This is a shoo-in for worst mistake of the day

From Yahoo! Style:


The noun meaning a sure winner is shoo-in.

A shoo-in for worst word choice of the day

This has got to be a shoo-in for the worst homophonic error of the day. It comes to you courtesy of Yahoo! Finance:

shoe-in fin

Not brand-new errors

These aren’t brand-new errors; they’re shoo-ins for two of the most common errors you’ll find on Yahoo!. This time they appear on Yahoo! Celebrity, where homophonic gaffes and missing hyphens are routine:

shoe-in celeb

What’s an virtual shoe-in?

What’s an virtual shoe-in (besides an incorrect use of the indefinite article an)? A virtual foot, of course. That wasn’t what the writer for Yahoo! News meant, though:

an virtual shoe-in news

He meant “a virtual shoo-in.”

A shoo-in for Worst Travel Writing of the Day

What makes this article on Yahoo! Travel a candidate for Worst Travel Writing of the Day? It could be this paragraph, which starts out with a non-sentence and then gets a tad repetitive:

shoe in travel 1

OK, so that was ugly. Maybe it was just a fluke. What could possibly be wrong with this?

shoe in travel 2

Well, in the first place, the Capital Wheel is not in Washington.  It’s in Maryland. That’s kinda a giant embarrassment. A lesser mistake is referring to the U.S. Capital (the capital of the U.S. is Washington, DC) when the writer meant the building, which is the Capitol.

Finally, the error that made this article a shoo-in for the Worst Travel Writing of the Day trophy:

shoe in travel 3

A shoo-in for worst homophonous error of the day

Misspelling Philip Seymour Hoffman is bad, but it’s not the worst mistake in this article on Yahoo! Movies:

This is a shoo-in for the worst mistake — of the article and of the day:

A shoo-in for dumbest error of the day

No question about it: This is a shoo-in for the worst error of the day, and it’s on the Yahoo! front page, where hundreds of people can see it, point, and laugh:

It’s not the first time the writers at Yahoo! have confused shoo with shoe. It’s happened lots of times! I’d love to know what they think shoe-in means.

A shoo-in for worst homophonic error of the day

According to the writer for Yahoo! TV‘s “Primetime in No Time,” Scotty is in some sort of footwear:

Is she a shoo-in for worst writer?

You just have to wonder: Is this writer a shoo-in for worst writer on Yahoo!?

What the hell does the writer think shoe-in means? Does she think Marilu Henner would be sticking her tootsies in some Louboutins and that made her suitable to play the queen?

OK, she only had to spell two names here, and she got them both wrong. She even got one name wrong twice. And she gets paid to do this?

For the record, it should be shoo-in, queen, Nancey Silvers and Deidre Hall. And this mess is from the senior features editor for Yahoo! Shine, a shoo-in for worst on the Web.

I’m disappointed, but not surprised

Misspellings on Yahoo! Shine aren’t surprising. They happen every day. But that doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed when I trip over one. It’s also disappointing to see that Yahoo! lets its writers play fast and loose with its name and the name of its services.

The exclamation mark is part of Yahoo!’s name (though you won’t find it in media reports about the company). Yahoo!’s celebrity-gossip Web site, omg!, is spelled at least four ways on the site. This is just one of those ways:

With the number and severity of errors that appear on Yahoo!, it’s a shoo-in for the worst professionally written site in the Interwebs.

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