Terribly Right Writing

Find tips to improve your writing

You won’t find all the rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling here. Just practical, pragmatic, and prescriptive tips for writing for the Web.

Top 5 Comma Errors

Misspelled Names: Misspelled names of celebrities, athletes, fictional characters, and other victims


13 Responses to “Terribly Right Writing”

  1. jen Says:

    love this site

  2. Laura Says:

    Thanks, jen. Hope you come back often and leave comments!

  3. Ethan Says:

    I really appreciate the effort that you’ve put on this site. It is fun to browse!

  4. arleneyolles Says:

    Jen, I, too, stumbled upon this blog and will come back to read more. I think you might like to take a look at mine; I touch on some of the same subjects in different ways.

  5. Chris Says:

    This site is great! I am consistently finding errors in online articles.

  6. Michele Anderson Says:

    Do you write, or do you just tear apart the prose of other people?

    • Laura Says:

      Michele, I write every blog post on Terribly Write. Is that your question?

      • Michele Anderson Says:

        Do you write anything other than blog posts that belittle Yahoo? What did Yahoo do to you that spawned such vitriol? Why don’t you critique other news outlets?

        • Laura Says:

          I am a professional writer and editor. I don’t think I’m belittling Yahoo because I only report what Yahoo’s writers and editors are doing; I don’t make up these mistakes, I merely document them so that others can learn from them. I focus solely on Yahoo because it is such a rich source of material for this blog. It takes only a few minutes of my time to find an egregious error or two or three. Why would I spend more time going through other sites looking for errors to illustrate a grammatical point? The most prolific sites have editors and a writers who have mastered their craft. And they have a handy-dandy tool known as a spell checker — something that Yahoo staffers apparently don’t have access to or don’t take advantage of.

  7. Michele Anderson Says:

    sounds good! You have your work cut out for you :–)

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