You be frank, I’ll be earnest

Frankly, I think this spelling of Ernest Hemingway on Yahoo! Travel is the product of a writer who is either careless or really careless:

earnest tra

Time to make an arrest

If misspelling a celebrity’s name were a crime, the editors for would be under arrest for this take on Teresa Giudice’s name:

fp guidice

Worst spelling of the day

A misused hyphen isn’t the worst mistake a writer can make. It’s just the most common mistake made by Yahoo! Style writers. The worst mistake — or should I say, today’s worst spelling mistake — is this:

hommbre sty

You might think that this is a misspelling of hombré, but you would be wrong. It is actually the writer’s pathetic attempt at a hair-coloring style known as ombré.

How many antipastos do you need?

Reading this on the home page of Yahoo! Makers, I was sure that the writer was talking about two or more antipastos — which didn’t make a lot of sense:

antipasti diy hp

I wanted to see just why two or more antipasti were needed to a wreath, so I read the article and noticed something disturbing:

antipasti diy

The instructions are not for multiple antipastos, but for a single antipasto. And this poor dear writer decided that although the rest of the world calls it an antipasto, she knows better and calls it an antipasti. Which is the Italian plural of antipasto, and an acceptable alternate plural in English.

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

Someone at is bound to be right, but who would that be? Is the CEO of GM a Ms. Barra or a Ms. Burra?

fp burra

She’s Mary Barra. The misspelled Burra might just be a typo. Anyone could have made that mistake since the U key is right next to the A key on a keyboard.

That’s news to Sen. Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham would probably be surprised that his name has been changed by the editors at Yahoo! News:

lindsay graham news 2

Get ahold of a dictionary

If you’re unsure if you’re spelling a word correctly, don’t ignore the issue, like this writer for Yahoo! Celebrity did. Just get ahold of a dictionary and check the spelling:

a hold celb

From Grammar Girl:

The one-worder “ahold” often goes with the verb “get” and the preposition “of,” as in “Get ahold of yourself!” You could also say, “I grabbed ahold of his arm” to mean “I grasped his arm.”

You couldn’t do it twice?

The writer for managed to spell Julian Edelman’s name correctly once. So why not do it twice?

fp edelman

Maybe the writer just couldn’t remember if it was Edleman or Edelman, so they were hedging their bets.

A wee bit of an error

We’re talking about a wee bit of an error on the Yahoo! front page, but we can’t help wondering why the Internet giant doesn’t provide a spell-checker for its writers and editors:

fp wee

That is an incredible thank-you

The only thing incredible about this on is the ignorance of the editors who don’t know that the noun thank-you needs a hyphen:

fp thank you 2


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