How to repel readers

Want to repel your readers? Just follow the example of this writer for Yahoo! Makers who looked at this photo…

repel diy

and decided the workers were repelling down a dam:

repel caption

That’s a picture of workers as they rappel down the dam. Damn! That’s an embarrassing mistake.

Dumbest Statement of the Day

Readers of this caption on Yahoo! Style might expect that it goes with an X-rated (or maybe just a PG-13-rated) photo:

sport bra sty cap

Sorry to disappoint. You should know by now to never trust anything that’s written by a Yahoo! scribe. Here’s the picture of our Ms. Brooks who appears to be wearing a cap, shorts, and footwear. And a sports bra:

sport bra sty pic

The end of English is nigh

If you read just about any article on Yahoo! Style, you probably think that the end of the English language is nigh.

is neigh sty

Can you hear that horse laugh coming from Style’s readers? That would be a neigh.

Please don’t try to correct others

If you’re going to rewrite a tweet from a celebrity like Katy Perry, please don’t introduce your own mistakes. It just makes you look arrogant, kinda like this writer from Yahoo! Celebrity:

immesurably cel

My ‘aha’ moment

Reading this on Yahoo! Makers, I had an “aha” moment: This writer is in need of a competent editor and a course in English and writing:

a-ha diy

It wasn’t the incorrectly capitalized portobello; it wasn’t even the incorrectly hyphenated aha, although both indicate a careless writer unfamiliar with a basic dictionary. It was the dangling participle styling, which leads readers to believe that Mushroom Savanna did the styling of the fungi.

Is that Taylor Swift’s middle name?

Taylor Calls Swift? Yahoo! Style reveals the singer’s unusual middle name in really BIG letters:

calls sty hp

Of course, it is possible that someone at Yahoo! made a mistake when pounding out that headline. Nah. It’s not as if Yahoo! writers and editors ever erred.

Published before its time

It looks like no one checked this photo caption on Yahoo! Style before it was published:

tk style

The letters TK are what real journalists use to stand for “to come,” meaning that some details will be filled in later by the writer and that the text is not ready for publication. So it’s both surprising to me that the writer knew this abbreviation and not surprising to me that the article was published with it intact.

How much rent did he collect?

I wonder how much money a landlord collects from “core tenants.”

tenants mov

Maybe I’ll ask the writer for Yahoo! Movies. I’m sure she’ll know because one of the core tenets of Yahoo! writers is “know thy subject.” Ha-ha! Sometimes I crack myself up!

Garbage disposal

I’m trying to figure out what “disposal income” is. Do you think it’s money you set aside to buy a garbage disposal? Or do you think this Yahoo! Sports writer was just pulling our collective leg and that he really knows the expression is “disposable income”?

disposal income spo

It’s not the sole mistake

I’m sure this is not the sole mistake a reader will find today on

fp sole

This is one of those errors that has me asking, Is the writer really, really that ignorant? careless? stupid? What? What could possibly make anyone think that sole is the correct spelling in the song “Heart and Soul”? What?


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