Not even tryin’ to get it right

How much effort did the writer for Yahoo! Style put into uncovering Gabourey Sidibe’s name right?

gabrielle sty

Dumbest Statement of the Day

I’m not going to mince my words: This little sentence on Yahoo! Style is the dumbest thing I’ve read today:

minced sty

The writer (and her editor, if she has one) must be complete morons. This is from an article about Mr. Bublé “fat shaming” (yes, that is apparently a real thing) a stranger. The writer thinks “mincing words” means that he was somehow insulting or chewing out the stranger. It is the exact opposite. The American Heritage Dictionary says that “to mince” means “to moderate, restrain, or euphemize (words) for the sake of politeness and decorum: Don’t mince words: say what you mean.

To older siblings

When is one error two? When it’s on Yahoo! Style and it’s to, not two:

to sty

That’s not where it goes

Where did she get that idea? Where did the writer for Yahoo! Style get the idea that dust (from hanging out in a desert) would be caked between cracks in one’s skin?

dust sty

It would be caked in cracks. It’s just one more example of throwing out words without regard to their appropriateness. But this is Yahoo!. What should we expect?

It’s still not Manny Pacquiao

It’s happened before, and it’ll probably happen again after today. It’s the editors’ sad attempt at spelling Pacquiao:

fp pacquaio

Didn’t they learn anything from the last misspelling? Nope.

Stupid word choice, Yahoo edition

Where does Yahoo! Style go from here? Maybe next year the site will hire real editors and we’ll see some intelligent word choices on Yahoo!, 2016 edition:

addition sty

Are you bored?

Are you bored by the daily misuse of words by the writers at Yahoo!? Me, too! Here’s just the latest from Yahoo! Makers:

bored of diy

The American Heritage Dictionary says that bored with and bored by are preferred expressions when you’re bored:

If an activity or experience starts to bore you, are you bored by it, bored of it, or bored with it? All three constructions are common in informal writing and speech, but they enjoy different degrees of acceptance. The most widely approved wordings are bored with and bored by. In our 2012 survey, the sentences I’m getting bored with this lecture series and I’m getting bored by this lecture series were accepted by 93 percent and 88 percent of our Usage Panel, respectively. By contrast, only 24 percent of the Panelists found I’m getting bored of this lecture series at least somewhat acceptable.

There’s a lesson here

What would you teach a skin? And how would you do it? Until I read this on Yahoo! Style, I never would have believed that skin can be taught:


(Just in case the writer is reading this, the word is taut.)

Is that correct? Not by a long shot

Is this idiom used correctly on Yahoo! Style? Not by a long shot. And by that I mean, “NO!” Jeez, doesn’t the writer know that a long shot is a horse, person, or occurrence that has little or no chance of succeeding?

long shot

This writer also is a long shot for succeeding at writing. If she’s not the worst writer at Yahoo!, she’s at least a runner-up.

What were you sipping when you wrote that?

Was the writer of this headline on Yahoo! Makers sipping a little champagne when writing this?



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