It could be worse

This isn’t the worst error you’ll find on Yahoo!. It’s likely just a typo, but when it appears on the Yahoo! front page, one of the most visited pages on the Web, it gets a lot of attention (except from the writer, editor, or proofreader):

fp maraton

What do you say to a choir of Scottish girls?

What do you say to a choir of Scottish girls? Singlasses, sing!


How to punch up your writing

Looking for a way to punch up your writing? Just do what this writer for Yahoo! Makers does and skip the proofreading and spell-checking! Your writing will be unique and keep those readers guessing.

Start with just one extra letter for a bit of added punch:

ppunch 1

Then add a few more until you have at least two per sentence. And is that a sentence? Your readers will be trying to figure that out if you don’t use any punctuation at the end:


Readers forced to see Cylcone

Nobody wants to read typos, especially if they’re reading one of the most popular pages on the Web, the Yahoo! front page:

fp cylcone

Where do overthrown dictators shop?

Where do overthrown dictators do their shopping? At an Oustmart! It’s kinda like a Walmart, but different. And this on is kinda like correct, but different:

fp oustmart

A crushed spirit

A crushed spirit at Yahoo! Sports might have gone unnoticed if it wasn’t in a headline:

sprit spo

Tiiter, tiiter, this isn’t Twitter

This isn’t Twitter on the Yahoo! front page:

fp twiiter

I’ll have what he’s having

Jon Hamm put another drink on his bar bill, according to Yahoo! Celebrity:

addition omg

Meow we’re misspelling

Here’s what looks like a simple typo on Yahoo! Movies, although I can’t always tell the difference between a typo and a misspelling:

lauches mov

Balllooning up!

Boy, did this headline on Yahoo! Travel balloon up. It’s really overinflated:

balllooning tra


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