Looking forward to a change

I’m looking forward to the day that the writers at Yahoo! Style know that the introductory text in a book is a foreword:

forward style

Can you believe this!

Is the American Library Association banning books? That’s the accusation leveled by the senior editor for Yahoo! Shine:

Of course, the writer is wrong. The American Library Association only compiled the list of banned books. I should have stopped reading right there. This is not an article or an author I could trust. But my curiosity got the better of me, and I read on so you don’t have to.

It wasn’t long before my fears were confirmed: This is a writer not to be trusted. Misspelling an author’s name is the worse of the errors here:

Gee, maybe if she had just looked at the book cover she included in the article, she would have spelled Katherine Paterson’s name correctly.

And another misspelled author’s name in this photo caption …

could have been avoided by looking at the actual photo:

Is there anyone who graduated from a U.S. high school who doesn’t know Holden Caulfield? Yeah, I can think of one:

I won’t be looking forward to any more articles by this gal. If you don’t know the difference between forward and foreword (at the front of a book), maybe you shouldn’t be writing about books. Or writing at all.

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