Everyday error appears (almost) every day

It’s a common, everyday experience: Someone at Yahoo! Style uses the wrong word. This time an editor confused everyday (which means commonplace, ordinary, or routine) with every day (which means each day):

everyday style hp

This couldn’t be further from good

This is kinda the mother of all bad word choices on Yahoo! Style:

father than sty

That couldn’t be further from the correct words.

UPDATE: After I took that screen-grab, the paragraph was changed, presumably by an editor. To the editor’s credit, an incorrect pronoun was changed (from their to its) and a hyphen was added to photo-altering. And the father than the truth got a little closer to correct, though it’s still wrong:

father than sty 2

If you mean a physical distance, then farther is correct; for a metaphorical distance, the correct word is further.

Troops of athletes?

A regiment of athletes is a large group. According to Yahoo! Sports the regiment may be following a regimen of a procedure called cupping:

regiment spo

At least, I think that’s what the writer meant.

This couldn’t be further from correct

Maybe it was a silver dollar. And maybe the silver dollar was rolling down a hill. And it rolled farther than it had before. If that were the case, then this word usage on Yahoo! Finance would be correct:

farther fin

Nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re describing a physical distance, then farther is the right word; otherwise, the right word is further.

This is where I stopped reading

This is where I stopped reading a certain article on Yahoo! Sports:

where mlb

Was it a Kaiser or egg roll?

What kind of roll did Bernie Sanders have at the Democratic National Convention? A Kaiser roll? An egg roll? Maybe it was a bagel. We’ll have to ask the person at Yahoo! News whose role is headline writer:

bernies roll news hp

Head over heels

Remember the saying “Time wounds all heels”? When my friends and I were in our teens, we used to think it has hilarious and a genius takeoff on the saying “Time heals all wounds.” We knew the difference between heals and heels, which is more than I can say for the staff at Yahoo! Finance:

heels fin

What’s your editor doing?

You probably don’t want to do what this editor for Yahoo! Sports did — mistaking you’re for your:

youre dad mlb

I don’t think the writer is confused by a possessive pronoun (like your) and a contraction (you’re, meaning “you are”). He did manage to use you’re correctly at the start of the sentence.

Is that a pleasure-school administrator?

The crucial difference between Yahoo! Style editors and the rest of the English-speaking world? Yahoo! Style editors don’t know the difference between a principal (which is a school administrator or something that is highest in rank or importance) and a principle (which is a rule or standard):

pleasure principal sty

They just had to put that headline in the largest font imaginable. But, minutes later, the editors changed it! When I saw that they had added a picture to that headline, I was hopeful that they’d also see the error of their ways. But, noooo:

pleasure sty

That’s altogether different

What the Yahoo! Sports meant was altogether; that’s altogether different from all together:

all together sport


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