Missing a flair for writing

One thing this Yahoo! Style writer is missing — a flair for choosing the correct word:

flare sty 2

If the writer meant “a distinctive elegance or style,” she suffered a flare-up of homophonic misdirection.

Wanted: A flair for words

What Yahoo! Makers needs are writers with a flair for words. Writers who know the difference between a flare and flair:

flare diy

These are nautical flares:


You probably don’t want to include them in your home’s decor. But you might want to give your home nautical flair, which would be a nautical style.

A flair for the language?

Showing not an ounce of flair for writing, the Yahoo! Style writer makes a homophonic error:

flare sty

Wouldn’t that start a kitchen fire?

A flare in the kitchen?  Only if you’re flambéing some cherries in brandy. That’s what I’d call serving up food with a flair.

Now what Yahoo! TV needs is someone with a flair for writing.

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