A capital question!

Here’s a question for ya’: Did the Yahoo! Style writer mean this “mock inauguration scene” purportedly took place in the U.S. capital? Or in the U.S. Capitol?


The U.S. capital (with a small C and two A’s) is Washington D.C. The U.S. Capitol (with a capital C, one A, and one O) is a building in the capital that houses Congress.

Are those letters to legislators?

While I’m pondering what “capitol letters” are (could they be missives to representatives on Capitol Hill?), you can ponder the mystery that is a mismatched subject and verb on Yahoo! Finance:


The word capitol means only one thing: A building or buildings where legislatures meet. If you mean something else (including uppercase letters), use capital. Maybe someone at Yahoo! can explain why using incorrect words does not matter to the Internet giant.

Capital gain

The National Christmas Tree was lit recently in Washington, DC, the nation’s capital. According to Yahoo! Style, it lit up the Capitol, which is the building where Congress meets:

capitol sty

I bet that the writer had no idea that there is only one meaning of capitol — it’s a building. If you mean anything else, then you need some capital.

It’s a capital offense

Was an NBA team playing basketball in California’s state house? That’s what this Yahoo! Sports writer alleges, but I don’t believe him:

capitol sports

I think that he’s referring to a team in Sacramento, which is the California state capital. A capitol is a building where a legislature meets.

Jeb Bush moves into the Fla. state capitol building

When did that happen? When did the former governor of Florida move into the state’s capitol building? Maybe the folks at Yahoo! News, who broke the story, can tell us:

capitol news

It’s more likely they can tell us how they can confuse capitol (which is a building and only a building) with capital (which is a city that is the seat of government).

Will the Senate be in session?

When Prince William visits the U.S. next month, he’ll spend time in New York City and the U.S. capital, which is Washington, D.C. The U.S. Capitol, which the writer for Yahoo! Style thinks is the city, is actually a building:

capitol style

The word capitol, with an O, is a building where state legislatures meet; with a capital C, it’s where the U.S. Congress meets. If you mean anything else, then use the word with two A’s: capital.

Let’s hope the ceilings are high

Any capitol would need high ceilings to accommodate a little NBA action.

capitol sports

The nation’s capitol is the United States Capitol. It’s a building on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., which is the nation’s capital.  The capital is far more likely to be the site of an NBA game, and not the building that’s alleged on Yahoo! Sports.

A shoo-in for Worst Travel Writing of the Day

What makes this article on Yahoo! Travel a candidate for Worst Travel Writing of the Day? It could be this paragraph, which starts out with a non-sentence and then gets a tad repetitive:

shoe in travel 1

OK, so that was ugly. Maybe it was just a fluke. What could possibly be wrong with this?

shoe in travel 2

Well, in the first place, the Capital Wheel is not in Washington.  It’s in Maryland. That’s kinda a giant embarrassment. A lesser mistake is referring to the U.S. Capital (the capital of the U.S. is Washington, DC) when the writer meant the building, which is the Capitol.

Finally, the error that made this article a shoo-in for the Worst Travel Writing of the Day trophy:

shoe in travel 3

A capital idea!

Honey Boo Boo has been somewhere with her family and I believe it was Washington D.C. If she was in the capital of the U.S., then the folks at Yahoo! TV picked the wrong homophone:

capitol booboo tv

If they meant she was in the Capitol building, then they picked the right word, but should have capitalized (no pun intended) it.

If you’re writing about the building where a legislature meets, the word you want is capitol. If you’re writing about money, the top of a column or pillar, an asset, a city or town, or anything other than a building, it’s capital.

This calls for capital punishment

Someone could use a little civics lesson over at the Yahoo! front page:

fp capital hill

The U. S. Congress is often referred to as Capitol Hill, which is the location of the U.S. Capitol (the building housing Congress) in the U.S. capital (which is Washington).

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