War on Buffett

Is yahoo.com waging a war on Warren Buffett by deliberately misspelling his name?

fp buffet

That’s not a typo when you do it twice. And what’s with that blank space in the bottom left?

What do Patti LaBelle and Kit Harington have in common?

What’s wrong with Patti LaBelle? Only this: In a headline on Yahoo! Style, her big B gets downgraded to a little b:

labelle sty

And what does Ms. LaBelle have in common with Kit Harington? He, too, got the “I don’t give a crap about spelling” treatment on the same page:

harrington sty

Something needs to be ousted

Something needs to be ousted from outsted on the Yahoo! front page:

fp outsted

Language under siege

The English language is under siege from the writers and editors at Yahoo! Travel:

seige tra

Where did you get that idea?

Where did the writer for Yahoo! Makers get the idea that this is how you spell footwear?

footware diy

Think about it: There’s footwear, swimwear, sportswear.  And then there’s: hardware, software, silverware. Do you detect a pattern?

Bras, garder belts, and underwear

When did bras stop being underwear? When this editorial assistant for Yahoo! Style stepped up to the keyboard:

garder belts

And when did garder belts become a thing? When someone, who should know something about women’s undergarments, refused to use a dictionary or spell-checker.

Is real?

Is this for real? Does the writer for Yahoo! Makers really not know how to spell Israel? And is she really not required to use a spell-checker? And did this really get by the editor?

fp isreal

You had one name

The writer for Yahoo! Makers had one name to include in this headline, and he or she managed to screw it up:

adrian brody sty 2

How hard would it be to Google Adrien Brody’s name to check the spelling? How much time would it take? How much initiative? How much journalistic integrity and commitment to accuracy would it take? More than this writer had.

Amazing detail

Here’s an amazing detail for ya’. It’s from the home page of Yahoo! Makers:

game of thones diy

It’s “Game of Thrones” as we all know. What’s amazing is the inability of anyone at Makers to proofread or even run a spell-check.

Once you get past that…

Once you get past the misused word on Yahoo! Finance, things like kinda OK:

passed fin

Heck, it could be worse. She could have misspelled athletes. Oops. Looks like someone writing for the accompanying video did:

atheletes fin


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