Don’t trust your memory

Don’t trust your memory when it comes to spelling a celebrity’s name. Google it. If you don’t, you could look as ignorant (and arrogant) as the Yahoo! Style writer who misspelled Will Ferrell’s name:

farrell sty

Cara Delevingne missing a little something

Cara Delevingne shouldn’t expect special treatment from the editors at Yahoo! Style, even when it appears in a headline on the site’s home page:

delevigne sty

They’ll mangle her name just as they did Jessica Williams‘ and Rose Byrne‘s and Pierpaolo Piccioli’s name — and the names of many others.

A standout will stand out

Using the wrong word will stand out to readers. That’s what the writer for Yahoo! Makers did with this standout of a misspelling:

standout diy

The noun is standout (one word); the phrasal verb is stand out.

Mashed up polka dots

You’d think that people writing for a website devoted to fashion, like Yahoo! Style, would know how to spell polka dot. You would be wrong:

polkadots sty

I think Gary Busey wrote that headline

It’s a headline worthy of Gary Busey. Was the writer suffering from a traumatic head injury or simply a controlled substance?

fp garey busey

Mad Libs of the Internet

Maybe it’s the result of a tight deadline. Maybe it’s the product of too many margaritas the night before. Whatever the reason for the errors in this excerpt from Yahoo! Style, readers are bound to notice and judge:

frisbee-like sty

Readers might not notice (or care about) the capitalized Queen. But if you follow the Associated Press style (as well as the style edicts of other authorities), you don’t capitalize queen unless it comes directly before the queen’s name.

Anyone is bound to notice that you’re left to fill in the blank between Middleton looked and in. It’s kinda like Mad Libs. “Gimme an adjective!” I’m going to suggest disheveled. Or maybe sesquipedalian.

Fashionistas wanting to clone the duchess’ style will be disappointed to learn that there is no Locke & Co. selling a Marisbel hat. There is a Marisabel hat offered by Lock & Co., though it retails for considerably more than $1.40. It’s Frisbee-like in its shape. And by Frisbee I mean that plastic disk that gets thrown around as well as the trademark that gets thrown around as if it were a common noun.

Rose Byrne burned

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. Having your name misspelled on the home page of Yahoo! Style could be painful:

bryne sty

It’s an American thing

Where the heck was this written? It’s on the Yahoo! front page, but it doesn’t look like it was written by anyone familiar with American sports or pronunciation:

fp an homerun

Unless the writer is referring to the Singaporean film “Homerun,” that should be home run. And unless the writer pronounces it omerun, that indefinite article should a, not an.

Was that Gump or Tucker?

Which Forrest was the writer for Yahoo! Makers referring to? Forrest Gump?

forrest diy 1

Was it the same Forrest mentioned in the photo caption or could it have been Forrest Tucker?

forrest diy 2

Maybe she meant forest, a word that is on all third graders’ spelling lists.

Little Caesars Palace

Where can you get pizza in Las Vegas? Little Caesars! Or as the folks at the Yahoo! front page call it, Caesars Place (it’s kinda like Caesars Palace, but without all the letters):

fp caesars place


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