Is that Manny Pacquiao?

Things must be rough over at the Yahoo! front page. It seems that the writers can’t find pictures of actual movie and sports celebrities, so they’re substituting pictures of look-alikes. I’d swear this was Manny Pacquiao, but it’s not:

fp pac

Maybe we should start in the States

Before the U.S. ventures around the globe to held educate girls, perhaps we should consider education the adults here at home. I’m thinking of the writers and editors at the Yahoo! front page who could use a little spelling lesson:

fp initative

It’s not a typo

This is no ordinary typo on Yahoo! Makers. It’s just the worst misspelling of the day. Or week.

tyle diy

Reader beware

Where the heck did the writer for Yahoo! Style get the idea that ware works here?

neck-ware diy

It looks like she doesn’t know there’s a perfectly acceptable word that fits: neckwear. It ends in wear, just like many other words referring to articles of clothing: footwear, menswear, swimwear, sportswear. The words that end in ware are a tad different: hardware, software, silverware.

No dissension here

There can be no dissension among readers of the Yahoo! front page: This is just another example of a misspelled word that could have been prevented by a spell-checker or competent proofreader:

fp dissention

‘Suburban Funk’ parody parodied?

“Suburban Funk” is a parody of “Uptown Funk.” Now, takes the parody a step further with this “Surburban Funk”:

fp surburban

It’s either a parody or a typo. You be the judge.

Charli XCX would be X-cellent

It would be awesome if the writers at Yahoo! Style did a little fact-checking before they published a headline with a misspelled Charli XCX:

charlie xcx sty hp

Obviously, you’re stoned

OK, I don’t know it for sure, but it could happen. The writer for the Yahoo! front page could have been stoned when writing this really off square:

fp sqaure off

Super simple

It’s so easy to verify the name of the year’s biggest football game. But if you don’t care about football or your credibility, why would you bother? Don’t look it up just to see that it’s the Super Bowl. Do what the Yahoo! Style team does and make something up. It’s so much simpler.

superbowl style 3

Good grief! Is that Roger Goodell?

Good grief! Why isn’t this Roger Goodell on

fp rodger goodell

Apparently the writer doesn’t believe in doing a little Googlin’ to verify Mr. Goodell’s name.


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