What one sees

Here’s what one sees on the home page of Yahoo! Style — a misspelled onesies:

onsies sty hp

Going from bad to worse

Misspelling dustup was bad. But things get worse on Yahoo! Sports when it comes to fisticuffs:

dust up mlb

This spelling is a long shot

It’s a long shot, but this spelling on yahoo.com could be right:

fp longshot

Or it could be wrong. I’m going with that. It’s wrong.

Do you concur?

In what must be the worst misspelling in the history of bad spelling, a Yahoo! Style editor embarrasses herself and everyone who works for the Internet giant with this:

concur sty hp

If you concur with my evaluation, you’ll be doubly shocked when you see that it’s not a typo. In the article itself, the editor repeats her ridiculous spelling of conquer:

concur sty

She also manages to completely screw up a simple fact: The video she so thoughtfully provided shows the qualifying time at four minutes and 27 seconds. Where did she get the idea it was anything less? Maybe after the writer conquers spelling, she’ll tackle basic arithmetic. Do you concur?

Blogger lambastes editors

If I were a mean girl (and some people might say that I am), I’d lambaste the editors over at yahoo.com for this misspelling:

fp lambasts

With spell-checkers in every device with a keyboard, there’s just no excuse for a misspelling like that.

It doesn’t take a genius

You don’t have to be a genius to know how to spell homogeneous. And if you can’t spell it (like the editors at yahoo.com), perhaps you could ask your employer for one of those newfangled thingies called a spell-checker. I hear they work quite well.

fp homogenous

Neither is singular

The writer and editor for Yahoo! Sports gave this sentence the thumbs-up. But neither was correct:

neither have been mlb

As a pronoun, neither is singular.

Maybe you’re too independent

Were the editors for Yahoo! Style so independent that they didn’t feel the need to use a spell-checker or a dictionary?

independant sty hp

How soon we forget

It hasn’t been a week since the passing of Prince, yet the editors at yahoo.com seem to have forgotten his name:

fp prnces

It’s wrong nonetheless

Although it may sound like three words, it is nonetheless incorrect to spell nonetheless the way it appears on Yahoo! Style:

none the less sty

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