Was it an Alp?

What kind of peak is a sneak? An Alp? Take a sneak peek at this Yahoo! Style and you decide:

sneak peak sty

Take a peek at this

Take a peek at this capitalization (or rather, lack of capitalization) of Christmas on Yahoo! DIY:

blogs 1

Who doesn’t know to capitalize the holiday? The same person who doesn’t know that using that to refer to human beings is considered impolite. The pronoun who would be more to Emily Post’s liking.

blogs 2

Just one peek into this paragraph reminds us that the writer isn’t fond of capitalizing holidays like Valentine’s Day:

blogs 3

Or Mother Nature:

blogs 4

Reading that, you feel like you are really peeking into the mind of the writer, who has trouble picking the right homophone and who forgets to use an apostrophe to show that it’s kids’ art.

Try to keep your story straight

It must be hard for some people to keep information in their heads. Some people can write a paragraph and just can’t remember what they wrote minutes later. Take this excerpt from Yahoo! Style:

ball 1

We can’t expect a writer to remember that there’s no hyphen in nonprofit. Nor that there’s no “the Barbados.” Nor that amongst is considered a pretentious variation of among to American ears. But she might remember that she wrote about a foundation created in honor of Rihanna’s grandmother.

Dang! If you hadn’t told us this, I would have believed that the foundation was in honor of her grandmother:

ball 2

See? She forgot what she wrote in the preceding paragraph. That’s maybe too much info for anyone to recall.

Perhaps next time she pounds out an article for which she is paid real money to write, she’ll remember that a peak is a top and a peek is a quick look:

ball 3

Was that an Alp?

Take a peek at this: Yahoo! TV brought us a sneak peak and I’m wondering if the peak is an Alp or a Himalayan or Andean mountain:

sneak peak tv

Would that be an Alp?

I don’t know what kind of peak Ms. Bundchen gave her followers. Maybe if you take a sneak peek at this article on Yahoo! Style, you can tell me if it’s in the Alps or the Pyrenees.

peak luhrman style

Oh, I almost forgot: Can you also tell me why the writer misspelled Baz Luhrmann’s name?

Take a peak at this!

Take a peak at Yahoo! Style:

sneak peak style

No, really. Take a peak and replace it with a peek, because that’s the word that means “to glance quickly or peer furtively.”

Take a peak

Take a peak. Really, any peak. Everest. Kilimanjaro. Rainier. Fuji. Pick one. And then take a peek at this homophonic error on Yahoo! Movies:

peak movies

Take a peek at this

Here’s a sneak peek on the Yahoo! front page that should pique your interest:

fp peak

Why is sneak peek spelled correctly once and incorrectly once?

Where else are you going to peak?

If you don’t peak at the top, where do you peak? Why do I ask? Well, just take a peek at this on Yahoo! News to see:

news dont peak

Which peak would that be?

Everest? Mont Blanc? Rainier? Just which peak is the sneaky one mentioned on Yahoo! Movies?

sneak peak movies

Does it not pique your curiosity? Don’t you wish you could sneak a peek at the answer?


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