Take a peek at this!

It piques my interest when I see a mistake like this one on Yahoo! Style:


Did the writer choose to use peak (instead of the correct peek) because of the spelling of sneak?

Take a peek at this!

Take a peek at this excerpt from Yahoo! Sports:

peak your interest mlb

If that doesn’t pique your interest in learning about homophones, nothing will.

Take a quick peek

Take a quick peek at this homophonic horror from Yahoo! Sports:

quick peak mlb

How to make Freida Pinto look bad

Not content to merely misspell Freida Pinto’s name, the news editor for Yahoo! Style has made her look illiterate, too:

frieda sty

Ms. Pinto knows more about the English language than this editor. She actually offered a “sneaky peek” on Instagram, which the Style editor changed it to the homophone peak.

Were they Alps?

Oh, those sneak peaks! You just can’t trust ’em. Be they Himalayas, Alps, Sierras. It doesn’t matter — some peaks just love to sneak. Just take a peek at this peaks on Yahoo! Style:

sneak peaks sty

Just because the words sneak and peek rhyme, don’t assume that they’re spelled similarly, unless you’re referring to mountains. Now those would be peaks.

Would that be an Alp?

Wouldn’t it be great if the writers for Yahoo! Style were familiar with basic English expressions? Then, we wouldn’t be subjected to mysterious word usage like this:

stems around sty

Did the writer mean “stems from”? If that has you confused, that a peek at this:

sneak peak sty

What peak is she referring to? An Alp?

Take a peek at this

In this excerpt below from Yahoo! Style, you’ll get a sneak peek of the kind of errors you can expect to find on the site:

sneak peak sty

Sneak peek

If this is a sneak peek of the quality of writing we can expect from Yahoo! Decor, I think it will be a rich source of fodder for Terribly Write:

chatskis sty

Can you figure out what “chatskis” are?I think it’s the phonetic spelling of tchotchkes by someone who doesn’t know how to pronounce tchotchkes. That’s the worst misspelling I’ve ever seen.

Would that be an Alp?

Kylie Jenner’s cap and gown, which she word for her high school graduation, are two objects, I think. Isn’t that a plural subject in this sentence from Yahoo! Style?

sneak peak sty

If that were the only problem with that sentence, I’d probably ignore it. But no! The writer had to go tell us about a “sneak peak,” which I think refers to some mountain, like an Alp. Readers might be more interested in a sneak peek of a party thrown by Ryan Seacrest. Hey, at least she didn’t tell us it was throne by Mr. Seacrest. So maybe it’s not so bad.

My curiosity is piqued

I’m really curious about the writers at Yahoo! Style. How did they get they job writing for a site that’s viewed by millions of people, and yet know so little about English? I’ve been wondering that for as long as I can remember. It piques my interest. You might even say my interest peaked after reading this:

cant remember piques

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