Where in the world?

Where in the world did the writer for Yahoo! Style get the idea that there was a capital K in the city Oshkosh?

oshkosh sty

Maybe the writer was thinking of the children’s clothing line OshKosh B’gosh.

So, what was the Yahoo! Beauty writer thinking when she wrote about the Chinese city Kong Hong?

kong hong

Maybe she was hungry and was distracted by thoughts of sum dim.

Not to be outdone by the errors of other Yahoo! staffers, the writer for Yahoo! Sports came up with a creative spelling of Copperstown (and omitted the hyphen in Dominican-born):

coopertown spo

What is it about cities? Why are they so hard to spell correctly? Or is it just hard for Yahoo! staff?

My ‘aha’ moment

Reading this on Yahoo! Makers, I had an “aha” moment: This writer is in need of a competent editor and a course in English and writing:

a-ha diy

It wasn’t the incorrectly capitalized portobello; it wasn’t even the incorrectly hyphenated aha, although both indicate a careless writer unfamiliar with a basic dictionary. It was the dangling participle styling, which leads readers to believe that Mushroom Savanna did the styling of the fungi.

I’d be Blogger Laura

Whoa! Here’s a coupla creative uses of capital letters on Yahoo! Beauty:

actress model cap bea

Can you imagine if everyone thought it was correct to capitalize a person’s occupation when it preceded a name? Then we’d be reading about bombastic Businessman Donald Trump, retiring Comedian Jon Stewart, and the late Author E.L. Doctorow.

And I’d be Blogger Laura. Hey, I kinda like that.

Where have you been?

For the last several weeks you couldn’t read a newspaper (remember those?), look at a news site on the Web, or check out the Yahoo! front page without seeing a mention of the Confederate flag. Apparently the writer of this gem hasn’t been paying attention:

fp confederate flag

Are you British?

Do you think it’s kinda odd that the writer for yahoo.com used the non-American spelling colour on an U.S. site?

fp colour

I thought that was strange. I also thought pop lip was odd. What the heck is that? Well, after some sleuthing (not a lot, I admit), it turns out that the lipstick is called Pop Lip Colour + Primer, hence the British spelling. But if that’s the product’s name, why didn’t the writer capitalize it? Who knows?

Having a bad day?

Someone (or someones) must be having a bad day over at Yahoo! Celebrity, because there’s more than an average number of mistakes on the site’s home page.

Maybe the writer is a bit under the weather, and didn’t think to hit the Shift key when writing about the Bible:

cel bible

Or maybe the writer is struggling with the whole transgender thing, and it’s affected his or her spelling:

cel trangender

That might explain difficulty with choosing a pronoun here:

cel pic of her

The pronoun her is close, and yet so wrong. A reflexive pronoun like herself is required when the pronoun refers to the subject of the sentence.

Well, the day is young (at least where I am); maybe it’ll get better for the folks at Yahoo.

No capital for this capitol

If you’re referring to the building where the Congress of the United States meets, that’s the Capitol. If you’re referring to the building where a state’s legislature sits, that’s a capitol. If you’re writing for the Yahoo! front page, you probably got it wrong:

fp capitol cap

Is the Shift key stuck?

Is there an epidemic of Shift keys locking up on the keyboards of Yahoo! Celebrity editors? How else would you explain this totally random (and totally wrong) use of capital letters in what should be children’s hospital?

childrens hospital cel

Whatever afflicted that keyboard also took hold of the keyboard of this editor, who didn’t realize that the plural of BFF had one capital letter too many:

bffs cel

Downplaying PlayStation

Did two people write this teaser on the Yahoo! front page, or was it one person who didn’t know how to capitalize PlayStation?

fp playstation

The video game console is PlayStation, with two capital letters in a capitalization style sometimes referred to as “camel case.”

Mad Libs of the Internet

Maybe it’s the result of a tight deadline. Maybe it’s the product of too many margaritas the night before. Whatever the reason for the errors in this excerpt from Yahoo! Style, readers are bound to notice and judge:

frisbee-like sty

Readers might not notice (or care about) the capitalized Queen. But if you follow the Associated Press style (as well as the style edicts of other authorities), you don’t capitalize queen unless it comes directly before the queen’s name.

Anyone is bound to notice that you’re left to fill in the blank between Middleton looked and in. It’s kinda like Mad Libs. “Gimme an adjective!” I’m going to suggest disheveled. Or maybe sesquipedalian.

Fashionistas wanting to clone the duchess’ style will be disappointed to learn that there is no Locke & Co. selling a Marisbel hat. There is a Marisabel hat offered by Lock & Co., though it retails for considerably more than $1.40. It’s Frisbee-like in its shape. And by Frisbee I mean that plastic disk that gets thrown around as well as the trademark that gets thrown around as if it were a common noun.


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