Katie Couric would be horrified

Katie Couric was a legitimate journalist before she joined Yahoo. She’d be horrified if she saw this spelling of Philando Castile on yahoo.com:

castille fp

Raquel Welch gains a little

Imagine going through the trouble of making a video for Yahoo! Style and committing a stupid misspelling like this:

racquel sty

The actress is Raquel Welch.

Is Mark Zuckerberg right?

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg is correct. What’s incorrect is this spelling on Yahoo! Style:

zuckerburg sty hp

How many can one sentence hold?

How many errors can be squeezed into a single sentence? If it’s on Yahoo! Style, at least four, each of which is completely avoidable:

each of which sty

If you’re writing about people, the preferred pronoun is who or whom, not which. There’s an apostrophe missing in what should be brand’s. And of course there are two misspelled names: Missy Elliott and Cara Delevingne.

I’ll never forget Muhammad Ali

The writers at Yahoo! Sports might never forget the fighter, but they did forget how to spell his name:

muhammed ali spo hp

Not a great tribute to a great athlete.

Bad place for a typo

I’m going to take the charitable view and call this a typo and not a misspelling of Cara Delevingne’s name on the home page of Yahoo! Style:

delevinge sty hhp

and this is a mere slip of the figure in what should be Orlando Bloom:

orland bloom sty hp

But the reason for the mistakes is of no relevance to the reader.

Eva Longoria is on the left

It’s such an easy mistake to make, isn’t it? Surely we can forgive the Yahoo! Style news editor for not verifying the spelling of Pamella Roland’s name. She probably thought, “There’s two L’s in there somewhere. So I’ll just put two in her first and last name.”

rolland sty 1

And we can forgive her for not being able to tell the difference between actress Eva Longoria and Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria. The resemblance is uncanny.

rolland sty 2  rolland sty evan

In case you’re still trying to figure it out, Eva Longoria is on the left.

Cinematographer is coach at Texas A & M

Aaron Moorhead is a cinematographer, director, and actor as well as an assistant coach for Texas A & M football. Surprising, no? It’s probably even more surprising for Aaron Moorehead, who is coincidentally, also an
Aggies assistant football coach. Imagine the reaction from both Aarons when they read this on yahoo.com:

fp aaron moorhead

How to make Freida Pinto look bad

Not content to merely misspell Freida Pinto’s name, the news editor for Yahoo! Style has made her look illiterate, too:

frieda sty

Ms. Pinto knows more about the English language than this editor. She actually offered a “sneaky peek” on Instagram, which the Style editor changed it to the homophone peak.

But wait! There’s more!

When she’s not confusing her right hand with her left (see today’s first post), the “news editor” for Yahoo! Style is confusing her readers. She’s also kinda insulting them with her disregard for niceties like punctuation, accurate spelling, and correct grammar.

Omitting a comma isn’t the worst offense in this paragraph, the ungrammatical were (which should be was) is. Or maybe it’s the inability to spell Ms. Wohlfahrt’s name correctly more than once:

tek sty 1

Each of those mistakes was made by a professional writer, who again thinks that each is a plural and that Ms. Wohlfahrt is someone named Wolfhart:

tek sty 2

But wait! There’s more! Once more the editor displays a woeful ignorance of grammar and the name of the subject she’s writing about:

tek sty 3

Where else can one person make so many mistakes in front of so many people and get paid for it?


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