A whopping misspelling

That’s a whopper of a misspelling on Yahoo! Shine:

whopping cough shine

The disease is whooping cough.

I’m a writer, not a mathematician!

There are lots of examples of the failure of Yahoo! writers to do basic arithmetic. Now we have proof that not only can they not add or subtract numbers, but they also can’t tell which of two numbers is greater: 229 or 127. Here’s the sad evidence on Yahoo! Shine:

lose shine

How many people were infected?

Geez, I can’t imagine how many people suffered from this staff infection, but it must have been a lot because it’s mentioned on Yahoo! Sports:

staff sports

The only thing worse would be a staff with a staph infection.

See pictures before it happens!

Now on Yahoo! Shine you can view pictures of Prince George in “the Australia,” days before he actually arrives!

the australia

Prince George and his parents are scheduled to visit “the Australia” on April 16, but Shine has pictures now of his visit, six days before he arrives!

Is David Ortiz out of sports?

David “Big Papi” Ortiz has a special relationship with Boston. You’d think that it would have something to do with his job as a DH for the Boston Red Sox, but it has nothing to do with “the world of sports,” as they say over at the Yahoo! front page:

fp world of sports

If you don’t find it in the world of sports, does that mean Mr. Ortiz has left Fenway Park and baseball? Perhaps the geniuses at yahoo.com really mean that the relationship is rare or even unique in the world of sports.

Was it held in the basement?

Holding a panel discussion in the foundation of the George Bush Presidential Library sounds a little dark and dreary to me. But that’s where it’s happening, if you believe what you read on the Yahoo! front page:

fp foundation

Of course, I know you’re all skeptical of what you read on yahoo.com. As well you should be. The George Bush Presidential Library Foundation is a nonprofit organization supporting the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. So, it’s kinda hard to imagine how you could hold an event at a foundation, unless you mean the cellar of a building.

How to attract crows

If you’re thinking of attracting birds to your backyard, don’t do what the folks at this rally did. According to Yahoo! News, the rally couldn’t even attract a large crow:

crow news

Is that where you do it?

I don’t know where you wash your wine glasses, but mine go into the dishwasher (if they used to hold strawberry jelly). The really nice stuff (which can be purchased in a box of 12 at Ikea) are washed by hand in the sink. But I’ve overlooked a third option — under the sink! That’s the advice from Yahoo! Finance:

under the sink shopping

I’m not sure how I’d do that. There’s not much room there what with the garbage disposal, the boxes of Cascade, and the one gallon tin of extra virgin olive oil. Maybe I can move the Cascade.

I’m pretty sure the country is older than that

If you’re a reader who’s not familiar with American history, this phrase on Yahoo! Celebrity might not strike you as a tad off:

us 60th omg

But I suspect that even a yurt-dwelling Turkmen would question whether the U.S. is only 60 years old. In fact, it was the Humane Society of the United States that had the 60th anniversary event.

Here’s a hint to editors and proofreaders: It’s not enough to check for spelling and punctuation errors. You might want to make sure that every sentence actually makes sense.

He didn’t really write that, diddy?

There’s a new misspelling every day on Yahoo!. And this misspelling on Yahoo! Movies is one I had never seen before and could never even imagine:

diddy movies

This is Diddy (except when his name is Puff Daddy or Sean Combs):

diddy pic

A simple song is a ditty.


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