Boys forbidden to wear pink

In the early 1900s, boys were forbidden to wear pink. I’m not sure how or where that ban was enforced, but we have the word of a Yahoo! Shine writer that it actually happened:

proscribed shine

Unless, of course, the writer doesn’t know that proscribe means  “to denounce or condemn; to prohibit or forbid.”

Banning a medically necessary procedure

Why would medical professionals prohibit Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, from inducing labor if she has preeclampsia, a dangerous complication of pregnancy? I’d think that they would prescribe the procedure. But I’m no doctor. Then, neither is the writer for Yahoo! Shine:

proscribed shine k

Proscribe means “to denounce or condemn; to prohibit or forbid.”

Banning makeup isn’t the solution

In some parts of the world, the use of makeup is prohibited. Even in the U.S., some religious groups forbid the use of makeup on their female members. In those societies, makeup is proscribed. 

Unfortunately, the writer of this Yahoo! Shine blog thinks that proscribed means prescribed:


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