Shocking headline!

What’s shocking about this headline on Yahoo! Style is not the subject, but the incorrect use of a pronoun:

and i sty fp

That I should be me. But you knew that. Pity the editor at Style didn’t know that.

Who or what are they?

Here’s a handy little tip from Yahoo! Makers; can you figure out what the heck it’s recommending?

crayons they diy hp

I get that it has something to do with crayons and that either gifts or crayons are wrapped in butcher paper. So which of those will have something to do after the gifts are unwrapped or not unwrapped? The crayons? The gifts?

Yeah, well, it’s kinda confusing when you use a pronoun like they and you forget to include the word that it refers to (called an antecedent).

She struggles

Oh, lordie, I’m struggling to try to figure out what made the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity think this was correct:

she struggles cel

The writer obviously has problems with English grammar. Her struggles are embarrassing.  Do I really need to explain to her (and her editor, if she had one) that the possessive of the pronoun she is not she. It is her.

A snapshot of whom?

Who is Amy Schumer talking about when she mentioned a snapshot of her? She was talking about herself, and that’s the pronoun the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity should have used:

of her cel

Some really flaky spelling

Everybody loves a well-written article, but don’t go looking for one on Yahoo! Makers. This writer must have had loaves on the brain when she wrote this:

loaves diy

She manages to use the preferred spelling flaky once, but chooses an alternate spelling just a few words later. But she goes completely off the rails with her use of the plural pronouns them and they, which are lacking an antecedent. If she had written about biscuits, and not a biscuit, they’d be okie-dokie. But she didn’t. Boo.

We are appalled

We lovers of all things grammatical are appalled by this gaffe on Yahoo! Makers, made by someone with the title of editor:

us lovers

Missed that grammar class?

Did you miss any classes in grammar? Just know it comes at a price. Without basic knowledge of grammar, you could look as ignorant as the Yahoo! Style editors, who can’t match a pronoun (which should be it) to its antecedent (fashion):

they sty hp

Dumbest Statement of the Day

Today’s dumbest statement comes in a sentence on Yahoo! Makers that’s packed with problems:

maze diy

There’s a word missing between each and with — I’m guessin’ it’s year. There’s the freaky use of the pronoun their, which has no antecedent, but which probably refers to farm. Or else it refers to the owners of the farm, which aren’t mentioned anywhere near that pronoun.

But the worst offense? The claim that the farm has been around for nearly 20 years, as if that’s a monumental accomplishment. In fact, the farm has been in the same family for ten generations, or nearly 300 years. Now that’s an accomplishment.

Jamming that many mistakes in a single sentence is accomplishment, too. Just not one to be proud of.

Uncovering the quote

Holy moley. In what universe is the pronoun its correct in this sentence from Yahoo! Style?

its baring sty

What does it refer to? newbie? tools? I think the writer meant tools and just didn’t recognize it as a plural noun requiring the plural pronoun their. It’s a careless oversight, just like using the wrong closing quotation mark.

I’m calling T-shirts baring a quote total BS. T-shirts don’t bare quotes, though they’ve been known to bear them.

This is so different

This little paragraph from Yahoo! Style is so different from what you’d expect from a senior editor:

us mortals sty

Wouldn’t you expect that someone with that title would know to use different from us and not different than us? Maybe that’s asking too much of someone who thinks that us can be the subject of a verb. It can’t. The fact is, we mere mortals who read Yahoo! know more about grammar than its “senior editors.”


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