Without further farewell?

It’s time to bid adieu to homophonic errors at Yahoo!. Writers at Yahoo! often get confused by words that sound alike (or that they think sound alike), but are spelled differently. Happens all the time. So without further ado, I present another homophonic horror, this time from Yahoo! Travel:

adieu trav

I’d prefer more ado

Without further ado (or any ado for that matter), let me present a homophonic horror from Yahoo! Movies:

adieu movies

I wish we could finally bid adieu to this mistake, but I fear the folks at Yahoo! will never learn the difference between a word that means farewell (that’d be adieu) and one that means a fuss (ado).

It’s a captial idea

Mixing a misplaced comma with a typo, in this case, turned out to be a capital idea on Yahoo! Finance‘s “Tech Ticker”:

Maybe I was wrong in thinking that Captial is a typo. I checked the accompanying video to see if the company name really contains the word Captial. It doesn’t! At least someone at Yahoo! can spell Capital. Unfortunately he or she can’t spell Euro Pacific Capital:

Without further ado, before I say adieu, I direct your attention to the writer’s closing remark:

Confusing a fuss with a farewell

The writer for Yahoo! Sports blog “Busted Racquet” confuses a fuss (ado) with a farewell (adieu). Without further ado, I present the evidence:

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