Here’s the real breach of trust

So, you’re reading an article on Yahoo! Shine, thinking that it’s a reliable source of information, and then you stumble on a word that makes you question the writer’s credibility:

breech shine

It’s a breach of trust.

Don’t be an ass

Are Yahoo! staffers obsessed with anatomy — especially that part of the human anatomy below the waist? It’s probably a breach of etiquette for me to point out that the “security breech” on the Yahoo! front page has something to do with the buttocks. Perhaps it’s a reference to undergarments used for “security,” if you get my drift:

fp breech

Whether it’s using a certain slang word for part of the male anatomy or making pubic comments, the anatomical references might be the keyboard equivalent of a Freudian slip.

Or, they might just be a manifestation of the writers’ ignorance of the English language.

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