Not a subject-matter expert?

Don’t know anything about fashion? Can’t spell a designer’s name correctly to save your life. Then you, too, can write for Yahoo! Style, where the ability to spell the name of shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti is optional:

guiseppe sty hp

Is that Josh Ostrovsky?

No, that’s not Josh Ostrovsky on the home page of Yahoo! Style. But it should be:

ostrovosky sty

How embarrassing! Misspelling the subject of an article — in a headline!

It happens every millennium

It seems that every time writers and editors at Yahoo! have to spell millennial or millennium, they make a mistake. This time the misspelling is in a headline on the front page of Yahoo! Makers:

millenium falcon diy

Best Misspelling of the Day

It’s a privilege to introduce Best Misspelling of the Day, brought to us by Yahoo! Celebrity

priviledges cel

That gives me a headache

Reading misspellings and typos like this one on the Yahoo! front page give me a headache. Or should I say heaache:

fp headresses

For the record

For the record, petit is pronounced like petty and is used mainly in law to mean lesser in seriousness. Maybe you’ve heard of petit (or petty) larceny? It doesn’t mean short and slender or small in size. That would be petite. And that’s the word the Yahoo! Style writer should have used:

petit sty

Do you trust your memory?

Do you trust your memory when you’re writing? I bet the writer for Yahoo! Makers thinks she’s got a great memory for names and movies. She probably feels like she doesn’t have to verify the spelling of Steven Spielberg’s name or check to see who directed the movie “Avatar.” (Here’s a hint: It wasn’t Steven Spielburg or even Steven Spielberg.)

spielburg diy 1

Readers might be able to forgive a single misspelling, but when you do it another time and another time, they’re likely to be a little pissed. At least that’s how I feel:

spielburg diy 2

Obviously she trusted her rather faulty memory, which seems odd to me. She’s not just the writer of this article, she’s listed as an “editor.” Isn’t part of an editor’s job to verify facts?

What is an aquifier?

What’s an aquifier? I’d guess it was something that aquifies. Or it’s a misspelling of aquifer, found on the Yahoo! front page:

fp aquifiers

Dyslexia strikes again

Looks like a case of dyslexia has hit Yahoo! Movies again, where neither the writer nor the editor can manage to spell Kirsten:

kristen dunst mov

Not big enough?

Maybe the letters were just too small for the Yahoo! Style editors to read. Maybe next time they’ll write Jesse Eisenberg’s name in REALLY BIG LETTERS so they can proofread it:

eiseneberg sty hp


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