Warning readers about this headline

I’m not warning you away from reading this on yahoo.com, since I don’t really use the phrase warning away because I don’t know what it means. However, I am warning you about this headline, which includes a rather embarrassing typo:

fp cash

A tragic balloon crash that killed 16 people deserves better treatment than this.

Are the Koch brothers birthers?

I know that Donald Trump is a “birther” — someone who alleges that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States, in spite of  enormous evidence to the contrary. Now it appears that according to Yahoo! News the Koch brothers are also birthers:

borthers news

Or maybe not. When trying to decipher a typo, there’s always a chance of misinterpreting the writer’s intent.

This is not Absolutely Fabulous

In a brief paragraph about the new flick “Absolutely Fabulous,” the Yahoo! Style staff manages to screw up the movie’s title, squish together two words (which I wouldn’t have bothered to mention, except there it is), and come up with a new preposition for the common expression reminisce about:

ab fam sty

That seems wrong

Here’s a typo from Yahoo! Sports that a spell-checker would never catch.

the seems

Of course, Yahoo! writers and editors don’t use a spell-checker, so I guess the point is moot.

Sensitive subject gets insensitive treatment

When you’re writing about a sensitive subject, give it the respect it deserves. And don’t follow the example of yahoo.com editors: Proofread!

fp breastfreeding

Who stitched this together?

Whoever stitched together this sentence for Yahoo! Sports did a pretty good job, if you ignore the misspelling and the missing hyphen in the compound adjective gruesome-looking:

stiches spo

This really bites

Those Yahoo! editors are at it again! They seem to have a knack for placing typos in the most conspicuous of places. This time it’s on the home page of Yahoo! Style:


Here’s your high school student for the MLB draft

Yahoo! Sports offers “your prep kid” (which I assume is your son or daughter in high school) for Major League Baseball’s draft:

prep kid spo hp

Blogger’s goal falling on deaf ears

If my goal were to eradicate all writing errors on Yahoo!, I wouldn’t start with Yahoo! Sports because I think my “suggestions” for improvement would be falling on deaf ears. Even if my suggestion is simply to proofread:

rappers goal spo hp

Did anyone hear her signing?

I just don’t understand the controversy that was recently covered by Yahoo! Sports. How many people could actually hear a woman signing the national anthem? I thought signing was a way to communicate with people who are hearing-challenged and therefore didn’t involve sounds:

signing mlb


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