Reverse that!

The writer for Yahoo! Style should consider reversing her knowledge of apostrophes: Wherever she thinks she needs one, she should omit it. And wherever she omitted an apostrophe, she should add one:

stores no apos sty

Do I repeat myself? repeat myself?

The carelessly repeated words in this article from Yahoo! Makers aren’t the worst mistakes a writer can make. They’re just the worst easily avoidable mistakes.

the the aircrafts diy

Any writer who proofreads her work would have spotted those. The mistake that really chaps my hide is the use of aircrafts as a plural. The plural of aircraft is aircraft. If the writer wanted to emphasize that multiple planes are involved, then she should have used that word.

Did you draw a blank?

Did the writer for Yahoo! Makers draw a blank when trying to write about that thing in a bureau that slides in and out and that is used for storage?

draw diy

It’s called a drawer. If you’re from Boston, like me, you may pronounce it draw, but you spell it with that -ER at the end. But that’s the least of this writer’s problems. She just doesn’t know how to form the plural of a noun, insisting on including an apostrophe:

draw kitchens apost diy

She makes a common, everyday mistake with this spelling:

draw everyday

It wouldn’t surprise me if she spelled it that way every day, ’cause here it is again:

draw everyday 2

If the first one is a typo, then the second one is a misspelling. But I’ll concede that this is a typo that even a spell-checker wouldn’t spot (but a competent editor would):

draw if

Here’s a creative spelling of bathroom and a mysterious sparklingly where sparkling would do:

draw bath room

How many more mistakes can one writer make in one article? At least one more, although this may constitute two:

draw like was

I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean. I wish Yahoo had writers who could write and editors who could edit; it makes life way easier for readers.

No runners-up here

There are no runners-up in the Misspelled Plurals on Yahoo! Style race; there’s only the winner:

runner-ups sty

One chief, many commanders

No, this is not how you form the plural of command in chief. The correct spelling, which the writer or editor for Yahoo! Style should have known, is commanders in chief:

commander in chiefs sty

Other similar plurals? Mothers-in-law, attorneys general, passersby, notaries public.

Is the Shift key stuck?

Is there an epidemic of Shift keys locking up on the keyboards of Yahoo! Celebrity editors? How else would you explain this totally random (and totally wrong) use of capital letters in what should be children’s hospital?

childrens hospital cel

Whatever afflicted that keyboard also took hold of the keyboard of this editor, who didn’t realize that the plural of BFF had one capital letter too many:

bffs cel

Feets, don’t fail me now

There are some writing feats I thought I’d never see, but I was wrong. I never, ever anticipated seeing feets in a professionally written article:

feets sty

I guess that’s a plural of a plural, like one foot, two feet, three feets?

But wait, there’s more. There’s the mysterious change in font size and a plattering, which I take to be a mash-up of platter and flattering. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

My selfie’s what?

This guy’s selfie beats my selfie’s what? My selfie’s stick? What did the writer for Yahoo! Travel mean?

selfies apos tra

I think it means the writer doesn’t know how to form a plural of a word ending in -IE. Maybe next time we’ll see a headline about tie’s and lie’s.

How to write like the pros

If you want to write like the pros, don’t look to Yahoo! Makers for inspiration:

pros apos diy

I object!

Writers at Yahoo! seem to have trouble forming the plural of compound nouns. Yesterday it was a runners-up error. Today it’s the plural objets d’art that has a Yahoo! Style writer flummoxed:

objets darts


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