Holly Holm isn’t the only one with a memory lapse

Reporting on Holly Holm’s memory lapse, the editors for yahoo.com seem to have forgotten that rapper Jay Z removed the hyphen from his name back in 2013:

fp jay-z holm

This is the “news”

If you judge the accuracy of a news site by the quality of its writing, you might want to skip Yahoo! News. The folks there have trouble matching a subject with its verb:

cancel news

… and don’t seem to know that Angela Merkel is the German chancellor:

angel news

The real scandal

The real scandal on yahoo.com? The writers and/or editors who cannot spell the name of the “Scandal” character Mellie Grant:

fp melly

I’ll have a Kleinmani and a Kleinpedi

Is a Kleinmani a special technique for grooming your nails? Yahoo! Style is featuring a story on Brit Kleinmani, who looks eerily like Brit Kleinman:

kleinmani sty hp

It takes a team

It took a team Yahoo! Style staffers to come up with this ridiculously wrong possessive of the plural noun models:

modelss sty

Apparently there was some disagreement in this brain trust as to where the apostrophe goes — before or after the S. So that put it before and after an S. (Just in case someone on the Style staff is reading this, here’s the scoop: the possessive of models is models’.)

Is that Ellie Goulding’s brother?

Who is the singer who’ll be performing during the Victoria’s Secret show? I think that Yahoo! Style mentioned someone who might just be Ellie Goulding’s brother. Or maybe her father:

eli goulding sty

The writer didn’t just change the singer’s name, she changed her gender. That’s gotta be the worst misspelling of a celeb name I’ve seen in a long time.

It takes a team

It takes a team of Yahoo! Style writers to come up with this many mistakes in a single article. You’d think that one of the staffers would know how to spell Monique Lhuillier (this is a site about fashion and style, after all) or at least of the kiddies there would be familiar with “Gangnam Style”:

gangam 1

And Lorraine Schwartz doesn’t fare much better at their keyboards:

gangam 2

The article’s byline claims it was written by “Yahoo Style Staff.” I guess no one at Style wanted to take credit for this. I don’t blame them.

Is my face red!

Is my face red! Well, it would be red from embarrassment (and maybe humiliation) if I were responsible for this misspelling of Catherine Hardwicke’s name on the home page of Yahoo! Style:

hardwick sty

How many times can you screw that up?

Good grief! How many mistakes can a Yahoo! Style writer make in just four words? Too many:

tiara 1

There’s so much to admire here: The reference to Duchess Katherine, which misspells her name. Then the implication that she’s the Duchess of Middleton, which is like two mistakes in two words.

But wait! It looks like someone at the Internet giant finally realized there’s a mistake (or two) in that caption, and attempted to fix it:

tiara 1a

Oh, that’s so much better.

Curious Pistorius

There’s a curious spelling of Oscar Pistorius’ name on yahoo.com, proving that two wrongs don’t make a right:

fp pistorious


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