One detail has been overlooked

Oh, lordie. What can you say about the writer (and her editor) over at Yahoo! Style? They seemed to have overlooked one tiny detail in this sentence. And that detail is — “no detail has been left unturned” makes no sense! None! Not one iota of sense!

detail left unturned

Celebrity in dispose

Have you ever seen a celebrity in dispose? Or in datpose? The writer for Yahoo! Style apparently has seen a celeb in dispose, but she’s not revealing what the heck that means!

in dispose sty

Do you think she meant indisposed? That would make the celeb mildly ill or averse to something. Kinda like how I feel when I read this sort of nonsense on Yahoo!.

You don’t know what that means, do you?

I’ve thought for some time now that Yahoo! Style employs children to do its writing. Or maybe the site sends all writing tasks overseas to third-world countries where English isn’t a first or even second language. After reading this, I’m convinced there’s a third option: Style uses children in third-world countries to do its writing:


Doesn’t every adult (and 95% of teens) living in the English-speaking world know that a nymphomaniac is a woman who engages in unrestrained sex? If so, how would you explain this error?

Guilty as charged

Those writers and editors at the Yahoo! front page should just plead guilty to crimes against the language with this attempt at “domestic violence charges”:

fp violent

Who wants to see Channing Tatum sh*t?

Don’t blame me. Blame the writer for Yahoo! Style for this tasteless suggestion about Channing Tatum:


Illiterate in two languages

Is this a new strategy for the Yahoo! Style “editors”? Perhaps they’ve given up on mastering English vocabulary, so they’ve moved on to another language — French:

coup de grace sty

Their knowledge of French is no better than their knowledge of English. The expression coup de grâce is French for “stroke of mercy.” It refers to (literally and metaphorically) the deathblow that ends the pain of a mortally wounded victim.

I don’t think that winning “Woman of the Year” ended Taylor Swift’s misery. I don’t even know if Ms. Swift was in pain. But I do know that it will take competent writing and editing to end the misery of Style’s readers.

Bird’s nest rears its head

Yahoo! Makers makes more than its fair share of errors, including capitalizing century for no logical reason. But the best of the worst gaffes is the mixed metaphor of a bird’s nest rearing its head. It’s inevitable:

birds nest diy

With all due respect

With all due respect to the writers at Yahoo! Music, they’re wrong: The idiom is pay respects:

respect music

Was Behati Prinsloo’s dress covered in paint?

You can trust Yahoo! Style to bring you the inside scoop on the fashions worn at the Academy Awards. It’s the only site claiming that Ms. Prinsloo’s dress was encrusted with palettes:

palettes sty

This is a palette:


I’m pretty sure that the dress wasn’t covered in palettes of paint. More than likely it was paillettes, also called sequins or spangles. These are paillettes:


Is Willow Bay wearing one dress or two?

I’m so confused by Willow Bay’s dress. But I’m not the only one. It seems that some writer or editor over at Yahoo! Style can’t figure out if she’s wearing one dress or two:

a gowns sty


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