Going through a phase

When I read this on Yahoo! Celebrity, I was not at all fazed by the writer’s ignorance of the homophones phase and faze:

phased celeb

Going through a phase

Not much fazes me when I’m reading Yahoo! Celebrity. I generally remain unfazed by the writers’ many mistakes, even this one:

unphased omg

Nothing fazes me anymore

I’ve seen so many ridiculous homophonic errors on Yahoo!, that another one leaves me entirely unfazed. I’m not even shocked that the writer for Yahoo! Travel decided that the prefix UN required a hyphen:

un-phased travel


Going through a phase

What does it take to “phase” a bison? I have no idea, but I was fazed by this word usage by a “journalist” at Yahoo! News:

phased news

Going through a phase every day

When it comes to homophonic errors, I go through phases sometimes where it’s every day that I discover them on Yahoo!. Today it was on Yahoo! omg!:

fazes omg 1

I’ll never understand how a writer can confuse faze with phase or everyday (which means ordinary) with every day (which means each day).

If you’re prone to mixing up homophones, you should have someone who’s knowledgeable about language proofread your writing:

fazes omg 2

Look for someone who knows the difference between whose (a possessive pronoun) and who’s (a contraction of who is or who has). I don’t recommend the person who wrote this article.

Going through a faze

Not much I read on Yahoo! Shine fazes me. I’m kinda used to seeing extraneous words like this:

and this:

Maybe I’m entering a new phase in my life, because this idiotic mistake is enough to faze me:

(The goofy capitalization of Fashion Week is the kind of thing I can normally overlook, but only if it were the only mistake in the sentence.)

Oh, and then there’s this (because an article from Yahoo! wouldn’t be complete without at least one misspelled name):

It was worth wading for

Trust me. There’s some crap to wade through in this article from Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket,” but the payoff is worth the effort. Mostly there are missing words throughout the piece — like here:

and here and here:

This is supposed to be “was spotted” (I think).

Here it is!

Most writing errors don’t faze me. But this one is priceless!


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