Readers forced to see Cylcone

Nobody wants to read typos, especially if they’re reading one of the most popular pages on the Web, the Yahoo! front page:

fp cylcone

Where do overthrown dictators shop?

Where do overthrown dictators do their shopping? At an Oustmart! It’s kinda like a Walmart, but different. And this on is kinda like correct, but different:

fp oustmart

A crushed spirit

A crushed spirit at Yahoo! Sports might have gone unnoticed if it wasn’t in a headline:

sprit spo

Tiiter, tiiter, this isn’t Twitter

This isn’t Twitter on the Yahoo! front page:

fp twiiter

I’ll have what he’s having

Jon Hamm put another drink on his bar bill, according to Yahoo! Celebrity:

addition omg

Meow we’re misspelling

Here’s what looks like a simple typo on Yahoo! Movies, although I can’t always tell the difference between a typo and a misspelling:

lauches mov

Balllooning up!

Boy, did this headline on Yahoo! Travel balloon up. It’s really overinflated:

balllooning tra

Blake Lively: You’ve got to be kitting!

One of Blake Lively’s favorite pastimes is kitting, according to Yahoo! Makers:

kitting makers

I wonder if it requires kitting needles.

What’s your angle?

That must be acute pair of jeans on Yahoo! Style:

angle sty

Did the editors get that right? Maybe I’m just being obtuse, but I thought the jeans were cropped above the ankle.

What a mess!

Why do the writers and editors at Yahoo! Style insist on trying to write in French? Clearly they have absolutely no knowledge of the language. This mess is supposed to be the French equivalent of friends:

mess amis

The correct words? Mes amis. I’ll never understand why they think they can write in French when they haven’t mastered English, which they prove with a bit of a typo.


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