Ghosts of the Nasdaq

When the Nasdaq reached the 5000 level, ghosts appeared. Or something like that. I’m trying to figure out what this writer meant and why Yahoo! Finance is one of the most vaunted, excessively praised financial sites on the Web:

haunted fin

Not a fan of British drama?

The Yahoo! Style “editors” apparently are not exactly fans of the British TV drama “Downton Abbey.” The youngsters are probably more enamored of another PBS program — “Sesame Street.”

downtown abbey sty

Kanye West in pink, mesh dress

Who wouldn’t want to see Kanye West in a pink, mesh dress? Unfortunately, there’s no photo to accompany this article on Yahoo! Style:

kanye dress sty

Is that Salma Hayek?

Is that Salma Hayek on the Yahoo! front page, where her name and likeness can be seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world? Nope. It’s her doppelganger, Selma Hayek, named after the town in Alabama:

fp selma

How to make an easy task difficult

I’ve never had trouble making a hard-boiled egg. But apparently there are enough people out there who suffer from the inability to cook an egg that Yahoo! Makers offers some advice. Except that the advice is more confusing than dropping an egg in water. First, there’s a minor discrepancy in this technique, which doesn’t boil eggs, but rather bakes them. At some confusing and confused temperature:

degrees diy

And just to make a simple process more difficult, the writer tells us that even though there is no water involved in baking eggs, they have to “go into and come out of the water” together. Huh?

Did the writer try these instructions? I don’t think so.

This looks uncannily similar to a sentence

It starts with a capital letter and it ends with a period. Must be a sentence. But since it’s on Yahoo! Makers, it also must have a mistake or two or three:

missioni sty

Of course, there’s the misspelled psychedelic. Then there’s the implication some dresses are familiar with the “pyschedelic” swirl. And they’re not just any dresses, they’re Missioni’s dresses. What’s wrong with that? The swirl is similar to designs on Missoni‘s dresses.

Do you have to take it off the wall?

How does one linger on a president’s portrait? Do you take it off the wall, lay it down on the floor, and rest your head on Mr. Clinton? What do you say when the guards at the National Portrait Gallery try to haul you away? You tell them you’re just following the advice you read on Yahoo! Style:

linger on sty

Might I suggest that next time, you linger at the portrait. It’s less likely to get you thrown in the slammer.

Do you remember the pale, lifeless years?

Yahoo! is celebrating its 20th anniversary. In honor of the event, Yahoo! Style is focusing on 20 pale, lifeless years:

pasty sty

Is that a cigarette or a derrière?

These cookies from Yahoo! Food sound yummy — chocolate, peanuts, and butts.

peanut butt food

Kanye West: Ancestor of fashion?

According to Yahoo! Style, Kanye West wants to be “the forefather of fashion.” But what’s clear to the writer isn’t so clear to readers:

forefather of fash sty

A forefather is an ancestor, someone from an earlier time. Perhaps she meant that Mr. West wanted to be at the forefront of fashion. Or perhaps she really did mean forefather and has no idea what its definition is.


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