Having an adverse reaction, blogger’s now averse to such things

I’ve never seen this mistake before, but when I read it, I had an adverse reaction. Now I’m averse to reading anything else from Yahoo! News‘ “The Sideshow”:

Reader pleads for typos to stop

Nothing would please me more than to see an end to the misspellings and typos in headlines from Yahoo! News:

David Beckham’s loss

David Beckham lost a little bit at the keyboard of a Yahoo! News staffer:

Think that’s just a simple typo? Well, I thought so too until I saw the full headline on Yahoo! News’ “The Ticket“:

How does something this egregious happen on a so-called news site?

Athy, athier, athiest

I’ve never made athy Facebook comments. At least, I don’t think I have. But some guy went way overboard in the athy department and made the athiest comments imaginable. I know it’s true because I read it on the Yahoo! front page:

Anyone with enough curiosity to uncover the meaning of athy just needs to click that link. It got me to this headline, also written by a Yahoo! staffer, but appearing in Yahoo! News‘ “Y! Tech” or maybe it’s called “Today in Tech,” I really can’t tell.

Anyhoo, what I learned is that there are at least two people at Yahoo! who need to go back to third grade.

Would that be comic strips?

What kind of strips would you use to honor veterans? Comic strips? Airstrips? We’ll just have to ask the reporter for Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket”:

Where do you hang your hair?

The truth finally comes out: President Obama has a hairpiece. And he hangs his hair in the West Wing of the White House. And he’s left it there for three years. Once again the writer for Yahoo! News‘ “The Cutline” is first with the breaking news:

In case you missed seeing the accompanying picture, the writer helpfully included it twice:

Not in the right mood for this

This would have been fine had the writer run to a grammar site for information about the subjunctive mood:

But if you write for Yahoo! News, grammatical correctness is completely optional.

Pat Sumitt gets no respect

The Yahoo! News manages to insult Pat Summitt and embarrass itself with a single headline:

This deserves a thumbs-down

Just because Mr. Santorum is holding up one thumb, don’t think he’s giving a thumb up. The digital signal is a thumbs-up — with a plural thumb and a hyphen:

The writer for Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket” gets a thumbs-down for that one.


Have we done away with the Patent Office?

Up until about 5 minutes ago, I thought only the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued patents in the States. But I was wrong! Now, a company can issue its own patents! That’s gotta shorten the whole patent-issuing process, don’t ya’ think? So, now we can do away with a government office! Think of the money we’ll save.

Thanks to  Yahoo! News‘ “The Sideshow,” for pointing out that Nokia has issued its own patent — here:

and here:

OK. I kid. I am a kidder. In the U.S., only the Patent Office can issue a patent. A company can file for a patent, file an application for a patent, get a patent, or simply patent an invention or process. But not issue a patent.

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