War on Buffett

Is yahoo.com waging a war on Warren Buffett by deliberately misspelling his name?

fp buffet

That’s not a typo when you do it twice. And what’s with that blank space in the bottom left?

What do Patti LaBelle and Kit Harington have in common?

What’s wrong with Patti LaBelle? Only this: In a headline on Yahoo! Style, her big B gets downgraded to a little b:

labelle sty

And what does Ms. LaBelle have in common with Kit Harington? He, too, got the “I don’t give a crap about spelling” treatment on the same page:

harrington sty

Not a good day for Travel

I don’t often visit Yahoo! Travel. I had the impression that it was a well-written site that wouldn’t provide many examples of errors that would prove instructive to Terribly Write’s readers. Maybe today’s headlines are atypical, but they sure provide some great fodder for a blog post.

It looks like someone ripped off the hyphen in rip-offs, which needs it when it’s used as a noun:

rip offs tra

This isn’t a brand-new error; it’s a brand-new error. The hyphen is often missing from the adjective:

brand news tra

And my favorite is this headline about a restaurant called Warren where you have to carry your own tray and serve yourself macaroni and cheese and greasy fried chicken:

warren buffet tra

The Airbnb home was once the residence of Warren Buffett.

You had one name

The writer for Yahoo! Makers had one name to include in this headline, and he or she managed to screw it up:

adrian brody sty 2

How hard would it be to Google Adrien Brody’s name to check the spelling? How much time would it take? How much initiative? How much journalistic integrity and commitment to accuracy would it take? More than this writer had.

Renée Zellweger doesn’t look normal here

Maybe the the picture of Renée Zellweger looks norm, but this spelling on Yahoo! Style certainly doesn’t:

zellwegger sty

He’s his Own man

From the home page of Yahoo! Style we get proof that Owen Wilson is his own man:

own wilson sty

Who is supermodel Fei Feir?

Who’s Fei Feir? I have no idea, but the folks at Yahoo! Style seem to think she’s a supermodel:

fei feir sty

She looks just like supermodel Fei Fei Sun. I wonder if they’re related.

What is Vivienne Westwood missing?

Would you recognize Ms. Westwood’s name in this headline on Yahoo! Style?

westood sty

It seems that all the writers and editors didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Just arrived from another planet?

Has the writer or editor at Yahoo! Style just dropped out of the sky from another planet where Rihanna is unheard of? How else do you explain this screw-up?

rhianna sty hp

Hit and Missoni

It’s a big fat miss in the spelling of Margherita Missoni’s name on Yahoo! Style:

margharita sty hp


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