Were they chocolate brown?

What makes a boot a “dessert boot”? Is it chocolate brown suede? Is it the inability to spell by a Yahoo! Style writer?


You can’t win

Here’s one expression on Yahoo! News that you’ll never get right:

just desserts

The correct expression is just deserts. The word deserts (which is pronounced like desserts) means “something deserved.” But I guarantee you, that if the writer had used just deserts, some reader would claim it is wrong.  Regardless of the spelling you use, someone will think it’s wrong.

The solution: Avoid using this expression. Do not use it.  Never, ever write just deserts or just desserts.

Would that be the Sahara?

Which desert would that be? The Sahara? Gobi? Mojave? No, that would be a misspelling of dessert on Yahoo! Travel:

desert travel

As I learned in third grade: You want more dessert, so give dessert more letters (actually, one letter more) than desert.

They’d probably prefer Jell-o

Yum. Who wouldn’t like a dinner that included salad, filet mignon, and a pile of sand? That’s the meal that was served to homeless people, according to Yahoo! News:

desert news

Maybe the writer was thinking back to that old TV commercial with the slogan “Nobody doesn’t like Sahara Lee.”

Was that the Gobi or the Sahara?

How much chocolate frosting do you need to spread around a desert? I guess that depends on the desert. At 3,600,000 square miles, the Sahara is one large (and hot) desert. I imagine you’d need more than a few truckloads of Betty Crocker’s Rich and Creamy Chocolate Frosting to do the job right. I know! Let’s ask the “journalist” from Yahoo! News what he thinks:

desert news

Didn’t we all learn in the third grade that the course that comes at the end of a meal is a dessert? It has two S’s. You can remember that using the handy mnemonic Miss Sampson drilled into our heads: Dessert has two S’s because you want more of it than a desert.

6 unexpectedly awesome errors

This is awesome. A writer for Yahoo! Shine makes some awesome errors, like this misspelling of Jell-o:

And this great desert. (Do you think it is the Sahara?)

And a possible (and probable) missing capital letter in Web:

And a couple more misspellings of Jell-o  and a complete mess of Moira Sanders’s name:

I think it’s just awesome that someone can be so careless and yet still be paid.

Why can’t you starve in the desert?

Why can’t you starve in the desert? Because of all the sandwiches there! Ha-ha. Deserts may provide yummy sandwiches, but I prefer desserts to deserts.

desert shine food

So, my question to you is: Was the writer for Yahoo! Shine thinking of the Sahara or the Gobi?

Drilling after dinner

That after-dinner treat is now available for drilling, according to the Yahoo! Buzz Log


I admit that I have to use the memory aid I learned in elementary school when deciding if I want desert or dessert.

Just desserts

Looks like an editor deserted a Yahoo! Food blogger or simply overlooked this common error:


As my sixth-grade teacher, Miss Pratt, used to say, “Remember, you want more dessert.” That was supposed to help us recall that there’s one more S in dessert than in desert.


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