Here’s an idea for when you’re bored

Here’s a quick DIY for the Yahoo! Makers editor for when she’s bored at her parents’ house waiting for Thanksgiving Dinner: Let some basic, fourth-grade grammar focusing on the use of the apostrophe to form possessives:

parents diy

Don’t bother with the accent

I imagine that the writer for Yahoo! Style didn’t study French in high school. If she had, she wouldn’t have misplaced the acute accent in soirée:

soiree acc sty

Yahoo! staffers just shouldn’t bother with accent marks. They get them wrong more often than right. Funny thing: The American Heritage Dictionary prefers soiree over the accented spelling. So, if you’re unwilling to refer to a dictionary (like the writers and editors at Yahoo!), skip those funny marks over the vowels and decrease your chance of making an error.

Hooked on Phonics worked for me!

Knowing how to spell words phonetically can be a useful skill — if you know how to pronounce those words correctly. That’s how this Yahoo! Style writer goes off the tracks with this misspelling of nuptial:

nuptual sty

The word is not pronounced nup-tual. The word is nup-shel; its final syllable is the same as the last syllable of partial, not mutual.

It takes a team

It takes a team of Yahoo! Style writers to come up with this many mistakes in a single article. You’d think that one of the staffers would know how to spell Monique Lhuillier (this is a site about fashion and style, after all) or at least of the kiddies there would be familiar with “Gangnam Style”:

gangam 1

And Lorraine Schwartz doesn’t fare much better at their keyboards:

gangam 2

The article’s byline claims it was written by “Yahoo Style Staff.” I guess no one at Style wanted to take credit for this. I don’t blame them.

Written with the quickness?

Was this article on Yahoo! Style written with the quickness of a brown fox? Does that explain this bit of nonsense? Or does the writer really think this is actual English?

with the quickness sty

Break down breakdown

The editors for Yahoo! Sports need to break down breakdown, because it’s a phrasal verb (and two words):

breakdown spo

Lethe learn to spell

Let’s learn to spell words like lithe before we accept a job as a writer for Yahoo! Style:

lethe sty

House Select Committee just got shorter

That Benghazi hearing was pretty long, wasn’t it? Someone at must have felt that the committee holding the hearing was too long as well:

fp committe

That’s a lot of money for a piece of a ticket!

How much would you pay for a ticket to a baseball game? How much would you pay for a piece of a ticket? According to the Yahoo! front page a piece of a ticket is going for over $1,000:

fp a piece

And I thought paying $1,000 apiece — that’s each — was a lot!

Is that before sense?

What do you call the period before you come to your senses? Presense! That’s what’s on the Yahoo! front page, unless that’s the presence of a terribly embarrassing misspelling:

fp presense


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