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Writing that’s all that different from correct

This paragraph may pose a clue as to why the quality of writing on Yahoo! is so pathetic. It was written by the New York bureau chief for Yahoo! Entertainment:

different than cel

Her writing isn’t all that different from the way the rest of Yahoo! staffers write: She doesn’t know when to use different from; she overlooked the, which should be they; and she used the past tense made when the other verbs in the list are present tense.

It’s a dead ringer for the wrong word

The English language gets put through the wringer over at Yahoo! Style:

thru the ringer sty

I have no idea why the writer thought “through the ringer” made sense. This is a wringer, the part of a washer that squeezes out the water from clothes:


So, “through the wringer” is the correct idiom.

That is an incredible thank-you

The only thing incredible about this on yahoo.com is the ignorance of the editors who don’t know that the noun thank-you needs a hyphen:

fp thank you 2

It’s not the Netherlands

It looks like someone at yahoo.com is a tad confused. The president of France is François Hollande. Holland is another name for the Netherlands.

fp holland

Maybe Katie Couric can explain this

Now I don’t get it. Why does reading something on yahoo.com make me want to poke my eyes out?

fp does makes

Maybe Katie Couric can explain the grammatical errors that appear so frequently on this page.

Holly Holm isn’t the only one with a memory lapse

Reporting on Holly Holm’s memory lapse, the editors for yahoo.com seem to have forgotten that rapper Jay Z removed the hyphen from his name back in 2013:

fp jay-z holm

No need to spend money on gifts!

There’s no need to spend money on holiday gifts this year. According to yahoo.com, there’s free promotional items (also known as swag) for the taking. You can learn more in Yahoo!’s movies gift guide (or movie gift guide, seems that Yahoo! editors can’t figure out what to call it). And if you’re not into blockbuster hits, you can get home movies, though I don’t know whose home they were taken in:

fp swag

I’d hide that headline, too

I realize I’m tragically unhip, so maybe this Yahoo! Style headline means something to someone younger and more pop-culturally aware than I:

food hiding sty

I thought maybe the editor chose a dark background for the text so that no one could read it. It’s actually not a bad idea.

Do you have any idea what that means?

Before you use a word, especially if it has more than one syllable, make sure you know what it means. If you don’t, then you may end up looking as vocabulary-challenged as this writer for Yahoo! Style:

proprietor to sty

A proprietor is an owner. It makes no sense in this context, even if the writer had used the preposition of instead of to. I haven’t a clue what words the writer should have used since I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. Maybe next time the writer will consult a dictionary before using big words. Nah. That would never happen at Yahoo!.


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