This is not Absolutely Fabulous

In a brief paragraph about the new flick “Absolutely Fabulous,” the Yahoo! Style staff manages to screw up the movie’s title, squish together two words (which I wouldn’t have bothered to mention, except there it is), and come up with a new preposition for the common expression reminisce about:

ab fam sty

That seems wrong

Here’s a typo from Yahoo! Sports that a spell-checker would never catch.

the seems

Of course, Yahoo! writers and editors don’t use a spell-checker, so I guess the point is moot.

Sensitive subject gets insensitive treatment

When you’re writing about a sensitive subject, give it the respect it deserves. And don’t follow the example of editors: Proofread!

fp breastfreeding

Who stitched this together?

Whoever stitched together this sentence for Yahoo! Sports did a pretty good job, if you ignore the misspelling and the missing hyphen in the compound adjective gruesome-looking:

stiches spo

This really bites

Those Yahoo! editors are at it again! They seem to have a knack for placing typos in the most conspicuous of places. This time it’s on the home page of Yahoo! Style:


Here’s your high school student for the MLB draft

Yahoo! Sports offers “your prep kid” (which I assume is your son or daughter in high school) for Major League Baseball’s draft:

prep kid spo hp

Blogger’s goal falling on deaf ears

If my goal were to eradicate all writing errors on Yahoo!, I wouldn’t start with Yahoo! Sports because I think my “suggestions” for improvement would be falling on deaf ears. Even if my suggestion is simply to proofread:

rappers goal spo hp

Did anyone hear her signing?

I just don’t understand the controversy that was recently covered by Yahoo! Sports. How many people could actually hear a woman signing the national anthem? I thought signing was a way to communicate with people who are hearing-challenged and therefore didn’t involve sounds:

signing mlb

Josh Hamilton: A man for our season

Josh Hamilton is ours for the season. I think. Or maybe he’s out for the season. I think. What do you think this headline from Yahoo! Sports really means?

our for season spo

You’ve got a friend at KFC

Selena Gomez loves friend chicken. At least that’s what this Yahoo! Celebrity writer tells us:

friend chicken cel

If you think readers don’t notice typos, think again. Here are a few comments from readers of the article:

  • “I love a good plate of friend chicken,” she revealed. MMMM, I love me some FRIEND chicken, too. Sheesh, who edits this stuff?
  • Is “friend chicken” a mexican thing?
  • friend chicken? lol. please fix your typo.
  • I also love a good plate of FRIEND chicken.
  • I’ll be on the lookout for “friend chicken”…sounds interesting. In the meantime, will have some KFC tonight in her honor.
  • Extra crispy friend chicken is my fav.

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