Spreading goo with a goo bomb

Yikes! Who would want to diffuse a goo bomb, which would spread its contents?

diffuse tv

Methinks the writer for  Yahoo! TV would suggest defusing the bomb, to make it fuse-free and nonexplosive.

Spreading tensions over Crimea

Instead of diffusing tensions, which would simply spread them, you’d think that the EU would want to defuse them. But noooo. That’s not what it says on the Yahoo! front page:

fp diffuse

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, diffuse means “to cause to spread around freely; to spread out; to make less brilliant.” Defuse means “to remove the fuse from; to make less dangerous, tense, or hostile.”

Do you confuse, misuse diffuse?

You don’t want to confuse diffuse and defuse. That would put you in the company of writers for Yahoo! Shine, and I know you don’t want that:

diffuse shine

If some guys are trying to diffuse an argument, they’re attempting to spread it. I don’t think that’s their intent. More likely thry want to make it less dangerous or tense. And that would mean they’re trying to defuse it.

When it comes to bombs, diffusing isn’t enough

The team from “The Unit” will have its hands full spreading out bombs, according to Yahoo! TV:

diffuse tv hp

Of course, the country might be safer if the team defused them. Just a thought.

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