Cue the laughter

Cue the laughter! Unless the writer for Yahoo! Makers thought the “hilarity” was standing in a line, she picked the wrong homophone:

queue hilarity diy

Here’s a piece of advice

Here’s some advice to the Yahoo! Style writer: Make peace with a good dictionary:

said his peace sty

There. I’ve said my piece.

Seriously, editors, be more discreet

Seriously. If the Yahoo! Style editors are going to make a homophonic error, don’t you think they should be more discreet and print it in really teeny, tiny letters?

discrete sty

If they act with restraint and prudence, they’re being discreet. Separate and distinct parts are discrete.

Is that you’re name?

If your name is in the byline for this article from Yahoo! Style, you may want to find another vocation — or at least a competent editor:

youre name sty

Does this strike a chord?

Yahoo! Style reports that Kanye West was recently spotted wearing “a hoodie with chords.”

chords sty

That could only mean one thing: The rapper was singing chords while wearing the hoodie. Or the rapper was wearing corduroy pants (also called cords) and the writer is a tad confused. Oh, I guess that’s two things.

It could’ve easily been correct

With a little help from a competent editor, this could’ve easily been correct. But it’s on Yahoo! Style, a site that’s in its own grammatically incorrect world:

could've easy sty

A flair for the language?

Showing not an ounce of flair for writing, the Yahoo! Style writer makes a homophonic error:

flare sty

That’s not fair!

The writer for Yahoo! Makers would have fared better if he had used the right homophone:

faired diy

What can you teach a topknot?

So few words, so many mistakes. That’s what happens when the kiddies take to the keyboards over at Yahoo! Style. Ya’ gotta wonder what you can teach a “top knot,” unless you already know that it’s a “taut topknot”:

taught sty

So, somehow, hair is pulled into a taut topknot using latex boots and black gloves. Sounds lovely.

Duchess of Cambridge: Baring all!

I can’t bear the thought of the Duchess of Cambridge revealing a bit of skin. So unlike her. She returned from vacation, grinning and baring something. Was it a tan? A bit of cleavage? No one knows except the writer for Yahoo! Style:

bared it


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