This doorknob spelling will make you cringe

This spelling of doorknob on Yahoo! Makers is what the kids at the Internet giant would call cringeworthy:

door knob

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? If it’s on the home page of Yahoo! Style, probably a mistake. It wouldn’t have taken the writer more than ten seconds to check the spelling of Rayna Jaymes’ name in order to avoid this gaffe:


rayna james

Mistakes aplenty

There are mistakes aplenty on Yahoo! Style. And this intrusive use of the apostrophe is just one:


What the heck did the writer think was the purpose of that apostrophe? Did she think it showed  the omission of a number? Or a letter? To me the only thing it shows is the writer’s ignorance.

Round up the mistakes!

If I could round up all the grammatical and spelling mistakes made by Yahoo! Style writers and editors and wrote a roundup of them, that would be quite a ginormous summary. I’d start with this:

round up sty 2

Clearly the writer doesn’t know that round up is a verb phrase and that roundup is a noun.

What a splendid spelling!

This splendid spelling on the Yahoo! front page is probably just a typo by a ham-fisted writer.

fp splended

It’s an easy mistake to make because the E key is right next to the I nobody at Yahoo! cares about accuracy.

Insulting Scarlett Johansson

So, misspelling Scarlett Johansson’s name in a headline on Yahoo! Style wasn’t bad enough:

johannson sty

The brain trust at Style had to come up with much larger text a black background, just to make sure the misspelling really, really stood out:


Not a genius speller

Here’s an ingenious spelling on Yahoo! Makers from someone who’s not exactly a genius at spelling:

ingenius mak

The real endangered species

Humpback whales may be losing their status as an endangered species. Unfortunately there’s still one species that’s endangered at Yahoo!: The Great Proofreader:

fp humpack

Johnny Deep thoughts

A lot of deep thought went into this photo caption from Yahoo! Style:

deep sty

It takes some real creativity (and a sense of humor!) to mock Johnny Depp’s name like that. It takes some deep reasoning to reinforce the meaning of a co-star: It’s a fellow co-star, and not just a fellow star.

It could be worse

This isn’t the worst error you’ll find on Yahoo!. It’s likely just a typo, but when it appears on the Yahoo! front page, one of the most visited pages on the Web, it gets a lot of attention (except from the writer, editor, or proofreader):

fp maraton


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