Is the Shift key stuck?

Is there an epidemic of Shift keys locking up on the keyboards of Yahoo! Celebrity editors? How else would you explain this totally random (and totally wrong) use of capital letters in what should be children’s hospital?

childrens hospital cel

Whatever afflicted that keyboard also took hold of the keyboard of this editor, who didn’t realize that the plural of BFF had one capital letter too many:

bffs cel

Feets, don’t fail me now

There are some writing feats I thought I’d never see, but I was wrong. I never, ever anticipated seeing feets in a professionally written article:

feets sty

I guess that’s a plural of a plural, like one foot, two feet, three feets?

But wait, there’s more. There’s the mysterious change in font size and a plattering, which I take to be a mash-up of platter and flattering. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

My selfie’s what?

This guy’s selfie beats my selfie’s what? My selfie’s stick? What did the writer for Yahoo! Travel mean?

selfies apos tra

I think it means the writer doesn’t know how to form a plural of a word ending in -IE. Maybe next time we’ll see a headline about tie’s and lie’s.

How to write like the pros

If you want to write like the pros, don’t look to Yahoo! Makers for inspiration:

pros apos diy

I object!

Writers at Yahoo! seem to have trouble forming the plural of compound nouns. Yesterday it was a runners-up error. Today it’s the plural objets d’art that has a Yahoo! Style writer flummoxed:

objets darts

This one’s a real winner!

This mistake on Yahoo! Style isn’t one of the runners-up — it’s the winner for worst spelling of a plural:

runner-ups sty

You probably knew how to form the plural of compound nouns like mothers-in-law, attorneys general, and secretaries of state. Maybe the writers and editors (if they exist) will learn how, too

One len, two lens?

Does the writer for Yahoo! Travel think that lens is the plural of len? It sure looks that way:

these lens tra

It isn’t; lens is singular, lenses is its plural. So, she should have written either this lens or these lenses.

Not going to great lengths

The writer for Yahoo! Style didn’t exactly go to great lengths to come up with the right word for a common idiom and a common abbreviation:

through lengths sty

The abbreviation for identification is ID; its plural is IDs (though the singular is probably correct in this context).

Clothes are made from cloth

Yup. Clothes are made from cloth. And the plural of cloth is cloths, despite what you might read on Yahoo! Makers:

clothes for cloths

This maid is wearing cleaning clothes:


These are cleaning cloths:


Just one person?

There’s just one American whose confidence in housing is on the rise, according to Yahoo! Finance:

americans apos fin


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