Did anyone hear her signing?

I just don’t understand the controversy that was recently covered by Yahoo! Sports. How many people could actually hear a woman signing the national anthem? I thought signing was a way to communicate with people who are hearing-challenged and therefore didn’t involve sounds:

signing mlb

Josh Hamilton: A man for our season

Josh Hamilton is ours for the season. I think. Or maybe he’s out for the season. I think. What do you think this headline from Yahoo! Sports really means?

our for season spo

You’ve got a friend at KFC

Selena Gomez loves friend chicken. At least that’s what this Yahoo! Celebrity writer tells us:

friend chicken cel

If you think readers don’t notice typos, think again. Here are a few comments from readers of the article:

  • “I love a good plate of friend chicken,” she revealed. MMMM, I love me some FRIEND chicken, too. Sheesh, who edits this stuff?
  • Is “friend chicken” a mexican thing?
  • friend chicken? lol. please fix your typo.
  • I also love a good plate of FRIEND chicken.
  • I’ll be on the lookout for “friend chicken”…sounds interesting. In the meantime, will have some KFC tonight in her honor.
  • Extra crispy friend chicken is my fav.

Toss that frenemiest

Here’s one way to turn your readers into frenemies: Make a typo on your home page, just like the editors at Yahoo! Style did:

frienemists sty hp

What it’s best known for

I don’t know what Yahoo! Finance is best known for. Could it be the typos? Or is it best known for its writers’ inability to distinguish a contraction (like, oh, say, maybe it’s) from a possessive pronoun (like its)?

is best know fin

Busy, busy, busy

Busy, busy, busy. I don’t have any problems saying busy. Why would Mr. LaRoche have a problem saying it? That’s what I’d like to ask the Yahoo! Sports writer:

saying busy spo

Was it the kind that comes in a can?

Suffering back spams can’t be fun. I just read about it on Yahoo! Sports and I’m left wondering: Was it the Spam that comes in a can or the spam that comes in your email?

back spams spo bls

Pants or asparagus?

Does a music steaming service entertain someone pressing pants or preparing vegetables?

steaming tv

Thanks to Yahoo! TV for the first laugh of the day.

Yum. Pears on a string

Imagine a woman accessorizing an outfit with a string of pears. I’d love to see that, but alas Yahoo! Style merely provided a description:

string of pears sty

Where does she wear it? On a hat like Carmen Miranda? Or maybe she just hangs them from her purse, like this:


LeBron James ponds again

Maybe the pressure is getting to the editors at Yahoo! Sports. The home page of the site is usually free of egregious errors. But there’s some serious typos that any spell-checker would have caught:

reponds spo hp


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