Where do you get your information?

When you’re looking for reliable information about investing, finance, or business, what website do you turn to? Yahoo! Finance? If you’re like most people, you’re adversely influenced by the number of mistakes, no matter how minor, you find. Typos, misspellings, and grammar mistakes all erode the credibility of a website or an article.

So, how credible do you find this article, where the writer apparently knew she needed an apostrophe in the first sentence, but couldn’t figure out where? Or that she’s a little skimpy when it comes to her hyphen usage?

bingbing fin 0

(Omitting the hyphens in an age is one of the top 3 hyphen errors you’ll find on Yahoo!.)

I really think that if you’re going to write about finance and business for adults, you need to know the difference between a product (oh, like, say a Barbie doll) and a manufacturer (like Mantel). I’m pretty sure that even though Barbie is a pretty smart, yet plastic cookie, she did not release a doll:

barbie released doll fin

Perhaps to prove that she is completely uninterested in the correct use of punctuation, the writer throws in some random and thoroughly incorrect commas. But I’ll admit to one positive note: The writer has got me interested in seeing those ads where the Chinese actress stares, presumably at the camera:

stared commas fin

If you think cats have arms, raise your paw

If you think this is an adorable picture on Yahoo! Makers, raise your paw hand.

arm diy pic

If you think that a cat has an arm, raise your hand. Hmmm. I see that there’s a writer over at Yahoo! who believes that:

arm diy 1

Good luck with that proofreading class!

Here’s hoping the writer for Yahoo! Makers takes a proofreading class and has good lucks with it:


Even if the writer and/or editor had deigned to use a spell-checker, that scruffy word wouldn’t have been flagged as an error. That requires a human being who actually proofreads.

Where does a school go to school?

Here’s one for the readers of Yahoo! Makers: Where does a school go when it’s “heading back to school”?

school heading to school diy

I think the writer should be heading back to school to learn how to proofread her own writing.

Dogs and their pets

What kind of a pet would a dog have? Would a golden retriever keep a goldfish? Would a Dalmatian have a spotted salamander as a pet? If I ever meet the writer of this article on Yahoo! Makers, I’ll ask her:

dogs pets diy

In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the photos of the dogs that resemble their owners.

Inducted into Wrong Word Hall of Fame

The Yahoo! Style writer should be indoctrinated inducted into the Wrong Word Hall of Fame for this goof:

indoctrinated into sty

Dumbest Statement of the Day

I hesitate to call this the Dumbest Statement of the Day because the day is still young (at least where I am) and there’s still plenty of time for Yahoo! staffers to make boneheaded mistakes. With that caveat in mind, I present this headline from the home page of Yahoo! Style:

ballerinas sty hp

The “ballerinas” in question are male dancers. No real ballerinas (who are exclusively female dancers) appear in the commercial. It is just a figment of the writer’s brain and tenuous grasp of the English language.

Writing is such a hassle

Writing is such a hassle. You have to know how to spell. You have to know grammar. You have to know dozens — maybe even hundreds — of words. Except if you write for Yahoo! Style, where writing seems to be hassle-free. You can even use the word hassle when you forget what a tassel is called:

hassle ties sty

For the record

For the record, petit is pronounced like petty and is used mainly in law to mean lesser in seriousness. Maybe you’ve heard of petit (or petty) larceny? It doesn’t mean short and slender or small in size. That would be petite. And that’s the word the Yahoo! Style writer should have used:

petit sty

Exuding a passion for words

Here’s a writer for Yahoo! Travel who exudes a passion for words:

exuberate trav

She loves words so much that she uses them in new and whimsical ways — ways that bear no resemblance to their actual meaning.


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