A flair for the language?

Showing not an ounce of flair for writing, the Yahoo! Style writer makes a homophonic error:

flare sty

That’s not fair!

The writer for Yahoo! Makers would have fared better if he had used the right homophone:

faired diy

What can you teach a topknot?

So few words, so many mistakes. That’s what happens when the kiddies take to the keyboards over at Yahoo! Style. Ya’ gotta wonder what you can teach a “top knot,” unless you already know that it’s a “taut topknot”:

taught sty

So, somehow, hair is pulled into a taut topknot using latex boots and black gloves. Sounds lovely.

Duchess of Cambridge: Baring all!

I can’t bear the thought of the Duchess of Cambridge revealing a bit of skin. So unlike her. She returned from vacation, grinning and baring something. Was it a tan? A bit of cleavage? No one knows except the writer for Yahoo! Style:

bared it

Take a cue: Learn English

Here’s a little advice for the writer for Yahoo! front page: Go back to school, learn basic English, and get that high school diploma:

fp queues

I’m sure high school grads know the difference between a line (which is a queue) and a hint or suggestion (which is a cue). At least I was sure until I read this.

Someone needs to rein in that writer

A king and queen reign in a monarchy. Competent editors rein in writers gone wild. That’s what the Yahoo! front page needs — an editor who isn’t confused by homophones:

fp reign in

How many pop tops does it take?

How many pop tops from soda cans would you need to cover a hangar? And how would that create more space? That’s what I’m askin’ myself after reading this on Yahoo! DIY:

hangars diy

This is a hangar; it houses aircraft:

hangar 1

This is a hanger; it holds clothes:


Which item do you think the writer meant?

Whose fault is it? Who’s at fault?

Who’s responsible for this error on Yahoo! Sports’ “Big League Stew”?

whos success sports stew

Is that the result of a writer whose success came easily, but whose grammar is wobbly?

Shave or a haircut? What’s your favorite?

All you barbers out there, here’s a poll for you: Which service do you prefer to give a customer? A shave or a haircut. Let me know in the comments. While I’m waiting for the responses to flood in, I think I’ll amuse myself with this homophonic horror from Yahoo! DIY:

barber poll diy

This is what the writer meant: It’s a barber pole:

barber pole

It’s a sack of …

Oh, never mind. I was going to use a vulgar term to describe this article on Yahoo! DIY. It’s a sack of incorrect words. It’s also the kind of arrogant writing I hate. Arrogant because the writer is steadfast in her belief that her spelling of common words is correct, while the rest of the English-speaking world are ignorant losers.

OK, that’s the end of my rant. Here’s what the writer thinks is the correct use of sac, the correct capitalization of ribbon, and an acceptable shortening of scissors:

sac 1

A sac is “a pouch or pouchlike structure in a plant or an animal, sometimes filled with fluid.” But this writer is just not going to let up: 

sac 2


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