Worst place for a misspelling

It’s just not good journalism to misspell a subject’s name in a headline. But that’s what happened on Yahoo! Food:

theissen food hp

The TV personality is Tiffani Thiessen. At least the folks at Yahoo! spelled her first name correctly. There’s that.

The kids are at the keyboard again

Wouldn’t it be great if Yahoo! Style hired writers who were old enough to vote? Maybe then they’d know a little more about the world and the people in it. Perhaps if this writer’s memory went back further than Blue Ivy’s birth, she’d be familiar with the “aquatic star” Esther Williams:

ethel wims sty

You be frank, I’ll be earnest

Frankly, I think this spelling of Ernest Hemingway on Yahoo! Travel is the product of a writer who is either careless or really careless:

earnest tra

Mark Zuckerburg: It’s not a typo

If you were to see this on the home page of Yahoo! Style, you might think that it’s just a careless typo. A mere slip of the finger when trying to pound out Mark Zuckerberg:

mark z sty

That would be the charitable view, but you would be wrong. Unless the writer makes the same typo twice more here…

mark z sty 2

and here:

mark z sty 3

I think that the “news editor” who wrote the article isn’t quite up on the news.

Totally random, totally wrong

It’s no wonder that the byline for this article is simply “Yahoo! Style staff.” If I wrote that poorly, I wouldn’t want my name attached to the article, either. Among the many, many mistakes is this totally random use of an apostrophe and a couple of apostrophes that go missing:

subjects sty

Why didn’t anyone notice that subjects is missing its apostrophe and the plural of bathroom doesn’t have an apostrophe? Didn’t someone spot the misspelling of Ashley? Doesn’t anyone at Yahoo! know that it’s (and not its) is a contraction for it is? Did it really take the entire “staff” to make that many gaffes in one sentence?

You can’t make this stuff up

Why on earth did the editors at yahoo.com give Antwaan Randle El’s name a hyphen?

fp randle-el

Really, if you want to consider yourself a legit journalist, you can’t go around making up the spelling of a name or giving names random hyphens.

Hi, I’m actually America Ferrera

How ironic. In an excerpt from Yahoo! TV, staff writers note that America Ferrera has been mistaken for Gina Rodriguez, but the writers repeatedly mistake her for someone named Ferrara:

america ferrara tv

She’s not Ms. Ferrara or Ms. Rodriguez. Neither of them is the actress. It seems the writers are as bad with grammar as they are with identifying TV stars.

Are layoff rumors affecting yahoo.com staff?

OK, I feel really bad about this. Obviously there’s something seriously wrong with the editors of the Yahoo! front page. Maybe the rumors of layoffs are affecting their ability to do their work. There must be an explanation for the number and seriousness of errors on yahoo.com (besides the fact that no one there bothers to proofread or verify the writing).

It started this morning when I noticed this creative spelling of Instagram:

fp instragram

And the errors kept coming, like this string of words that looks suspiciously like a sentence, but lacks a verb:

fp no verb

Seriously? Have we not been bombarded with Star Wars stories for the last six months? How would you explain the writer’s screw-up of the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” title?

fp a force

Stuffed-crust-pizza lovers are sure to want to sink their teeth into a crust filled with sausage and tomatoes:

fp crust

I can’t imagine how high that crust must be to hold all that filling. As for me, I’m happy with a pizza crust topped with sausage and tomato.

Then, there’s this story about an altercation with details that the editor apparently made up:

fp shoving

The article behind this headline states that Ms. Titus was hurt when she was shoved into a window frame. Nowhere does it state that she was “roughed up” after being shoved. Someone has a vivid imagination.

But wait! There’s more. A misspelling of Stephen Curry’s name isn’t the worst mistake today. Maybe the R key got stuck:

fp currry

And finally (at least I hope it’s the final giant gaffe of the day), there’s this ridiculous contention that airbrushing was used to add children to a photograph:

fp airbrushed

Oh, there’s also the bewildering photos’s, which is beyond ridiculous.

This is all too sad. Sad, sad, sad.

Nice proofreading job!

Maybe the proofreaders at Yahoo! front page are still suffering the aftereffects of New Year’s Eve partying, and didn’t notice the misspelled Susannah here:

fp suannah

Or the mashup here:

fp wontovershadow

Maybe it’s the proofreaders’ fault. Or maybe Yahoo! doesn’t have proofreaders.

Except for the mistakes, it’s perfect!

Here’s an example from Yahoo! Music written by the “managing editor”; most of the mistakes on this list are spelling-themed, but not all of them:

hannukkah mus

In that one little sentence this “editor” mistakes of for are. There are lots of acceptable ways to spell Hanukkah, but Hannukkah isn’t one of them. It’s just wrong. As is Sasha Baron Cohen. Sasha Cohen is a former Olympic figure skater. The comedian is Sacha Baron Cohen. And Erran Baron Cohen is his brother, but I don’t know if he is Sacha’s “little brother.” I do know he is Sacha’s older brother. Which is more than this editor knows.

All in all, that’s quite a few mistakes for a single sentence. But other than the typo, misspellings, and erroneous information, it’s perfect!


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