Between you and me, this is wrong

Here’s a common mistake on Yahoo! Sports — an incorrect pronoun:

between he mlb

The author probably thought that he was more erudite than the correct him. Between him and his editor, you’d think one of them would have spotted the error.

You think him was in a tight spot?

This grammatical gaffe on Yahoo! TV will never sit right with me:

with he tv

I just don’t understand this: Yahoo! writers continue to use the subjective case following a preposition. Does it really even sound right to them? Do they talk that way? Do they say, “With he in a tight spot”? And if they do, isn’t there anyone within earshot to say, “No, dummy. It’s with him.”

Those would be verrrry long legs

If you want legs like Taylor Swift (and the folks at think you do), those would be very long legs — about 5 feet 10 inches long:

fp taylor

That’s the height of the singer. If, on the other hand or leg, you want legs like the singer’s, those would be legs like Taylor Swift’s.

Take stock of the ruin

Readers take stock of the ruin that is and try to figure out why the editors didn’t catch this gaffe:

fp trying to plan

Some really flaky spelling

Everybody loves a well-written article, but don’t go looking for one on Yahoo! Makers. This writer must have had loaves on the brain when she wrote this:

loaves diy

She manages to use the preferred spelling flaky once, but chooses an alternate spelling just a few words later. But she goes completely off the rails with her use of the plural pronouns them and they, which are lacking an antecedent. If she had written about biscuits, and not a biscuit, they’d be okie-dokie. But she didn’t. Boo.

We are appalled

We lovers of all things grammatical are appalled by this gaffe on Yahoo! Makers, made by someone with the title of editor:

us lovers

Editors head to dictionary

Ha-ha. Not really. The editors at didn’t head to a dictionary when they wrote and approved this:

fp mem heads

Maybe if they had they would have learned that memorabilia is a plural noun requiring the plural verb head.

Missed that grammar class?

Did you miss any classes in grammar? Just know it comes at a price. Without basic knowledge of grammar, you could look as ignorant as the Yahoo! Style editors, who can’t match a pronoun (which should be it) to its antecedent (fashion):

they sty hp

Uncovering the quote

Holy moley. In what universe is the pronoun its correct in this sentence from Yahoo! Style?

its baring sty

What does it refer to? newbie? tools? I think the writer meant tools and just didn’t recognize it as a plural noun requiring the plural pronoun their. It’s a careless oversight, just like using the wrong closing quotation mark.

I’m calling T-shirts baring a quote total BS. T-shirts don’t bare quotes, though they’ve been known to bear them.

This is so different

This little paragraph from Yahoo! Style is so different from what you’d expect from a senior editor:

us mortals sty

Wouldn’t you expect that someone with that title would know to use different from us and not different than us? Maybe that’s asking too much of someone who thinks that us can be the subject of a verb. It can’t. The fact is, we mere mortals who read Yahoo! know more about grammar than its “senior editors.”

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