Dumbest Misspelling of the Day

I’m thinking of starting a new feature on Terribly Write: Dumbest Misspelling of the Day. I thought of it when I read this on Yahoo! Style:


Perhaps the writer was just exercising her creativity when she came up with this imaginative misspelling of neckerchief.

I do not think it means what you think it means

Mysterious words have proliferated throughout Yahoo! Style as a result of one writer’s ignorance of basic English:

proliferated sty

I do not think proliferated means what she thinks it means. She probably thinks it means infiltrated. It does not.

Carmen Llywelyn: Still a Scientologist, no longer famous

Carmen Llywelyn used to be famous, but not any more:

ex-famous cel

At least she’s still a Scientologist. Unless the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity made a little error and meant to writer famous ex-member. Nah, Yahoo! writers never make mistakes like that.

Dumbest Statement of the Day

You don’t need to know much, if anything, about style to write for Yahoo! Style. You don’t even need to be able to identify articles of clothing. Can’t tell the difference between a skirt and a sweater? No problem! You, too, can write for the site and produce the Dumbest Statement of the Day:

turquoise sweater sty

Dumbest Statement of the Day

The Dumbest Statement of the Day is brought to you by Yahoo! Style:

today 1

This appeared today, June 26, 2015, and was written by Style’s editor in chief, who was not too embarrassed to include his photo and name in the byline:

today 2

Ya gotta wonder when he celebrates Independence Day. July 3, maybe?

It’s called proofreading

Words can be corrected using a technique called that proofreading puts words in the correct order. Maybe the folks at yahoo.com should look into it:

fp called that

Don’t rub it in

Just because the writer for Yahoo! Style doesn’t know that a masseuse is a female, don’t rub it in. Maybe she’s still learning the language:

masseuse sty

I’d be exasperated, too

Wouldn’t you be exasperated if you read this on an allegedly professionally written site like Yahoo! Style?

exasperated sty

I suppose if you’d exhausted all your other options for reading, then maybe you could overlook this erroneous word choice.

Not into meteorology?

You don’t have to be a meteorologist to know that this statement on Yahoo! Style is a hot mess:

humidity sty

Humidity isn’t measured in degrees; it’s measured as a percentage. Temperature is measured in degrees, so either it was 90 degrees in Times Square or it was a very humid 90 percent. Or both.

One benefit of proofreading

One benefit of proofreading what you’ve written before you publish it: You won’t look like an idiot by misusing a word, like this Yahoo! Style writer:

benefits outweigh sty


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