Just call her EIC

I don’t get it. Does this woman write in the third person? Is she or isn’t she the author of this article? And is she the editor in chief or the editor-in-chief of Yahoo! Makers? Seems to me that whoever wrote this should know:

editor in chief mak

Perhaps my standards are just too high. Maybe I need to lower them and accept that plural subjects don’t need to have plural verbs.

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

In this episode of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” we witness a disagree about the need for a hyphen in a compound adjective, and the resulting inconsistency:

fp love scene

Someone should really get these people to communicate with each other. Pick up a phone. Text. Email. Instant message. Smoke signals. Anything to get these folks on the same page.

Why am I not surprised?

They can’t decide if the United Kingdom is UK or U.K. They can’t agree on the abbreviation for the United Nations. They think that no one will notice if they spell the football scandal as Deflategate and deflate-gate. So should we be surprised if the geniuses at yahoo.com think super-PAC…

fp super-pac

…looks exactly like Super PAC?

fp super pac cap

Caught off-guard

It seems that the editors for the Yahoo! front page never considered that one day they might have to write about the United Kingdom. Or maybe they had never heard of the United Kingdom. That might account for their inability to decide how to abbreviate the country. Somebody thought it needed periods:

fp uk per

and someone thought it didn’t:

fp uk no per

That kind of embarrassing inconsistency is why legitimate news organization follow a style guide such as the Associated Press Stylebook.

I’m trying to figure out the reasoning behind this inconsistency on the Yahoo! front page. Is it a political thing? Does the candidate for the Republican Party get a hyphen when he’s the front-runner?

fp gop front-runner

But the Democratic candidate doesn’t get one?

fp dem frontrunner

Or is it a gender thing? Like a male front-runner, but a female frontrunner? Or is it just a case of letting writers spell words any way they want?

Do they work for the same company?

Sometimes I think the people who write for yahoo.com work for differ companies; or maybe they work for the same company, but in different countries and they speak different languages and cannot communicate with each other. How else can I explain the inability for these “journalists” to agree on how to abbreviate United Nations?

fp un 2

Maybe no one would notice if these abbreviations didn’t appear together — again —  on the same page minutes later:

fp un

Why is it so hard to agree on something this basic? Is it that they just don’t care?

OMG! It’s another gate!

Oh lordie. The folks who write for yahoo.com have enough problems trying to decide if it’s Deflategate or deflate-gate when along comes another football scandal. How are they going to cope with this one? Will they decide to call if spygate, or

fp spygate lc

will they go with Spygate?

fp spygate cap

Or will they just not care and use both spellings?

Still undecided?

It’s been almost nine months since the Super Bowl scandal known as deflategate first surfaced. But apparently that’s not enough time for the editors at yahoo.com to decide on how to spell the controversy. Here’s one attempt today:

fp deflategate cap no hy

and another attempt that’s also on today’s Yahoo! front page:

fp deflate-gate hyph lc

Nine months is enough time to make a baby. But it’s not enough time for these journalistic geniuses to decide whether to capitalize or hyphen the new term.

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

Unable to agree whether time saving should be hyphenated when used as an adjective, the editors at yahoo.com have it both ways:

fp timesaving

You writer the top, I’ll write the bottom

Should man bun be written with quotation marks around it? Yes. No. That’s the responses you’d get if you asked the people who write for yahoo.com:

fp man bun

Really? Is it so hard to make a decision like that and communicate it to others? Apparently, at Yahoo! it is.


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