Insulting Scarlett Johansson

So, misspelling Scarlett Johansson’s name in a headline on Yahoo! Style wasn’t bad enough:

johannson sty

The brain trust at Style had to come up with much larger text a black background, just to make sure the misspelling really, really stood out:


Johnny Deep thoughts

A lot of deep thought went into this photo caption from Yahoo! Style:

deep sty

It takes some real creativity (and a sense of humor!) to mock Johnny Depp’s name like that. It takes some deep reasoning to reinforce the meaning of a co-star: It’s a fellow co-star, and not just a fellow star.

Committed to quality?

Here’s a little paragraph that’s bound to have you questioning the commitment to quality of the Yahoo! Style writer:

city of angels

Just how many names can one writer screw up? There’s the nickname of Los Angeles, which should be City of Angels, followed by pathetic attempts at banging out Naomi Campbell, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jaime King, and the ever-difficult to spell Kingdom. I’m pretty sure I overlooked a few other goofs, but these were enough to convince me that this gal isn’t exactly the Joan Didion of her generation.

Zany spellings!

Here’s some advice that’s obvious to everyone who writes — except everyone who writes for Yahoo! Style: Misspelling the name of your subject — like, oh, say maybe Zayn Malik — makes you look really, really bad, especially if you do it in a headline:

zayne 1

It’s a mistake of an amateur writer, a careless writer, or a writer who’s so arrogant he doesn’t feel he needs to Google the name. (Do I need to mention the word choice? Mr. Malik didn’t shave his locks, he shaved his head.)

So, someone at Yahoo! Style must have finally realized that Mr. Malik shaved off his locks. That got corrected, but the geniuses continued to overlook the zany misspelling:

zayne 2

And that’s not just a careless typo. The writer really believes that’s how to spell his name, because he uses that spelling in the article, along with some extra words and a freshly misspelled freshly:

zayne 3

Will these mistakes be corrected? We’re hoping.

Not even tryin’ to get it right

How much effort did the writer for Yahoo! Style put into uncovering Gabourey Sidibe’s name right?

gabrielle sty

It’s still not Manny Pacquiao

It’s happened before, and it’ll probably happen again after today. It’s the editors’ sad attempt at spelling Pacquiao:

fp pacquaio

Didn’t they learn anything from the last misspelling? Nope.

Not trying too hard

In this article written by Yahoo! Style “editors,” it seems that no one is trying too hard to make sure Anna Wintour’s name is spelled correctly and that the correct homophone is used:

wintout to hard sty

You might think so…

You might think that this misspelling of Freida Pinto’s name on Yahoo! Style was just a silly little typo:

frieda 1

You would be wrong. In the article behind that headline, we find the writer commits another “typo” as well as an idiotic idiomatic mistake with arrived to instead of arrived at:

frieda 2

And just in case you still want to give the writer the benefit of the doubt, let me remove all doubt. The writer really, really thinks this is how you spell Freida:

frieda 3

As for the punctuation, the placement of the comma may be OK in the UK, but in the States, commas and periods go before the closing quotation mark.

Geez. Louise?

Geez, is this the best they could do over at the Yahoo! front page? They couldn’t take the time to check the spelling of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ name?

fp louise

What would you do with Tuesday Weld?

If you put tattoos on Friday Kahlo, what do you think you’d do to Tuesday Weld or Sunday Kidman Urban or Wednesday Addams?

friday kahlo sty

And what would you do to the writer for Yahoo! Style who’s responsible for this Frida Kahlo f**k-up?


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