Can a good editor effect change?

A competent editor for Yahoo! Finance could effect change, especially here:

affect change fin

You probably learned that affect is a verb (but it can also be a noun), and that effect is a noun but it can be a verb, too. As a verb it means “to bring about, make happen, or cause.”

This may affect your reputation

This mistake on may affect the reputation of the Internet giant:

fp may effect

It’s hard to consider Yahoo! a serious source of information when a mistake like this appears on its home page.

This has seriously negative effects on readers

Using the wrong word can have negative effects on readers. Just consider how this misused word on affects your opinion of the site:

fp affects

This could affect your credibility

Using the wrong word could affect your credibility as a journalist. Just ask the people who write for the Yahoo! front page:

fp could effect

The confusion between affect (a verb) and effect (generally, a noun) is one of the most highly documented mistakes on the Internet. But I guess the folks at don’t read much on the Web.

How it affected their readers

Do you think that the editors at Yahoo! Style know that this is the wrong word and wonder how it affected their readers? Me neither. I also don’t think they care that there’s a bit of nonsense that might be the result of a missing word:

effected fem style

Perhaps the writer meant “or whether they even were feminists.” Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and call that a typo.

It can affect the way readers view you

A stupid, bone-headed mistake like this one on can affect the way a reader views the website:

fp effect

The effect of change

It must be so gratifying to effect change, but not this change from Yahoo! Style:

affect change style

Although affect is usually a verb, it can also be a noun. Although effect is usually a noun, it can also be a verb meaning “to bring about.” And that’s the meaning in that sentence.

This could have an adverse effect on readers

Maybe if you’re writing for Yahoo! Finance, you have dollars on the brain and hence, use both a dollar sign and the word dollars:

affect fin

One or the other is sufficient, really. Simple mistakes like that could have an adverse effect on your readers.

It has an effect on readers

If you’re like this writer for Yahoo! Sports and can’t match a verb (which should be is) to its subject (NBA), then you’re writing will have an effect on your readers, and it won’t be good:

an affect sports

The effect affects people differently

Yup, it sure does. Seeing an incorrect word like effects affects people differently. When it’s accompanied by a misspelled name, I just shrug my shoulders. After all, this is Yahoo! Shine and I’ve come to expect mistakes like that:

regiment shine 1

It’s no surprise to me that the writer still can’t remember how to spell Dr. LaRocca’s name or that well-being needs a hyphen. What is shocking is people with multiple sclerosis are exercising entire battalions. I think that an exercise regimen would be sufficient:

regiment shine 2


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