What a splendid spelling!

This splendid spelling on the Yahoo! front page is probably just a typo by a ham-fisted writer.

fp splended

It’s an easy mistake to make because the E key is right next to the I nobody at Yahoo! cares about accuracy.

Insulting Scarlett Johansson

So, misspelling Scarlett Johansson’s name in a headline on Yahoo! Style wasn’t bad enough:

johannson sty

The brain trust at Style had to come up with much larger text a black background, just to make sure the misspelling really, really stood out:


Not a genius speller

Here’s an ingenious spelling on Yahoo! Makers from someone who’s not exactly a genius at spelling:

ingenius mak

The real endangered species

Humpback whales may be losing their status as an endangered species. Unfortunately there’s still one species that’s endangered at Yahoo!: The Great Proofreader:

fp humpack

Johnny Deep thoughts

A lot of deep thought went into this photo caption from Yahoo! Style:

deep sty

It takes some real creativity (and a sense of humor!) to mock Johnny Depp’s name like that. It takes some deep reasoning to reinforce the meaning of a co-star: It’s a fellow co-star, and not just a fellow star.

It could be worse

This isn’t the worst error you’ll find on Yahoo!. It’s likely just a typo, but when it appears on the Yahoo! front page, one of the most visited pages on the Web, it gets a lot of attention (except from the writer, editor, or proofreader):

fp maraton

Committed to quality?

Here’s a little paragraph that’s bound to have you questioning the commitment to quality of the Yahoo! Style writer:

city of angels

Just how many names can one writer screw up? There’s the nickname of Los Angeles, which should be City of Angels, followed by pathetic attempts at banging out Naomi Campbell, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jaime King, and the ever-difficult to spell Kingdom. I’m pretty sure I overlooked a few other goofs, but these were enough to convince me that this gal isn’t exactly the Joan Didion of her generation.

One len, two lens?

Does the writer for Yahoo! Travel think that lens is the plural of len? It sure looks that way:

these lens tra

It isn’t; lens is singular, lenses is its plural. So, she should have written either this lens or these lenses.

A botched mastectomy

A mastectomy is a serious subject that’s been botched at the keyboard of a Yahoo! Beauty editor:


Zany spellings!

Here’s some advice that’s obvious to everyone who writes — except everyone who writes for Yahoo! Style: Misspelling the name of your subject — like, oh, say maybe Zayn Malik — makes you look really, really bad, especially if you do it in a headline:

zayne 1

It’s a mistake of an amateur writer, a careless writer, or a writer who’s so arrogant he doesn’t feel he needs to Google the name. (Do I need to mention the word choice? Mr. Malik didn’t shave his locks, he shaved his head.)

So, someone at Yahoo! Style must have finally realized that Mr. Malik shaved off his locks. That got corrected, but the geniuses continued to overlook the zany misspelling:

zayne 2

And that’s not just a careless typo. The writer really believes that’s how to spell his name, because he uses that spelling in the article, along with some extra words and a freshly misspelled freshly:

zayne 3

Will these mistakes be corrected? We’re hoping.


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