Engendering confusion

Is Donald Trump’s lawyer a man or a woman? Or a transgender? It’s so confusing to read about a confidante and his response on the Yahoo! front page:

fp confidante

Dictionaries define a confidante as a confidant (as especially a female) or strictly a female in whom one confides. Since confidant does not imply a gender, that’s the word to use for either a man or a woman.

What is he now?

Johnny Manziel’s former confidante appears to have had a sex change. He’s now a male, although yahoo.com claims he was once a female:

fp confidante

A confidant is someone to whom secrets are disclosed; a confidante is a female confidante.

Colin Farrell, Liz Taylor and a sex change

Who was the woman that the folks at the Yahoo! front page allege was a confidante of Liz Taylor?

fp confidante

It was Colin Farrell! You’re probably as shocked as Mr. Farrell to learn of the sexual reorientation. I’d have been far less surprised to find he was her confidant. But as any student of high school French knows, a confidante is a female with whom secrets are shared.

The hell you say

If the character that Mads Mikkelsen plays in “A Royal Affair” literally goes through hell, we’d be watching him in a fiery pit. Fortunately, the character only goes through a figurative hell, not unlike the hell the Yahoo! Movies writer has put us through:

Maybe that figurative hell was a result of his yearning for a transformative event — one that would turn him from a man to a woman and from a confidant to a confidante.

Charlie Gasparino’s gender reassignment

Newsman Charlie Gasparino gets a gender reassignment from the reporter for “The Cutline” on Yahoo! News:

A confidante is a female to whom secrets are confided; the word the writer should have used is confidant.

Quincy Jones: I’m confident he’s a confidant

Unless Mr. Jones has undergone a transgender transformation, he was Michael Jackson’s confidant, not a confidante as claimed by Yahoo! omg!:

confidante omg

A confidante is a woman with whom secrets are shared.

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