Written by a Millennial?

Americans bemoaning the state of public education need look no further than the Yahoo! front page for an example of the failure of schools to teach the basics:

fp millenials

I’m guessin’ that the headline was written by someone in the U.S. (though I could be wrong and it could be written in another country) and that the writer is a Millennial who never learned to spell and who can’t be bothered to consult a dictionary or a spell-checker.

Whilst I was reading

I thought I was reading the U.S. version of Yahoo! Style, until I stumbled on this:

sun dress whilst grey sty

In the States, sundress is one word, the preferred word is while (whilst is chiefly British and sounds pretentious to American ears), and the preferred spelling of the color is gray.

It’s not a corporation

The Peace Corps is not a corporation, in spite of what you might read on Yahoo! Finance:

peace corp fin

I don’t know if Corp is meant to be an abbreviation for Corporation or if the writer just doesn’t know how to spell Corps. Doesn’t matter. It’s just wrong.

Are we agree’d?

You don’t write free’d or flee’d or agree’d, do you? So, why on God’s green Earth did the Yahoo! Makers writer think she needed an apostrophe in the past tense of pee?

mom peed diy

And while I’m questioning her knowledge of English, I’ll pose one more query: Why didn’t she capitalize mom?

Was the other coke involved?

Was the editor involved with a little coke before writing this headline for yahoo.com?

fp coca-coca

Let’s see how long it takes the geniuses at Yahoo! to change that typo to Coca-Cola and to change infamous to famous. (Infamous is not a synonym for famous; it means notorious or well-known for a very, very bad reason.) Maybe they’ll also move that question mark so that it’s outside the quotation marks.

Whoa is me!

Whoa, mamma! It’s one of the most frequently misspelled words on Yahoo!. This time it appears on Yahoo! Style:

woah sty

If you’re like the writers and editors at Yahoo!, who refuse to use a spell-checker or dictionary (shame on you!), maybe you can remember that the word isn’t woah because that would rhyme with Noah.

What were you looking at?

What was the Yahoo! Style writer looking at when writing this photo caption?

horizontal 1

It wasn’t the Narcisco Rodriguez jumpsuit, because the designer is actually Narciso Rodriguez. Need further proof? The writer alleges that the jumpsuit has a horizontal cut-out. I guess if Ms. Weisz were lying on her side, that would be correct:

horizontal 2

History of misspelling

The Yahoo! front page has a long history of misspellings, and this sad attempt at belligerence is just one more example:

fp belligerance

Pharrell would not be happy about this

Pharrell Williams would not be happy to see that the brain trust that writes for yahoo.com can’t get his name right:

fp pharell

Keep that word intact

Ya’ just gotta wonder what the Yahoo! Makers writer thinks in tact means:

in tact diy hp
The writer should have kept that word intact.


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