What were you looking at?

What was the Yahoo! Style writer looking at when writing this photo caption?

horizontal 1

It wasn’t the Narcisco Rodriguez jumpsuit, because the designer is actually Narciso Rodriguez. Need further proof? The writer alleges that the jumpsuit has a horizontal cut-out. I guess if Ms. Weisz were lying on her side, that would be correct:

horizontal 2

Pharrell would not be happy about this

Pharrell Williams would not be happy to see that the brain trust that writes for yahoo.com can’t get his name right:

fp pharell

‘Tis ’tis, not tis’

We all know that an apostrophe is used to create a possessive or a contraction. So, what how is this apostrophe used on Yahoo! Makers?

tis apos diy

It’s not likely that it’s used to form the possessive of tis, is it? So it’s creating a contraction. But a contraction of what? It’s actually a contraction of it is. The first I is omitted and the correct contraction is ’tis.

‘Tis time to consider the writer’s use of the word mom. She should have made that Mom. Here’s a free, no-cost, gratis tip for the writer:

If you’re unsure if you should capitalize a term for a relative, try substituting the person’s name. If it makes a grammatically correct sentence, then capitalize the term. Try it: My mother is the best. (See? No capital M in mother.) But: It’s time to thank Mom.

If that doesn’t work for you, try this other hint: If the noun (mother, father, etc.) is preceded by a possessive pronoun (like my or his), don’t capitalize it. Like this: He thought his mother was the best. It’s time to thank your mom.

So, when the writer isn’t butchering the language, she’s butchering Sarah Michelle Gellar’s name. And to show that she really, really knows nothing of pop culture, she implies that Beyoncé and Solange’ mom has other daughters. Maybe they’re hidden in the walk-in closet, because the rest of the world knows of only those two.

Is that Dwyane Wade? No

A big headline on a big picture is not a good place to misspell a name like Dwyane Wade. But that’s just what the brainiacs at Yahoo! Style did:

dwayne wade sty

Lily Aldridge: So wrong

Poor Lily Aldridge! She can’t catch a break on Yahoo! Style. The genius writer managed to mangle both her first and her last name:

lilly aldrige sty

Then there’s the little matter of minaudière. Nice try! But wrong. The accent over the e is going in the wrong direction. Not unlike this writer.

Anouncer stuns readers

This spelling of announcer on the Yahoo! front page is quite stunning:

fp anouncer

It reminds me of this spelling of Warren Buffett’s name:

fp buffet

Why do Yahoo! editors have so many problems with spelling words and names that contain double letters? Why can they spell a word or name correctly once, but not twice?

Did it come as a surprise?

It seems that the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight caught the staff at yahoo.com completely by surprise. The writers and editors simply didn’t have enough time to master the spelling of Manny’s surname, screwing it up here:

fp paq 2

Just to prove to their readers that wasn’t a typo, they misspelled the name again here:

fp paq 1

They obviously have more important issues to cover, like the return of the fanny pack and the history of sunscreen.

Scarlett Johansson’s confused

Scarlett Johansson is so confusing. Not the actress herself, but the actress’s name. The headline writer for Yahoo! Style thins this is her name:

johannson sty hp

But in the article itself, the writer seems even more confused, giving the actress an entirely different misspelling:

johannsson sty

I’m confused, too: Why don’t the writers and editors at Yahoo simply Google the name? Why are their standards so low that they’re OK with misspelling names that are so recognizable? Why are they still employed?

That’s an unusual name for a woman

Didn’t anyone working on Yahoo! Style notice that this is a rather unusual name for a woman — even if she’s an actress?

mario bello sty

Yes, that is unusual. And wrong. The actress is Maria Bello and misspelling her name in a headline for an article about her is embarrassing. And completely avoidable.

There’s an Osborne every minute

Imagine devoting space on a page to a huge picture and a headline and misspelling one of the subjects of the accompanying article. It happens every day on Yahoo! Style. The victim of the careless spelling this time is Maxwell Osborne:

osbourne lg sty


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