There’s a lesson here

What would you teach a skin? And how would you do it? Until I read this on Yahoo! Style, I never would have believed that skin can be taught:


(Just in case the writer is reading this, the word is taut.)

What can you teach a topknot?

So few words, so many mistakes. That’s what happens when the kiddies take to the keyboards over at Yahoo! Style. Ya’ gotta wonder what you can teach a “top knot,” unless you already know that it’s a “taut topknot”:

taught sty

So, somehow, hair is pulled into a taut topknot using latex boots and black gloves. Sounds lovely.

Who taut you to write?

No words. I have no words for this:

It would be a new entry in the “Commonly Confused Words” category except that I’ve never known of anyone ever making this mistake. So, it’s a first for the writer of “The Thread” on Yahoo! Shine. Congratulations. Your high school English teachers must be so proud.


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