Nothing could be further from correct

Using farther couldn’t have been further from correct on Yahoo! Style:

farther cel

Unless the distance from the truth is measurable, the correct word is further. Need further explanation? See the American Heritage Dictionary.

Some really flaky spelling

Everybody loves a well-written article, but don’t go looking for one on Yahoo! Makers. This writer must have had loaves on the brain when she wrote this:

loaves diy

She manages to use the preferred spelling flaky once, but chooses an alternate spelling just a few words later. But she goes completely off the rails with her use of the plural pronouns them and they, which are lacking an antecedent. If she had written about biscuits, and not a biscuit, they’d be okie-dokie. But she didn’t. Boo.

That’s altogether different

Let’s say this all together now: If you mean “entirely, completely, utterly,” use altogether. If you read this on Yahoo! Makers, you know this is altogether wrong:

all together diy

What kind of flower do they use?

What kind of flower is used to make tortillas? Not roses or marigolds, neither of which has much nutritional value. We’d have to as the writer for Yahoo! Makers who has trouble with homophones as well as matching a verb to the singular subject neither:

flower totillas diy

Lady Gaga’s monster nickname

The folks over at the Yahoo! front page are so fond of Lady Gaga that they’ve given her a new pet name: Mama Monster.

fp mama monster

While the rest of the world knows her as Mother Monster, these writers and editors must enjoy a special close relationship to the singer to give her universally known nickname a nickname.

Your history makes you the wrong person to edit

The editors’ history makes them the wrong people to notice a mismatched subject and verb:

fp history make

Wonky Willy Wonka reference

Metaphors can be great literary devices. References to well-known characters can add color to your writing — but only if you know what the heck you’re writing about. Don’t be a fool like the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity who thinks that Veruca Salt turned blue in the Willy Wonka film and book:

veruca salt cel

That was not Veruca, it was Violet Beauregarde who ate the three-course gum and turned violet. Kinda spoils the writer’s metaphor, doesn’t it?

Names are so hard

Why can’t the people who write for spell the names of celebrities? I guess it’s just too hard to Google Anna Dello Russo’s name to verify its spelling:

fp anna della russo

And how did they come up with this dog of a misspelling of Angela Bassett’s name — not just once, but twice?

fp basset

Names are just so hard to spell, aren’t they?

Lily Rose-Depp drives readers crazy

This hyphenation on the Yahoo! Style home page is driving me crazy:

lily rose-depp sty hp

Did the writer really think her last name is Rose-Depp, as if she were the child of Pete Rose and Johnny Depp? Her name is Lily-Rose Depp and Johnny Depp is her father.

I’m a writer, not a mathematician!

The majority of readers of Yahoo! Style (that’s more than 50%) think that the writer needs to return to the third grade:

majority sty


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