Is Yahoo anti-Republican?

Is this a political statement from the editors at Are they so anti-Republican that they won’t even recognize the party as a proper noun?

fp republican lc

Capital punishment

Stop. comparing. me. to. an. editor.

That could have been written by the editor at who isn’t clear when to capitalize mother:

fp my mother

Here’s a hint: Don’t capitalize mother, father, sister, and the like if the word is preceded by an adjective. So, it’s my mother, a great father, my mean-girl sister.

An American gets no respect

There’s no respect for an American flag over at Yahoo! Style, where the writer seems to have forgotten which indefinite pronoun to use and the location of her Shift key:

a american sty

Try a less stressful job

Perhaps this Yahoo! Finance writer should consider a less stressful job — one that didn’t require her to be familiar with common English expressions, or know that Social Security (when referring to the U.S. benefits program) is a proper noun, or realize that “steep sacrifices” doesn’t make a whole lotta sense:

lesser stress sty

Let’s not get into a fistfight over this

No need to get into a lather over the misspelling of fistfight (it’s one word) and the lack of a big A in Arena (it’s part of the proper noun Quicken Loans Arena) on

fp fist fight

It’s just business as usual for Yahoo.

It’s either primary day or something else

Unable to decide if primary day is a proper or common noun, the editors at try to have it both ways:

fp primary day

You can’t have it both ways: Pick one spelling and go with it.

What to give Mom

Want to know what to give Mom this Mother’s Day? How about starting with a capital letter and avoiding this mistake on

fp mom lc 3

There seems to be some confusion at Yahoo! when it comes to words like mother, mom, father, and dad. When should they be capitalized and when are they just a common noun? Here’s a simple answer: If it’s preceded by an adjective (including the articles a and the), it’s a common noun:

  • My mother is the best cook.
  • I’ve always said that Mom is the best cook.
  • A father is special man.
  • When Father came home, I jumped up from the chair.

Where have they been?

Where have the editors at Yahoo! News been during the past decade? Didn’t they read about Osama bin Laden and absorb the correct capitalization of his name?

bin laden lc news

I guess it could be worse. At least they didn’t refer to him as Obama bin Laden this time.

They’re too little

The editor-in-chief for Yahoo! TV went a little light when tapping out what should be Little Leaguers:

little leaguers tv

Little League and Little Leaguer are trademarks of Little League Baseball, Incorporated.

Jealous much?

Are the folks at the Yahoo! front page jealous of the success of Facebook? Could that be the reason they decided to downgrade the social media giant to the status of common noun?

fp fb st


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