You know what would be ‘wicked smaht’?

Proofreading headlines on Yahoo! Style is a “wicked smaht” idea. That way, you’ll avoid looking like a careless incompetent who can’t spell Todd Snyder’s name:

synder sty hp

Try to keep up

In July 2013, rapper Jay Z announced he was dropping the hyphen from his name. The journalistic brain trust at still hasn’t gotten the memo:

fp jay-z jj

Wade into a mess

Readers of Yahoo! Style don’t need to go far to wade into a spelling mess:

dwayne wade sty hp

It’s not the first time that a misspelled Dwyane Wade has appeared on the homepage of Style. And it probably won’t be the last.

Mike Jagger? Really?

I was willing to overlook the almond-shaped eyed in this article on Yahoo! Style, until I came across a reference to Mike Jagger. Then I knew I was in for more embarrassing mistakes from this writer. I was not wrong:

mike jagger sty

Someone who writes about fashion for a living (or even for a hobby) should know how to spell Nicolas Ghesquiere’s name, no?

I think this writer is stretching his vocabulary to its elastic limit with the use of louche. I have no idea what he thinks it means. But it’s insulting to apply it to a person, and impossible to apply it to someone’s “looks.” It means indecent, disreputable, or sordid.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wrongly

It’s just not rightly to misspell Whiteley. Getting it wrong (this time) is Yahoo! Style:

whitely sty hp

Where have you been?

Where has the writer for the Yahoo! front page been for the last two weeks? In a yurt in Siberia? In a monastery with no contact with the outside world? How would you explain this misspelling of Dylann Roof — a name that dominated headlines?

fp dylan

Barack Obama: Forgotten already?

He’s been in office for more than six years, but it seems that the writers at Yahoo! Makers have already forgotten how to spell Barack Obama’s name:

barak diy

Don’t trust your memory

Don’t trust your memory when it comes to spelling a celebrity’s name. Google it. If you don’t, you could look as ignorant (and arrogant) as the Yahoo! Style writer who misspelled Will Ferrell’s name:

farrell sty

Cara Delevingne missing a little something

Cara Delevingne shouldn’t expect special treatment from the editors at Yahoo! Style, even when it appears in a headline on the site’s home page:

delevigne sty

They’ll mangle her name just as they did Jessica Williams‘ and Rose Byrne‘s and Pierpaolo Piccioli’s name — and the names of many others.

I think Gary Busey wrote that headline

It’s a headline worthy of Gary Busey. Was the writer suffering from a traumatic head injury or simply a controlled substance?

fp garey busey


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