Cue the music!

Before you cue the music, you might want to make sure that the music is queued up.

cued up mlb

From Yahoo! Sports.

Cue the laughter

Cue the laughter! Unless the writer for Yahoo! Makers thought the “hilarity” was standing in a line, she picked the wrong homophone:

queue hilarity diy

Take a cue: Learn English

Here’s a little advice for the writer for Yahoo! front page: Go back to school, learn basic English, and get that high school diploma:

fp queues

I’m sure high school grads know the difference between a line (which is a queue) and a hint or suggestion (which is a cue). At least I was sure until I read this.

Take a cue from this writer

After reading this from Yahoo! DIY Makers, you’ll want to cue the really, really, really sad trombone sound:

queue diy

That’s a first for me! I’ve never seen that homophonic error before. Wah-wah.

It looks like Yahoo! has changed the name of the site from DIY to Makers. And it looks like they’re still making mistakes.

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