It can impinge on a reader’s understanding

Misspellings, typos, and wacky words can be impingements on a reader’s understanding. And if they appear on a page like Yahoo! Sports, they can be an embarrassment:

inpingement spo hp

Study debunks spelling of breast milk

After studying a few dictionaries, I can verify that this spelling of breast milk on Yahoo! Parenting is correct:

breastmilk par

You know what would be ‘wicked smaht’?

Proofreading headlines on Yahoo! Style is a “wicked smaht” idea. That way, you’ll avoid looking like a careless incompetent who can’t spell Todd Snyder’s name:

synder sty hp

Think readers don’t notice typos?

I read this headline on Yahoo! Movies and thought it was about either Heath Ledger or a moor in Scotland:

heathy mov

Seriously, we know it’s “just” a typo, but if you think that typos and misspellings don’t matter, take a look at these comments made by Yahoo! readers:

“Seriously, ‘Heathy Dose’ as a tag line? I’ve watched the horrible editing at Yahoo for years, but this is ridiculous. The small squiggly line in your editor means it’s spelled incorrectly, you morons. I’d even understand if you’d made some Ledger-Batman reference, but you’re just horrible. Oprah needs people at The O, at least move on. Christ, get a quote right.”

“You guys misspelled your freakin title to this article. Really? Heathy? I’m assuming you meant Healthy. I mean if you want to be taken as a serious journalist then at least proof read you own article before you send it out. I’m sure they must teach that somewhere in 9th grade.”

“Jesus yahoo. You could at least spell your headlines correctly.”

“This is what happens when Yahoo hires writers who had to take remedial English. It’s just not a heathy work ethic.”

“Sorry, what’s a “heathy” dose of violence? Well done Yahoo!”

“A “Heathy” dose of violence?? Does anyone proofread the hook line??”

Did you draw a blank?

Did the writer for Yahoo! Makers draw a blank when trying to write about that thing in a bureau that slides in and out and that is used for storage?

draw diy

It’s called a drawer. If you’re from Boston, like me, you may pronounce it draw, but you spell it with that -ER at the end. But that’s the least of this writer’s problems. She just doesn’t know how to form the plural of a noun, insisting on including an apostrophe:

draw kitchens apost diy

She makes a common, everyday mistake with this spelling:

draw everyday

It wouldn’t surprise me if she spelled it that way every day, ’cause here it is again:

draw everyday 2

If the first one is a typo, then the second one is a misspelling. But I’ll concede that this is a typo that even a spell-checker wouldn’t spot (but a competent editor would):

draw if

Here’s a creative spelling of bathroom and a mysterious sparklingly where sparkling would do:

draw bath room

How many more mistakes can one writer make in one article? At least one more, although this may constitute two:

draw like was

I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean. I wish Yahoo had writers who could write and editors who could edit; it makes life way easier for readers.

Would you return?

Would you return to a website that can’t even spell the name of a movie correctly? You’d think that the writer and editor could remember to how to spell revenant, especially since it’s a real word referring to someone who returns after a long absence or death. If they can’t hold that much information in their cranium, you’d think that they’d copy the title from the movie’s website and paste it into this teaser:

fp revanant

But no. That would require an actual desire to be accurate and a knowledge of basic computer skills.

Wade into a mess

Readers of Yahoo! Style don’t need to go far to wade into a spelling mess:

dwayne wade sty hp

It’s not the first time that a misspelled Dwyane Wade has appeared on the homepage of Style. And it probably won’t be the last.

Mike Jagger? Really?

I was willing to overlook the almond-shaped eyed in this article on Yahoo! Style, until I came across a reference to Mike Jagger. Then I knew I was in for more embarrassing mistakes from this writer. I was not wrong:

mike jagger sty

Someone who writes about fashion for a living (or even for a hobby) should know how to spell Nicolas Ghesquiere’s name, no?

I think this writer is stretching his vocabulary to its elastic limit with the use of louche. I have no idea what he thinks it means. But it’s insulting to apply it to a person, and impossible to apply it to someone’s “looks.” It means indecent, disreputable, or sordid.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wrongly

It’s just not rightly to misspell Whiteley. Getting it wrong (this time) is Yahoo! Style:

whitely sty hp

Taylor Swift gets piggyback ride

I think the writer of this headline on Yahoo! Celebrity meant piggyback:

piggy back cel


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