A new Words with Friends?

Has Yahoo! News announced a new game: Word War Two?

word war news

It sounds like a variation of Words with Friends, except with enemies.

Writing as if it were correct

The editor for Yahoo! News must have read this and treated the verb was as if it were correct:

was confetti

It is not. The statement of something that is not factual requires the subjunctive mood. For the verb to be, the past subjunctive is were, regardless of the number or person of the subject. So, he tossed money around as if it were confetti. I wish I were reading the correct verb.

Was that the Sahara or the Gobi?

What desert could a baker make into the shape of a book?

desert news

Is it possible that the Yahoo! News writer meant dessert? As I learned from Miss Sampson in third grade: Dessert has two S’s because you want more dessert. I wonder what this writer learned in third grade.

Jeb Bush moves into the Fla. state capitol building

When did that happen? When did the former governor of Florida move into the state’s capitol building? Maybe the folks at Yahoo! News, who broke the story, can tell us:

capitol news

It’s more likely they can tell us how they can confuse capitol (which is a building and only a building) with capital (which is a city that is the seat of government).

It’s the New Jersey and Texas governors

Yahoo! News gives us this governor — except that the editors think that the word is Governor, with a great, big G. There’s the New Jersey governor:

governor cap news 4

and the Texas governor:

governor cap news 3

That’s Governor Christie and Governor Abbott. The title is capitalized only when it immediately precedes the name of the officeholder.

Prose, poetry. It’s all the same

Once again the writers and editors at Yahoo! have shocked me with their limited vocabulary and their incorrect use of common words. This time it’s in a headline at Yahoo! News, where the writer thinks that a poetry festival is about celebrating the West with prose:

prose news

Where did the writer get the idea that prose and poetry are synonymous? They are not. Prose is ordinary, commonplace, non-rhyming, non-metrical speech or writing. Just like that headline.

Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush: Separated at birth?

Golly, Sen. Lindsey Graham sure looks like Jeb Bush in this photo on Yahoo! News:

lindsey graham news

They could be twins! They look so much alike that I thought that was a picture of Gov. Bush speaking in San Francisco last week. Maybe all Republicans look alike. At least to Yahoo! News staff.

Knowledge of geography optional

You’re probably familiar with Nice, the city in France. Did you know there’s another city called Nice, on the southeast coast of the Mediterranean Sea. I guess that would put it somewhere in Egypt:

nice news

Of course, it’s possible that the writer for Yahoo! News meant the French city. That would be on the southeast coast of France, on the Mediterranean Sea.

Please alter two words

To the people at Yahoo! News:

Please alter two words here: alter should be altar and finace should be fiance. Thank you.

alter news

Other than the mistakes, it’s perfect

Imagine a news site that manages to make three mistakes in a single sub-headline:

threates news

It kinda gives you lots of confidence in the accuracy of the article on Yahoo! News, doesn’t it? The writer misspelled threats, capitalized two (even though it wasn’t at the start of the sentence), and messed up Rafael Ramos’ name. But other than that, the sub-head is perfect.


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