Put a little word in the ol’ sentence

A missing word isn’t the worst mistake the writer for Yahoo! Makers made. It’s the apostrophe that signals a missing letter that is:

ole apos mak

An apostrophe can be used to form contractions and it’s used to show how a word is pronounced, often with the final letter missin’. So, what letter is missing from ole’? I think it’s an O: oleo, a popular word in crossword puzzles and a shortening of oleomargarine, more commonly known as margarine.

Taylor Swift gets piggyback ride

I think the writer of this headline on Yahoo! Celebrity meant piggyback:

piggy back cel

Where have you been?

Where has the writer for the Yahoo! front page been for the last two weeks? In a yurt in Siberia? In a monastery with no contact with the outside world? How would you explain this misspelling of Dylann Roof — a name that dominated headlines?

fp dylan

Dumbest Misspelling of the Day

I’m thinking of starting a new feature on Terribly Write: Dumbest Misspelling of the Day. I thought of it when I read this on Yahoo! Style:


Perhaps the writer was just exercising her creativity when she came up with this imaginative misspelling of neckerchief.

July 4th fireworks

If you live in the United States, you’ve heard of July 4th and the tradition of exploding fireworks. But if you write headlines for Yahoo! Makers you might be a little confused between the difference between firework (which is device that is exploded) and fireworks, the actual display of the explosive devices. And you might not know how to spell July:

julty diy

That’s two mistakes that are simply made by careless writers or editors.

Having a bad day?

Someone (or someones) must be having a bad day over at Yahoo! Celebrity, because there’s more than an average number of mistakes on the site’s home page.

Maybe the writer is a bit under the weather, and didn’t think to hit the Shift key when writing about the Bible:

cel bible

Or maybe the writer is struggling with the whole transgender thing, and it’s affected his or her spelling:

cel trangender

That might explain difficulty with choosing a pronoun here:

cel pic of her

The pronoun her is close, and yet so wrong. A reflexive pronoun like herself is required when the pronoun refers to the subject of the sentence.

Well, the day is young (at least where I am); maybe it’ll get better for the folks at Yahoo.

Barack Obama: Forgotten already?

He’s been in office for more than six years, but it seems that the writers at Yahoo! Makers have already forgotten how to spell Barack Obama’s name:

barak diy


I admit it: Sometimes I’m just really nitpicky. I read a sentence like this one on Yahoo! Makers and say (sometimes out loud): What the heck does the writer mean?

picnic 1

Is she saying that sitting down at a dinner table (as opposed to preparing that dinner) requires no thought, but a “picnic situation” (which I presume is different from a picnic) requires thought and planning? I don’t get the comparison. I also don’t get why logisics and differnt passed through the spell-checker unchecked. Oh, yeah, I forgot: Yahoo! writers don’t use spell-checkers.   They also don’t believe in proofreading for missing words. But I quibble.

And and I don’t understand how a writer can misspell separately, since separate appears on every list of the 100 most commonly misspelled words. Shouldn’t a professional writer know that?

picnic seperately

Is it nitpicky to expect that a writer would know that picnicing, if it were a real word, would be pronounced pick-nice-ing?

picnic ing

In order to maintain the hard C sound at the end of picnic, the writer should have added a K: picnicking. But I pick nits.

The ultimate misspelling

This is the ultimate misspelling on Yahoo! Makers:

ulitimate mak

Whaddya wanna bet?

I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that this headline on yahoo.com was written by a millennial — someone in a generation that sees no value in spelling words correctly:

fp millenials slow

It’s also the same person who can’t decide if a phrase (like slow fade) needs to be surrounded in quotation marks.


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