Hyphen happy

It’s not enough to be capitalization crazy, putting capital letters at the front of common nouns like holiday. No, that’s not enough for this Yahoo! Makers writer. She’s also idiom idiotic, with some crazy idiom stepping out, which makes no sense:

holiday cap diy

No, that’s not enough. She also happens to be hyphen happy, adding them indiscriminately in what should be seven-day lead-up. Two hyphens. That’s enough.

Keep a frog in your kitchen!

Now you know what to do with those frogs in your kitchen! According to Yahoo! Makers, use them to store dessert sauce:

frog mak

The frog is the worst of this excerpt. But let’s not overlook the randomly capitalized dessert and the fact that an instruction that consists of only one step probably doesn’t need to be numbered.

Oy vey!

Oy! How does someone with so little regard for language become a “news editor” for Yahoo! Style? This little lady clearly has no respect for the proper use of the Shift, arbitrarily using it to capitalize the common noun sweater and failing to use it for Festival of Lights:

maillots sty

Her spelling of Hanukkah isn’t the preferred one. And her knowledge of fashion is a tad wanting: A maillot is not a style of sweater; it’s a bathing suit.

Your readers are sure to delight in this

If you’ve wondered why the writing on Yahoo! Makers is so amateurish and juvenile, take a look at this excerpt from an article written by the site’s editor in chief:

thanksgiving lc diy

She’s obviously a tad confused. She probably thinks that the word holiday should be capitalized, and not the name of the holiday. And she’s a little confused about you’re (which is short for you are) and your (which is the possessive pronoun).

Perhaps she just takes a very relaxed view about grammar and spelling and word usage. Perhaps that’s not a great attitude for an editor in chief.

Do you have an outdoor oven?

Do you have an outdoor oven? If so, then this tip from Yahoo! Makers is for you!

before you bring in diy

I guess for the rest of us, we’ll just have to live with the bugs in our pinecones. Hmmm. Unless the writer meant, “Before you use … pinecones to decorate your home,” because most of us would have to bring them in to bake them, no?

Transforming transatlantic

The writer for Yahoo! Travel transformed transatlantic with an incorrect hyphen and a capital letter:

trans-atlantic tra

Often, when a prefix is added to a proper noun, the combination is hyphenated, like un-American, pre-Columbian, and non-Euclidean. But transatlantic is an exception to that general rule.

Taking a holiday

The writers at Yahoo! have taken a holiday from using the Shift key when pounding out what should be Halloween:

halloween lc mak

and Labor Day:

labor day sty

I guess the editors were taking a holiday from there jobs, too.

Why am I not surprised?

They can’t decide if the United Kingdom is UK or U.K. They can’t agree on the abbreviation for the United Nations. They think that no one will notice if they spell the football scandal as Deflategate and deflate-gate. So should we be surprised if the geniuses at yahoo.com think super-PAC…

fp super-pac

…looks exactly like Super PAC?

fp super pac cap

Keeping up with the times

Hodgkin lymphoma has taken another life, according to yahoo.com:

fp hodgkins

The disease used to be called Hodgkin’s lymphoma (with a lowercase L), but according to the Lymphoma Research Foundation, that designation is outdated.

Not an Ivy League graduate?

I’m guessin’ that the writer for yahoo.com isn’t an Ivy League-educated journalist:

fp ivy


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