What were the girls hoarding?

Hordes of readers of Yahoo! Style will no doubt object to the misuse of this homophone:

hoards of girls sty

Hoards of girls are the things that girls hoard. Whatever that might be.

What do cruisers hoard?

What do people on cruises hoard? The Yahoo! Travel writer teases us with that question, but doesn’t give an answer:

hoards trav

I can only imagine hordes of cruisers hoarding souvenirs and stashing them on buses.

Taking the reigns and hoards of people

Well, it looks like it’s an epidemic of homophonic errors over at Yahoo! Style. In a single article, the “news editor” took the reins, writing this gaffe:

taking the reigns sty

and followed up with the hoards of people:

hoards of people sty

People are not hoards, but they may be hoarders. Large groups of people are hordes.

What do fashion folks hoard?

Jimmy Choos? Gucci handbags? Alfred Dunner elastic-waist polyester culottes? What do fashion folks hoard? And how can the hoards spiral up stairs? Those are the questions I’m left with after reading this on Yahoo! Style:

hoards of fashion sty

Oh, I have one more question: Why doesn’t the writer know that a group of people is a horde?

Where do you put ice cream hoards?

Do you need a freezer in the garage to stash ice cream-loving hoards? Hordes of people want to know. Maybe we can ask the writer for Yahoo! Travel:

hoards tra

What do trade show attendees hoard?

That trade show sounds kinda chaotic. With attendees bringing their hoards, there’s probably little room for exhibits:

hoards diy

At least that’s what Yahoo! Makers says. Can you imagine how crowded it would be if there were hordes of attendees schlepping their hoards?

What do harried shoppers hoard?

What do hordes of harried shoppers hoard? That’s what I want to know after reading this on Yahoo! DIY:

hoards of shoppers

For people concerned about the impression they make, correct grammar is a chance to display their intelligence to friends and family (and maybe instill pride in themselves, too).

People who write correctly know not to change person in a sentence.They know that if you start writing about “people on a budget” you don’t switch to “yourself,” but rather use the pronoun “themselves” because its antecedent is “people.”

What do journalists hoard?

The horde of journalists waiting outside St Mary’s Hospital in London are hoarding something, if you believe Yahoo! Shine:

hoard of journalists shine

What do reporters hoard?

Back in the day of newspapers that printed news on paper, hordes of reporters hoarded notepads, number 2 pencils, and confidential sources. Now in the day of the Interwebs, what does the press hoard? That’s the question I’m left with after reading this:

hoards of press

I’m guessin’ that over at Yahoo! Shine it’s not dictionaries.

Hoarding errors

When you find a horrific homophonic error in the second sentence of an article, perhaps you should take it as a sign to stop reading. That’s the advice I’d give to anyone who ventures into the world of Yahoo! Shine. The hordes of people who stumble on this article will be disappointed:

In a serious article about a tragic incident, the writer gets careless with an extra word here:

and some very mixed up words there:

I think I know what you’re feeling about this common error: Depression. Fear for the future of the English language.

And this little mistake isn’t going to make you feel any better:

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