Would that be Gump or Tucker?

There’s Forrest Gump and Forrest Tucker. And a lot of other people named Forrest. So which one was Yahoo! Makers referring to?

forrest mak

I find it hard to believe that a professional writer cannot spell a word that appeared on every second-grade spelling list. Nor can I believe that Yahoo! writers don’t have access to a simple spell-checker or a competent proofreader or editor. This misspelling of forest is actually quite disgraceful.

The real mismatch

If you don’t know how to spell common words and you’re a writer or editor for Yahoo! Makers, you and your chosen profession may be mismatched:

miss-matched diy

Hooked on Phonics worked for me!

Knowing how to spell words phonetically can be a useful skill — if you know how to pronounce those words correctly. That’s how this Yahoo! Style writer goes off the tracks with this misspelling of nuptial:

nuptual sty

The word is not pronounced nup-tual. The word is nup-shel; its final syllable is the same as the last syllable of partial, not mutual.

I’ll have a Kleinmani and a Kleinpedi

Is a Kleinmani a special technique for grooming your nails? Yahoo! Style is featuring a story on Brit Kleinmani, who looks eerily like Brit Kleinman:

kleinmani sty hp

Is that Ellie Goulding’s brother?

Who is the singer who’ll be performing during the Victoria’s Secret show? I think that Yahoo! Style mentioned someone who might just be Ellie Goulding’s brother. Or maybe her father:

eli goulding sty

The writer didn’t just change the singer’s name, she changed her gender. That’s gotta be the worst misspelling of a celeb name I’ve seen in a long time.

You didn’t invent that word

I think this writer for Yahoo! Makers believes she is making up a word and therefore can make up its spelling:

curly-qs diy

But the word exists — it’s curlicue and its adjectival form is curlicued. It’s really kinda sad that a professional writer is so ignorant about the language she uses to earn her living.

Not a good place for a typo

There’s no good place to make a typo, but there are some really, really bad places to make one. Like in a headline on the home page of Yahoo! Style:

lavnin sty

When a misspelling is offensive

A competent editor might have saved this Yahoo! Style writer from making this offensive ethnic slur:

cooly sty

I hope that the writer meant coolly and that he accidentally included that hyphen because he knew that it was unnecessary to connect an adverb ending in -LY to the word it modifies.

Lethe learn to spell

Let’s learn to spell words like lithe before we accept a job as a writer for Yahoo! Style:

lethe sty

House Select Committee just got shorter

That Benghazi hearing was pretty long, wasn’t it? Someone at yahoo.com must have felt that the committee holding the hearing was too long as well:

fp committe


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