate with each other or refer to any authority, standard, or style guide. It’s also hard to believe they even work in the same country. Most Americans know that when you refer to the House of Representatives as the House, you need to capitalize it:

fp house lc

At least that writer didn’t capitalize speaker because it doesn’t precede the speaker’s name.

Well, it looks like someone at yahoo.com knows to capitalize House. But the capitalization of Speaker? That’s wrong.

fp speaker uc 2

This may be a record

This excerpt from Yahoo! Style may be a new record for Terribly Write: The most errors in a single sentence:

rnc chair sty

In honor of its new status, I thought I’d point out just a teensy error: Lewis Eisenberg is NOT the chairman of the Republican National Committee. Reince Priebus is the chairman of the RNC. And Agnes Gund is the president emerita (since she is female) of MoMA (which is the correct shortening of the Museum of Modern Art).

It’s not that kind of house

Here’s just one more example of why Yahoo! shouldn’t be outsourcing writing for yahoo.com:

fp house lc

Anyone familiar with U.S. government knows that House is short for House of Representatives in Washington and that it gets a capital H.

Don’t drink too much champagne. Or Champagne. Whatever

Perhaps the editors at yahoo.com have been hitting the bubbly a little early. Imagine them giggling as they write about champagne:

fp champagne lc

and then fumbling around the keyboard to write about Champagne alternatives:

fp champagne ic

Once again these folks show an inability to decide on a single spelling for a word. But this time, maybe they’ll blame on an early New Year’s celebration.


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