Errors pervade Yahoo

Errors pervade the writing at Yahoo!, like this misused word from Yahoo! Sports:

purveys mlb

Purvey means to “provide or sell.” The word that means to “spread throughout” is pervade or permeate.

Not an unusual error

There seems to be a general impression with Yahoo! staffers that the correct indefinite article before a word starting with a vowel is an, not a. Sometimes it is. But not always, as illustrated on the home page of Yahoo! Celebrity:

an uterine cel

It doesn’t matter what letter the word begins with; it matters what letter it sounds like it begins with. So, it’s an unusual rule, but a useful one.

This is not Absolutely Fabulous

In a brief paragraph about the new flick “Absolutely Fabulous,” the Yahoo! Style staff manages to screw up the movie’s title, squish together two words (which I wouldn’t have bothered to mention, except there it is), and come up with a new preposition for the common expression reminisce about:

ab fam sty

All by one photographer

I know that paparazzi can seem to be everywhere, but is it really possible that one photographer took all the pictures for this article on Yahoo! Movies?

paparazzo mov

It’s possible, but not likely. What is likely: The writer thinks that paparazzo is a plural, meaning photographers. It is not. It is the singular of paparazzi.

Talents for talons

Everybody has some talents. I’m not sure what this Yahoo! Style writer’s talents are, but they seem to be something that a manicurist would file and paint:

talents 4 talons

I’m guessin’ one of her talents isn’t her vocabulary.

We will emphasize with emphasis

We (meaning me and my keyboard) will emphasize that this Yahoo! Sports writer has confused a noun (like emphasis) with a verb (like emphasize):

we will emphasis mlb

An American gets no respect

There’s no respect for an American flag over at Yahoo! Style, where the writer seems to have forgotten which indefinite pronoun to use and the location of her Shift key:

a american sty

Just throwin’ it out there

Finding the perfect opening sentence of an article can be challenging for any writer. For this Yahoo! Finance writer, the challenge must have been so daunting that she decided to just throw a bunch of words out there and see what sticks:

solor cup fin

Unfortunately, those words stuck. It wouldn’t be so bad if she hadn’t included “among other party-related shenanigans,” since her list doesn’t include any shenanigans. A shenanigan is a prank or mischievous act.

Try a less stressful job

Perhaps this Yahoo! Finance writer should consider a less stressful job — one that didn’t require her to be familiar with common English expressions, or know that Social Security (when referring to the U.S. benefits program) is a proper noun, or realize that “steep sacrifices” doesn’t make a whole lotta sense:

lesser stress sty

Regarding that word

To the Yahoo! Style writer regarding your word choice: Please don’t use that word again; try using in regard to or the shorter regarding.

in regards to style 2

The American Heritage Dictionary says:

Regard is traditionally used in the singular in the phrase in regard (not in regards) to. In our 2004 survey, barely six percent of the Usage Panel accepted the phrase in regards to.


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