A tale of a bird

A head, a body, a beak, a tale. A tale? Like in a story? Yup, those are the parts of a bird you’ll be making if you follow the instructions on Yahoo! Makers:

tale diy

Entrepreneurial success in animals

Are “tails of entrepreneurial success” the posterior part of animals that made a fortune on their own? Yahoo! Finance has us wondering:

tails fin

There might be an interesting tale behind this homophonic confusion: Maybe the writer was thinking of stories (or tales) of entrepreneurs with pets.

Depends on whom you ask

How many errors have there been on Yahoo! News? Hundreds? Thousands? I don’t really know and I don’t think there is anyone to tell the tale of homophonic errors, like this one:

tail news

Is this correct? It depends on whom you ask. A Yahoo! writer and editor would think that who is the correct pronoun and have their been is really cool:

who you ask news

Well, there have been many, many errors on Yahoo! News. And these are just a few more.

Wagging her story

I’d love to know how the writer for Yahoo! News‘ “The Sideshow” landed his job. There must be an amusing tale behind it. Maybe he’s related to one of Yahoo!’s founders. Maybe he has embarrassing photos of Jerry Yang with an underaged farm animal. Maybe his boss thinks that a dog wags a tale and a writer tells a tail:

wagging her tale news

Epic tail fail

Just how big is an “epic tail”? You’d have to ask the reporter for the Yahoo! News blog “The Lookout”:

Chasing their tales

I’m sorry, but I must disagree. I’ve never seen a pet chasing its story. Chasing its tail? Yes, but that’s not what this Yahoo! Answers feature says:


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