Oh no, you didn’t!

Oh, no! The “news editor” for Yahoo! Style didn’t just do this, did she?

david orussell sty

Yup. That’s how a “news editor” spells David O. Russell’s name.

Do you trust your memory?

Do you trust your memory when you’re writing? I bet the writer for Yahoo! Makers thinks she’s got a great memory for names and movies. She probably feels like she doesn’t have to verify the spelling of Steven Spielberg’s name or check to see who directed the movie “Avatar.” (Here’s a hint: It wasn’t Steven Spielburg or even Steven Spielberg.)

spielburg diy 1

Readers might be able to forgive a single misspelling, but when you do it another time and another time, they’re likely to be a little pissed. At least that’s how I feel:

spielburg diy 2

Obviously she trusted her rather faulty memory, which seems odd to me. She’s not just the writer of this article, she’s listed as an “editor.” Isn’t part of an editor’s job to verify facts?

Dyslexia strikes again

Looks like a case of dyslexia has hit Yahoo! Movies again, where neither the writer nor the editor can manage to spell Kirsten:

kristen dunst mov

Is dyslexia contagious?

Is this the start of a dyslexia epidemic at Yahoo!. This attempt at Bryan Cranston was just spotted on Yahoo! Movies:

byran mov hp

and this misspelling of Justin Bieber’s name is the focus of a headline on Yahoo! TV:

beiber tv in no t

Who is that woman covered in puppies?

Is that Salma Hayek on the home page of Yahoo! TV’s “TV in No Time”? Nope, it’s Salma Hayak:

hayak tv

At least they didn’t call her Selma — this time.

Not big enough?

Maybe the letters were just too small for the Yahoo! Style editors to read. Maybe next time they’ll write Jesse Eisenberg’s name in REALLY BIG LETTERS so they can proofread it:

eiseneberg sty hp

You know what would be ‘wicked smaht’?

Proofreading headlines on Yahoo! Style is a “wicked smaht” idea. That way, you’ll avoid looking like a careless incompetent who can’t spell Todd Snyder’s name:

synder sty hp

Try to keep up

In July 2013, rapper Jay Z announced he was dropping the hyphen from his name. The journalistic brain trust at yahoo.com still hasn’t gotten the memo:

fp jay-z jj

Wade into a mess

Readers of Yahoo! Style don’t need to go far to wade into a spelling mess:

dwayne wade sty hp

It’s not the first time that a misspelled Dwyane Wade has appeared on the homepage of Style. And it probably won’t be the last.

Mike Jagger? Really?

I was willing to overlook the almond-shaped eyed in this article on Yahoo! Style, until I came across a reference to Mike Jagger. Then I knew I was in for more embarrassing mistakes from this writer. I was not wrong:

mike jagger sty

Someone who writes about fashion for a living (or even for a hobby) should know how to spell Nicolas Ghesquiere’s name, no?

I think this writer is stretching his vocabulary to its elastic limit with the use of louche. I have no idea what he thinks it means. But it’s insulting to apply it to a person, and impossible to apply it to someone’s “looks.” It means indecent, disreputable, or sordid.


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