Ability to count optional

Thinking of applying for a writing or editing job at Yahoo! Makers, but hesitate because you have limited ability when it comes to basic arithmetic? No problem! You don’t need to be a graduate of Advanced Placement Calculus to land a position with this prestigious site. Heck, you don’t even need to be able to count to three. Two, maybe. But three? Totally optional. Just look at this headline from the site’s home page:

2 ingreds 1

Here’s the list of ingredients from the article:

2 ingred 2

I wonder which two ingredients she’ll actually use in the recipe.

No standards need apply

Apparently the use of airstrikes in combat has come as a complete surprise to the staff at the Yahoo! front page. They simply can’t decide if it’s one word or two, so they try it both ways. They also can’t decide if staff is a collective noun that should be treated as singular or if it’s a plural noun. What the heck! Let’s use it both ways:

fp staff flees

and here’s an alternative spelling of airstrikes:

fp staff flee

Legitimate news sources have a little thing called a style guide that settles such issues. And if the style guide doesn’t address the issue, a competent editor does. But this is Yahoo! … no standards need apply.

This one got passed over

Here’s a typo (at least I hope it’s a simple typo and not a deliberate spelling) that got passed over during the proofreading cycle. Oh, yeah, I forgot. Yahoo! Makers doesn’t have one of those.

a mazto diy

Even when there’s more than one, there’s only one

There’s only one aircraft. Even if you’re talking about more than one plane, there’s only aircraft — it’s both a singular and plural noun. You’d think a writer for Yahoo! travel would know that:

aircrafts tra

This writer knows how to commit

If you’re going to pound out a word, commit to it, just like this writer for Yahoo! Style did:

commmit sty

Bold move

It was like being struck with a bolt of lightning when I realized that this wasn’t a typo: The writer for Yahoo! Style really thinks this is correct:

lightning bold

Squeezing in

The writer for this set of instructions in a Yahoo! Makers video managed to squeeze in an extra Z and eliminate an E. Nice job!

squezze diy

Sun prevention: Not a good idea

Preventing the sun is not a good idea, even if you could do that. The Yahoo! Style writer seems to think that Lady Gaga is somehow preventing the sun with sunglasses as big as what we would call a windshield:

sun prevention

Shoes too loose?

Sometimes I wish there was simultaneous translations on Yahoo! Style; that way maybe I could understand the writers. I get that grey is a variant of what most Americans call gray. But what’s with the “white shoes nothing to loose”?

nothing to loose

Should that be “too loose”? Or “to lose”?

Series of errors is common

A series of errors on the Yahoo! front page is not unusual. It’s quite common to see a mismatch of a subject (like series) and its verb (which should be aims):

fp series aim

The noun series is both singular and plural. In this case, it’s used as a singular noun because there’s only one series of ads.


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