End of the Valentine’s Day countdown

Thank goodness Valentine’s Day is here and we don’t have to suffer the related misspellings of Yahoo! Makers:

countdownn diy

This is almost as bad as the puny V-Day card that appeared a few days ago.

Correct it yourself

Yahoo! Makers used to be called Yahoo! DIY. For those not into crafts or home improvement, DIY stands for “do it yourself.” Now, Yahoo! has coined a new abbreviation, and I think it stands for “correct it yourself”:

ciy diy

Yes, you dear reader, are asked to correct the misspellings and typos on Yahoo! because no one working at the Internet giant is going to do it.

Sharply reduced

Somebody at yahoo.com sharply reduced sharply and not surprisingly, no one caught the mistake:

fp sharpy

Isn’t selling children illegal?

How does she get away with it? This woman named Nguyen sells kids, as reported by Yahoo! Makers:

sells kids diy

Obviously, you’re stoned

OK, I don’t know it for sure, but it could happen. The writer for the Yahoo! front page could have been stoned when writing this really off square:

fp sqaure off

Needing an emoji makeover

Whatever the subject you’re writing about, make sure you spell it correctly; otherwise, you look as foolish as the writers at yahoo.com:

fp emoij

That would be the strongest statement

You know what would be the strongest statement Yahoo! Style editors could make? No making this strtongest statement:

strtongest style

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen aka The Ashleys

Ouch! That’s one nasty misspelling of slouch on Yahoo! DIY, followed by one hilarious misidentification of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as “The Ashleys.”

sloouch style

What will those wacky DIY writers dream up next? Maybe Tia and Tamera Mowry will become “The Tias.” I think that’s “aunts” in Spanish, so that might actually work.

Did you mean Alan Clooney?

There’s a typo on the Yahoo! front page, which is hardly surprising. Can you figure out what the name should be?

fp alam

Nightmarish typo

From yahoo.com, a nightmarish mistake:

fp nighmarish


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