This is the “news”

If you judge the accuracy of a news site by the quality of its writing, you might want to skip Yahoo! News. The folks there have trouble matching a subject with its verb:

cancel news

… and don’t seem to know that Angela Merkel is the German chancellor:

angel news

Now I get it

So as Yahoo! News begins the countdown to count down the hours until we change our clocks, readers are left with wondering why the writer can’t tell a phrasal verb like count down from a noun like countdown:

countdown news

Maybe the writer will read this and say, “Now I get it.”

‘Tis wrong

Why are apostrophes so difficult for some people? I don’t get it, ’cause I think they’re pretty simple to use. You know that an apostrophe can be used in contractions to signal the omission of a letter, such as isn’t (for is not) and don’t (for do not). They’re sometimes used at the beginning or end of a word to indicate a letter that’s been dropped off, if you’re followin’ me. So what letter did the writer for Yahoo! News think was omitted from tis’?

tis apos news

‘Tis clear to me that the writer doesn’t know that ’tis is a contraction of it is and that tis’ makes no sense.

Going through a phase

I’ve seen so many homophonic errors on Yahoo! that this one from Yahoo! News doesn’t faze me:

phase news trends

Was that the Sahara?

What desert has its own holiday? The Gobi? The Sahara? The Mojave? Yahoo! News doesn’t tell us, just teases with this hint of a desert:

desert news

Ms. Hoskins seems to think it’s National Pie Day, which makes no sense since pie is a dessert.

Sharpening your whistle

I’m trying to imagine how you whet your whistle, as described on Yahoo! News:

whet whistle news

The only thing I can come up with is a wooden whistle being sharpened to a point by a whittler. That would be whetting a whistle. But if the writer meant “take a drink,” then that’s “wet your whistle,” where whistle refers to your mouth.

Looking for an authoritative source for news?

If you’re looking for an authoritative source for news on the Internet,  check out Yahoo! News, where the information is at least comprehensive, if not timely or accurate:

resign news

Yahoo! is on top of breaking news, reporting that Ms. Archuleta will not resign, will resign, and has resigned simultaneously. Just another great bit of journalism from Yahoo! News.

Is that the only way?

There must be another way to test the Yahoo! News page. Today the results of testing were exposed to millions of readers:

test news 3

Yesterday saw more testing in public view:

test test news

I suppose it’s a good thing. Yahoo! seems to be trying to make sure its content is displayed correctly. Now if it would show some concern about the quality of that content…

Maybe Siri knows

Does anyone know why the editors at Yahoo! News put an apostrophe in the name of a conference that doesn’t have one?

developers apos news 2

Those sticklers for accuracy were so sure that the apostrophe belongs there, they included in a headline, too:

developers apos news

But that’s not all. You’d expect the editors at Yahoo! Tech would be a little more attuned to the spelling, but no, they’ve made the same mistake:

developers apos tek

Someone should teach those News and Tech folks how to do a Google search. Or maybe they could just ask Siri.

A new Words with Friends?

Has Yahoo! News announced a new game: Word War Two?

word war news

It sounds like a variation of Words with Friends, except with enemies.


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