Under no uncertain terms

So, there’s a space missing in this excerpt from Yahoo! Style:

under no uncertain sty

No biggie. But that’s not why this paragraph made it to Terribly Write. Let me say this in no uncertain terms: Under no circumstance does “under no uncertain terms” make sense.

Ah, the sweet smell of granite!

Who doesn’t love the smell of granite, especially when it’s nashi pear granite. Now there’s a fragrance that’s captured the scent, and Yahoo! Beauty has the inside scoop:

granite bea

Speaking of scoops, I’d love a scoop of nashi pear granita right now. I just love the smell of the icy dessert, made with nashi (or Asian) pears.

Split up your workout

Can you work out what’s wrong with this sentence from Yahoo! Sports?

workout spo

It doesn’t take much of a mental workout to see that the writer confused the noun workout and the phrasal verb work out.

Matched = Totally different

If by “matched” the Yahoo! Style writer meant “looked nothing alike,” then I’d say this was correct:

matched sty

What’s your initial reaction?

When you read this from Yahoo! Style, what’s your initial reaction? Are you like me and wonder, what the heck is a monogram ensemble?

monogram sty

It’s not a group of letters. It’s an outfit in a single color. Literate people might call it a monochrome ensemble.

Keep those chickens out!

If you’re concerned about chickens invading your favorite cafe, fear not! Yahoo! Food introduces you to cafe-free eggs, obviously laid by cafe-free hens:

cafe-free foo

How to write a simile

OK, I lied. This doesn’t illustrate how to write a simile. It illustrates how not to write one and it’s from Yahoo! Style:

cold as hell sty hp

Turn off your brain

Turn off your brain and allow your imagination to fly free, and try to figure out what the heck this means on Yahoo! Makers:

turn of the pot diy

What were you thinking?

I could be urging the Yahoo! Style “news editor” to proofread her writing before she publishes it. But I won’t because if I did, we wouldn’t be treated to this bit of amusement:

gender neural sty

I think a “gender neural dress code” specifies that male neurons must wear pants, and female axons must be covered at all times.

Were lassos involved?

What were those actresses doing rounding up other actresses? The writer for Yahoo! Style has some explaining to do:

round up sty 2

She needs to explain why she used the idiom round up (which means “to gather or herd”) and not round out (which means “to bring to completion or finish”).


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