Don’t dangle that in public

Reading this on Yahoo! Style, I noticed a dangling participle:

coming of age

Unless the writer meant that Abercrombie & Fitch came of age in suburban New England in the early- to mid-aughts, there’s a problem with that sentence. That’s because the participial phrase, which begins with the participle coming, modifies the word that follows it. What the writer should have said:

Coming of age in suburban New England in the early- to mid-aughts, I thought Abercrombie & Fitch…

Oh, the writer also screwed up the hyphens, but you knew that.

Good luck with that proofreading class!

Here’s hoping the writer for Yahoo! Makers takes a proofreading class and has good lucks with it:


Even if the writer and/or editor had deigned to use a spell-checker, that scruffy word wouldn’t have been flagged as an error. That requires a human being who actually proofreads.

Where does a school go to school?

Here’s one for the readers of Yahoo! Makers: Where does a school go when it’s “heading back to school”?

school heading to school diy

I think the writer should be heading back to school to learn how to proofread her own writing.

Dogs and their pets

What kind of a pet would a dog have? Would a golden retriever keep a goldfish? Would a Dalmatian have a spotted salamander as a pet? If I ever meet the writer of this article on Yahoo! Makers, I’ll ask her:

dogs pets diy

In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the photos of the dogs that resemble their owners.

‘Downton Abbey’: Not as popular as you think

You may have thought that the wildly popular British drama “Downton Abbey” was known throughout the English-speaking world. But there’s at least one English speaker who’s unfamiliar with the show. Unfortunately, that person writes for

fp downtown abbey

Children having kids

Children having children? That’s what this article on Yahoo! Food touts. At least the children are overjoyed:

children kids food

Oh no, you didn’t!

Oh, no! The “news editor” for Yahoo! Style didn’t just do this, did she?

david orussell sty

Yup. That’s how a “news editor” spells David O. Russell’s name.

Inducted into Wrong Word Hall of Fame

The Yahoo! Style writer should be indoctrinated inducted into the Wrong Word Hall of Fame for this goof:

indoctrinated into sty

Writer-as-ditz trend

This may just be part of a trend on Yahoo! Style where the writer acts the part of a total ditz. It starts with a description here:

hat as bag 1

of Anne Hathaway with a bag on her head:

hat as bag pic

So, what does the writer called this bag-as-hat “trend”?

hat as bag 2

Not a Harvard grad?

I’m guessin’ the writer for Yahoo! Makers is not a Harvard graduate. And probably has never been to Harvard. Has never seen Harvard or pictures of Harvard. And maybe has never attended a college or university. Why would I say that? Because of this caption:

harvard 1

That’s the caption for this photo:

harvard pic

The writer might have gotten an inkling that perhaps that’s not Harvard because Harvard students don’t generally arrive to class in a big yellow school bus. Also, the name of the school appears above the doorway. That’s Public Latin School, more familiarly known as Boston Latin, a 7th through 12th grade public school in Boston and the first public school and oldest existing school in the U.S.


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