Evoking memories of errors past

Seeing this use of invoke on Yahoo! Style evokes memories of past mistakes made by Yahoo! writers:

invoke sty

If you mean “to call for support or assistance,” use invoke. If you mean (as this writer did) “to call to mind,” use evoke (as this writer didn’t).

Word evokes evoke/invoke mistake

If you’re so frustrated that you’re reminded of the old “talk to the hand,” you’ve evoked the dis. If you throw up your hand — palm outward, facing your opponent — you’ve invoked the dis. If you don’t know the difference, you likely write for Yahoo! Shine:

evoke shine

Or maybe you write for Yahoo! News.

Headline evokes memories of word confusion

The editors for Yahoo! News‘ “The Lookout” should invoke a dictionary in the hopes that it evokes the correct word in this headline:

news invokes

The verb invoke means “to call upon something, especially aid, assistance, or a higher power.” It can also mean”to cite for justification or to resort to.” The correct word for this headline is evoke, which means “to call to mind or call up a memory from the past.”

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