Kanye West: Ancestor of fashion?

According to Yahoo! Style, Kanye West wants to be “the forefather of fashion.” But what’s clear to the writer isn’t so clear to readers:

forefather of fash sty

A forefather is an ancestor, someone from an earlier time. Perhaps she meant that Mr. West wanted to be at the forefront of fashion. Or perhaps she really did mean forefather and has no idea what its definition is.

Who concepted that?

Anyone can make a typo, pounding out Musit instead of Music. But it takes a special talent to come up with a group of letters that looks like a real word, but is in reality absolute nonsense. Someone with that talent works for Yahoo! Style:

concepted sty

You just can’t have a past tense of concept, since it’s not a verb. The word the writer should have picked? Conceptualized. Conceived. Created.

One detail has been overlooked

Oh, lordie. What can you say about the writer (and her editor) over at Yahoo! Style? They seemed to have overlooked one tiny detail in this sentence. And that detail is — “no detail has been left unturned” makes no sense! None! Not one iota of sense!

detail left unturned

Celebrity in dispose

Have you ever seen a celebrity in dispose? Or in datpose? The writer for Yahoo! Style apparently has seen a celeb in dispose, but she’s not revealing what the heck that means!

in dispose sty

Do you think she meant indisposed? That would make the celeb mildly ill or averse to something. Kinda like how I feel when I read this sort of nonsense on Yahoo!.

Who wants to see Channing Tatum sh*t?

Don’t blame me. Blame the writer for Yahoo! Style for this tasteless suggestion about Channing Tatum:


Illiterate in two languages

Is this a new strategy for the Yahoo! Style “editors”? Perhaps they’ve given up on mastering English vocabulary, so they’ve moved on to another language — French:

coup de grace sty

Their knowledge of French is no better than their knowledge of English. The expression coup de grâce is French for “stroke of mercy.” It refers to (literally and metaphorically) the deathblow that ends the pain of a mortally wounded victim.

I don’t think that winning “Woman of the Year” ended Taylor Swift’s misery. I don’t even know if Ms. Swift was in pain. But I do know that it will take competent writing and editing to end the misery of Style’s readers.

Christian Grey to play an actor?

Just reading this is torture enough. It’s from Yahoo! Style and it’s an example of how screwed-up a sentence can be if one little word is out of place:

grey as sty

The writer asks, what actor will Mr. Grey play? It’s a little confusing since Mr. Grey is a character and it’s generally understood that an actor plays a character, and not the other way around.

What the writer meant: Which actor will we see as Mr. Grey now?

Here’s why you’ve never heard of Black Pash

The Yahoo! Style “editors” are not only completely unfamiliar with English grammar, but they’re also unfamiliar with fashion designers:

pash sty

They’ve never heard of Black Pash. That’s not exactly a surprise because Lindsay Lohan was not wearing a Black Pash dress. She was wearing a Pa5h dress that happened to be black. This is where I officially declare the “editors” idiots.

Bird’s nest rears its head

Yahoo! Makers makes more than its fair share of errors, including capitalizing century for no logical reason. But the best of the worst gaffes is the mixed metaphor of a bird’s nest rearing its head. It’s inevitable:

birds nest diy

How many mistakes can you make?

How many mistakes can you make in a single sentence? If you’re the writer for Yahoo! Style, at least four. You’d start by claiming that Jennifer Hudson has children. She does not; she has one son. Then you’d omit the hyphen in the noun carry-on. Then you’d screw up identifying the children in the picture and claim that SpongeBob doesn’t need a capital B:


Here’s the picture. The boy in the plaid shirt is Jennifer Hudson’s only child. The boy not in the “gingham button down” is the one with the SpongeBob “rolling suitcase.”

jhud pic

On the plus side, the writer did spell Jennifer Hudson’s name correctly. There’s that.


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