This may be wrong

There’s no question about it: If you mean “might be” and not “perhaps,” then use may be, not maybe. Maybe the writer for Yahoo! Makers didn’t know that:

maybe diy

This may be wrong

This may be the worst mistake of the day from Yahoo! Sports:

maybe sports nhl

If you mean “might be,” use “may be.” If you mean “perhaps,” then that’s “maybe.”

This may be wrong. Maybe

If the writer for Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket” meant “might be,” then she should have written “may be” (two words):

If she meant “perhaps,” then there’s an entirely different problem with this sentence.

Don’t be like Courtney Love

A writer may be a one-hit wonder—writing one great article followed by crap. Grammatical errors could prevent you from getting even one hit.  So don’t make the mistakes that the writer of this photo caption on Yahoo! Movies made: 


Maybe is an adverb; may be is a verb. The compound adjective one-hit requires a hyphen.

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