Did you do any research?

How much research do you think this Yahoo! Style writer did before publishing this?

his own sty

I’d say none. If she had considered that the subject’s name was Bianca, she might have verified that the Milan fashion design graduate was a female, deserving of the pronoun her, not his. She might even have gotten her surname correct as well; it’s Luini. I have no idea why she thought it was anything else.

Now appearing Knighteley

You’ll find Keira Knighteley on Yahoo! Style, although you might prefer Ms. Knightley:

knighteley sty

Taylor Kinney makeover

Taylor Kinney gets a makeover by the spelling-challenged staff at yahoo.com:

fp tayler

Be bad big

If you’re going to be bad, be bad in a big way. If you’re going to misspell Altuzarra, do it in big letters. If you work for Yahoo! Style, you didn’t need that “advice”; you’re already doing it:

altuzrarras sty

Charli XCX would be X-cellent

It would be awesome if the writers at Yahoo! Style did a little fact-checking before they published a headline with a misspelled Charli XCX:

charlie xcx sty hp

Justin Bieber: Not best-remembered

How can you claim that Justin Bieber was a “best-remember” character if you can’t remember how to spell his name? Somebody at Yahoo! TV forgot his name and forgot a two letters in best-remembered:

beiber tv

Ack! I’m running out of red ink!

Few things irk me more than really bad writing by people who are paid to write. Unless it’s management that allows really bad writing to be published. And one indication of bad writing is the amount of red ink I bleed on a page. So, this article from Yahoo! Style is really bad and I’m really irked.

Omitting a hyphen from an age is a relatively minor, but totally unnecessary, mistake:

bush 1

Using the wrong word? Not minor mistake in my opinion, although I alternately agree and disagree that the writer should be taken out behind to the woodshed:

bush 2

It’s hard to imagine a writer confusing alternatively with alternately. With mistakes like that, this writer will never receive the acclaim of legitimate writers, unless she acquires the services of a competent editor:

bush 3

Her word choice continues to be sketchy at best: No, didgeridoos and balalaikas are not a few instruments, they are two instruments:

bush 4

More red ink! I need more red ink! Or at least an explanation for why there’s a the in front of Bush’s mystique but none in front of performer, why she didn’t put the only in front of the word it modifies (which is one), why it’s not an accidental death, and why this writer can’t match a verb (which should be have kept) to its subject:

bush 5

Just how old is a bohemian? And is a “slight bohemian age” like dog-years?

bush 6

I guess we should expect a writer who doesn’t know the difference between a bohemian age and a bohemian edge to care about spelling a name correctly, like Clare Waight Keller:

bush 7

Are you still with me? If so, then you got to the best of the worst word usages of all times: the blouses with the bellowing sleeves. I’ve heard of loud prints, but never loud sleeves. I wonder if they’re red.

You must be joking

Is this a joke? The folks at the Yahoo! front page can correctly spell Novak Djokovic’s name once, but not twice?

fp djokivic

It’s Sister, mister

Why would anyone do that? Why did the writer or editor for yahoo.com change the title of an article from the correct “Sister Souljah” to the incorrect “Sista Souljah”?

fp sista

The article is actually written by a Yahoo! staffer, who is also misquoted. He used the preferred spelling “likability,” but someone at the Yahoo! front page changed it to “likeability.”

Why do that? Is it because they don’t trust their own writers to know how to spell?

Good grief! Is that Roger Goodell?

Good grief! Why isn’t this Roger Goodell on yahoo.com?

fp rodger goodell

Apparently the writer doesn’t believe in doing a little Googlin’ to verify Mr. Goodell’s name.


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