Duggar family renting to religious tenant

The Duggar family, known in the States for their reality TV show, their strict fundamental beliefs, and their overly large family, is renting space to a religious tenant.

The Yahoo! Style article doesn’t mention if the renter is living with the Duggars. But renting to a Christian is certainly in keeping with the family’s religious tenets.

How much rent did he collect?

I wonder how much money a landlord collects from “core tenants.”

tenants mov

Maybe I’ll ask the writer for Yahoo! Movies. I’m sure she’ll know because one of the core tenets of Yahoo! writers is “know thy subject.” Ha-ha! Sometimes I crack myself up!

Basic renters of the Boy Scouts

It’s a basic tenet of writing: Understand the language you’re writing in. If you don’t, you might end up writing about renters in the Boy Scouts (and not principles of the Scouts), just like this “journalist” at Yahoo! News:

tenants news

Renter makes surprise appearance in professor’s speech

Professor Jeffrey Sachs was undoubtedly surprised to learn that a renter showed up in his speech at the Buttonwood Gathering:

Thanks to Yahoo! Finance‘s “Tech Ticker” for illustrating a key tenet of writing: Don’t use words you don’t understand. And watch out for stupid typos!

Leasing space in the world’s religions

Leasing space in the world’s religions? Uh, yeah, that’s what this excerpt from Yahoo! Music says:

A key tenet in writing: Use the correct word. Another tenet? Proofread what you’ve written to avoid typos.

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