Speak English

One of these days, this writer for Yahoo! Style will break into English, using correct verbs and prepositions. But today is not that day:

speak into sty

In the unlikely event you use the right word…

In the unlikely event the writer for Yahoo! Answers stumbles on the correct word, I’d be flabbergasted:

on the event ans

Some aid needed here

Whoever’s responsible for this on the Yahoo! front page could use some aid in proofreading:

fp daying

I’ll have what he’s having

Jon Hamm put another drink on his bar bill, according to Yahoo! Celebrity:

addition omg

How to prevent this kind of error

Many people wouldn’t consider this an error on the Yahoo! front page, but it does indicate a lapse in vocabulary:

fp preventative 2

The word preventative is not incorrect, it is simply an alternative to the preferred preventive. It’s easy to prevent writers from using anything other than a preferred word: Make them use a dictionary (I hear that there are even dictionaries on the Web these days) or subject their writing to review by a competent editor before it’s published.

Rihanna scared off by one photographer

Here’s some surprising information about singer Rihanna on Yahoo! Style:

paparazzo sty

Just ignore the redundant dollar sign and the word dollar, which is weird. Focus instead on the paparazzo. It’s hard to believe there was only one pestering her; I would have thought there would be paparazzi. Of course, I would have also thought the writer knew that paparazzo is singular; paparazzi is its plural. The rest of the sentence totally eludes me; I have no clue what the writer is trying to convey.

Something else should be weeded out

A brilliant writer for Yahoo! Style has weeded out “five of the best and buzziest acts” from South by Southwest for your consideration:

weeded out

Why would she eliminate acts that she thinks are unsuitable or unwanted? Why? Because she has no idea what weeded out means. I can think of one other person who should be weeded out.

It really is a word

After reading this on the Yahoo! front page, I’ve decided that the writer doesn’t know that vampy is a real word and that it doesn’t have anything to do with vampires:

fp vampy

A vamp is a woman who pursues men. Feeling vampy feeling sexy, not feeling like a vampire.

Laundry: a remedial task

Doing the laundry is a remedial task, according to Yahoo! Style:

remedial sty

I guess you could say that; it remedies that pile of dirty clothes and wet towels. But it might also be called a menial task, but only by those who have at least the vocabulary of an eighth grader.

Georgia State and a parent

I have nothing to say about this on the Yahoo! front page, it’s just too funny for words:

fp went father


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