Writing that’s all that different from correct

This paragraph may pose a clue as to why the quality of writing on Yahoo! is so pathetic. It was written by the New York bureau chief for Yahoo! Entertainment:

different than cel

Her writing isn’t all that different from the way the rest of Yahoo! staffers write: She doesn’t know when to use different from; she overlooked the, which should be they; and she used the past tense made when the other verbs in the list are present tense.

Life in the Royal Statute Factory

Although this writer for Yahoo! Style claims “we’ve all read the history books,” I don’t think she learned a lot:

ordinance sty

I’m not referring to her inability to pound out the word battlefield. Or her insistence on using a hyphen after an adverb ending in -LY. I’m referring to her mention of the Royal Ordinance Factory, which would be a place where statutes, regulations, or orders are manufactured.

It’s too bad there’s no ordinance prohibiting the incorrect use of words in a public place. This gal would be arrested and sent up the river because anyone who “read the history books” knows that military material, including weapons and ammunition, is ordnance.

Gown up!

Gown up, everybody! We’re going out to dinner.

gown-up par

This little typo from Yahoo! Parenting illustrates the typo of error a spell-checker, if Yahoo! writers deigned to use one, wouldn’t catch.

Not a good place for a typo

There’s no good place to make a typo, but there are some really, really bad places to make one. Like in a headline on the home page of Yahoo! Style:

lavnin sty

Which is worse?

I don’t know which mistake on the Yahoo! front page is worse: The mismatch of the verb questions to its subject critics, or the misspelling of peddling:

fp pedding

You’d think that a company that boasts hundreds of millions of readers around the world would try a little harder to construct a grammatically correct, correctly spelled sentence. But you would be wrong.

Some really flaky spelling

Everybody loves a well-written article, but don’t go looking for one on Yahoo! Makers. This writer must have had loaves on the brain when she wrote this:

loaves diy

She manages to use the preferred spelling flaky once, but chooses an alternate spelling just a few words later. But she goes completely off the rails with her use of the plural pronouns them and they, which are lacking an antecedent. If she had written about biscuits, and not a biscuit, they’d be okie-dokie. But she didn’t. Boo.

Oh! His phone!

Oh! His phone at halftime! Does that make sense to anyone except the person at yahoo.com who wrote this?

fp oh his phone

What would you say afer reading this?

What would you say to the writer or editor after reading this on yahoo.com?

fp afer 2

How about “Take a proofreading class”?

Sneak peek

If this is a sneak peek of the quality of writing we can expect from Yahoo! Decor, I think it will be a rich source of fodder for Terribly Write:

chatskis sty

Can you figure out what “chatskis” are?I think it’s the phonetic spelling of tchotchkes by someone who doesn’t know how to pronounce tchotchkes. That’s the worst misspelling I’ve ever seen.

Revering accuracy

Yahoo! Makers is not a site where writers and editors revere accuracy. The making of one typo isn’t a big deal here. And neither is the ridiculous allegation that Revere is somehow part of Boston:

revere boston diy

It would have taken the writer about a nanosecond to Google “Revere” to learn that it is a city north of Boston


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