This is meant to be a criticism

My only criticism of this on It’s a misspelling that would have been easily detected by a spell-checker or a person who knows how to spell:

fp criticsm

Not a spelling genius

Someone at the Yahoo! front page came up with an ingenious new spelling:

fp ingenius

Did I say “ingenious”? Sorry, I meant “wrong.”

Who concepted that?

Anyone can make a typo, pounding out Musit instead of Music. But it takes a special talent to come up with a group of letters that looks like a real word, but is in reality absolute nonsense. Someone with that talent works for Yahoo! Style:

concepted sty

You just can’t have a past tense of concept, since it’s not a verb. The word the writer should have picked? Conceptualized. Conceived. Created.

I prefer lattés

Why go to all the trouble of creating a graphic and then not proofread it? Or, proofread it and overlook the misspelling? Or proofread it and not know this is a misspelling?

lates diy

Why? Could be any or all of those reasons. I just don’t know the reason for mistakes at Yahoo! Makers.

Reader beware

Where the heck did the writer for Yahoo! Style get the idea that ware works here?

neck-ware diy

It looks like she doesn’t know there’s a perfectly acceptable word that fits: neckwear. It ends in wear, just like many other words referring to articles of clothing: footwear, menswear, swimwear, sportswear. The words that end in ware are a tad different: hardware, software, silverware.

No dissension here

There can be no dissension among readers of the Yahoo! front page: This is just another example of a misspelled word that could have been prevented by a spell-checker or competent proofreader:

fp dissention

Did you do any research?

How much research do you think this Yahoo! Style writer did before publishing this?

his own sty

I’d say none. If she had considered that the subject’s name was Bianca, she might have verified that the Milan fashion design graduate was a female, deserving of the pronoun her, not his. She might even have gotten her surname correct as well; it’s Luini. I have no idea why she thought it was anything else.

Befitting a high school newspaper?

I’ve seen high school newspapers that are better written than Yahoo! Style. You don’t need a high school diploma to spot the missing word between in and white or to find the misspelled white. All you need is a basic knowledge of English to know that these errors are not befitting a professionally written website read by millions around the world:

is befitting for sty

Now appearing Knighteley

You’ll find Keira Knighteley on Yahoo! Style, although you might prefer Ms. Knightley:

knighteley sty

Someone needs to chastise that writer

Someone needs to chastise the writer of this headline on Yahoo! Movies for the serious misspelling:

chastizes movies


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