Dumbest Statement of the Day

I’m not going to mince my words: This little sentence on Yahoo! Style is the dumbest thing I’ve read today:

minced sty

The writer (and her editor, if she has one) must be complete morons. This is from an article about Mr. Bublé “fat shaming” (yes, that is apparently a real thing) a stranger. The writer thinks “mincing words” means that he was somehow insulting or chewing out the stranger. It is the exact opposite. The American Heritage Dictionary says that “to mince” means “to moderate, restrain, or euphemize (words) for the sake of politeness and decorum: Don’t mince words: say what you mean.

Stupid word choice, Yahoo edition

Where does Yahoo! Style go from here? Maybe next year the site will hire real editors and we’ll see some intelligent word choices on Yahoo!, 2016 edition:

addition sty

A new Words with Friends?

Has Yahoo! News announced a new game: Word War Two?

word war news

It sounds like a variation of Words with Friends, except with enemies.

Is that correct? Not by a long shot

Is this idiom used correctly on Yahoo! Style? Not by a long shot. And by that I mean, “NO!” Jeez, doesn’t the writer know that a long shot is a horse, person, or occurrence that has little or no chance of succeeding?

long shot

This writer also is a long shot for succeeding at writing. If she’s not the worst writer at Yahoo!, she’s at least a runner-up.

When the heroine is an addict

Can a movie character be both a heroine and an addict? Apparently, yes. At least according to Yahoo! Style editors:


Walking through a drunken crowd

Who the heck wants to walk through a crowd of drunken locals on vacation? Not me! That’s what I’d tell the Yahoo! Style writer responsible for confusing locales with locals:


What would you do with Tuesday Weld?

If you put tattoos on Friday Kahlo, what do you think you’d do to Tuesday Weld or Sunday Kidman Urban or Wednesday Addams?

friday kahlo sty

And what would you do to the writer for Yahoo! Style who’s responsible for this Frida Kahlo f**k-up?

Did you mean the university?

Columbia is a university in New York. I’m pretty sure the writer for Yahoo! Style did not attend that Ivy League school. I’m not even sure she attended any school after the fifth grade. It seems to me that in the sixth grade we all learned that Colombia was a country in South America:

columbia sty

Piece out!

Holy moley! Did I really read this on Yahoo! Style?

piece signs sty

I’m not talking about the misspelling of Nikko La Mere’s name, although that’s bad enough. I’m referring to piece signs. Is the writer so young or so ignorant that she thinks that a piece sign is an actual thing? It’s peace sign.

No, she’s not Abe’s wife

Where does Yahoo! find its writers? In an elementary school? Most adult citizens of the U.S. know that Mary Lincoln Todd was not Abraham Lincoln’s wife. His wife was Mary Todd Lincoln. But the writer for Yahoo! Beauty doesn’t stop there with her nonsense. Throughout this article she insists on using the word wreathes:

mary lincoln todd bea

That’s a form of wreathe, a verb (not a noun) that means “to twist, coil, curl, encircle, or surround.” The plural of the noun wreath is wreaths.


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