You don’t get to do that

The writer for Yahoo! Style seems to think that she gets to decide where to place hyphens in the spelling of Charles de Gaulle Airport. She is mistaken:

charles sty

There are no hyphens there. But there is a capital letter in Airport (it’s part of the airport’s name, after all), and there’s a preferred spelling of cozy, which the writer preferred not to use.

Labor Day is an issue

The inability to recognize a holiday is an issue with this writer from Yahoo! Style:

labor day sty

Labor Day is an official federal holiday in the United States and it deserves a little respect in the way of a couple of capital letters.

New grammar rule?

Is this a new rule for capitalization that no one told me about? Are we supposed to capitalize the first word following a proper noun? Or are we supposed to capitalize the second word of a sentence? The editors at are way out in front in this new trend:

fp wore cap

Phoning it in

Nothing says “I don’t give a crap” about readers than sloppy writing. Perhaps the writer for Yahoo! Makers wrote these instructions on an iPhone and didn’t bother with capital letters or punctuation to end a sentence:

cheese cloth mak

I didn’t bother circling all the mistakes because I was afraid I’d run out of red ink. But you can see for yourself that she didn’t bother with the Shift key. She didn’t bother to end each sentence with a period, or spell cheesecloth correctly, or use the correct idiom if need be.

This is simply some of the sloppiest writing ever to appear on Yahoo!, and that saying a lot. If this were a third-grade writing assignment, she’d fail. She just phoned it in.

OMG! It’s another gate!

Oh lordie. The folks who write for have enough problems trying to decide if it’s Deflategate or deflate-gate when along comes another football scandal. How are they going to cope with this one? Will they decide to call if spygate, or

fp spygate lc

will they go with Spygate?

fp spygate cap

Or will they just not care and use both spellings?

Still undecided?

It’s been almost nine months since the Super Bowl scandal known as deflategate first surfaced. But apparently that’s not enough time for the editors at to decide on how to spell the controversy. Here’s one attempt today:

fp deflategate cap no hy

and another attempt that’s also on today’s Yahoo! front page:

fp deflate-gate hyph lc

Nine months is enough time to make a baby. But it’s not enough time for these journalistic geniuses to decide whether to capitalize or hyphen the new term.

Is it your Shift key?

Is there a problem with someone’s Shift key over at the Yahoo! front page? How else would you explain capitalizing hate here:

fp hate cap

and if here?

fp if cap

Welcome. Now go away

The front page of a website is like a welcome mat. But what if that mat read “Welkome”? Would you still enter the site?

Would you click on this headline on Yahoo! Style, knowing that the designer’s name is Julien Macdonald (without a capital D)?

macdonald sty hp

Do you find the breakup of a word on the same page a turnoff?

turn offs sty hp

If I were the editor, I would have corrected this incorrect verb, but as a reader, I’d pass:

was 4 were sty hp

How many errors on a home page does it take before you  realize that maybe you’re really not welcome?

From the e. e. cummings school of journalism

The writer of this headline on Yahoo! Politics either attended the e.e. cummings school of journalism or is using a keyboard with a broken Shift key:

parenthood washington news

Using lowercase letters for proper nouns like Planned Parenthood and Washington is the sort of thing you’d expect from a tween who thinks it’s cool to buck convention. It’s not what you’d expect from a website trying to gain respectability.

Where in the world?

Where in the world did the writer for Yahoo! Style get the idea that there was a capital K in the city Oshkosh?

oshkosh sty

Maybe the writer was thinking of the children’s clothing line OshKosh B’gosh.

So, what was the Yahoo! Beauty writer thinking when she wrote about the Chinese city Kong Hong?

kong hong

Maybe she was hungry and was distracted by thoughts of sum dim.

Not to be outdone by the errors of other Yahoo! staffers, the writer for Yahoo! Sports came up with a creative spelling of Copperstown (and omitted the hyphen in Dominican-born):

coopertown spo

What is it about cities? Why are they so hard to spell correctly? Or is it just hard for Yahoo! staff?


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