A new one

I thought I’d seen every homophonic error possible on Yahoo!, but I was wrong. The “journalist” for Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket” came up with a new, creative, and totally hilarious way to spell leis:

news lays

Oh, that Hawaii School for Girls? It’s not in La Pietra, which is also not in Hawaii. It’s La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls.

News to confuse

Ever seen someone furl their brow? Me neither. Apparently the writer for Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket” has:

news furled 1

I’ve seen people furrow their brow, which creates wrinkles. But furling a brow would roll it up, which has got to be painful.

Perhaps this makes sense to the writer, but it’s nonsense to me:

news furled 2

Did he mean “in shielding the public from the existence of aliens”? Because that’s altogether (entirely, completely, and utterly) different from what he wrote.

With the writer’s limited knowledge of English, it seems like nitpicking to mention that Congress, when referring to the U.S. government, is capitalized, but congressional isn’t:

news furled 3

Expecting too much?

Is it too much to expect that someone who writes for a so-called news site would bother to find out how to spell a subject’s name? If you’re talking about Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket,” the answer is yes:

news colbert

The writer arbitrarily hyphenated Elizabeth Colbert Busch’s name and can’t be bothered correcting a typo.

This is the news

Keep in mind as you read this that it is from “The Ticket,” a blog brought to you by Yahoo! News:

news snl 1

You might not recognize the misspelling of Jay Pharoah’s name, but a real editor would.

Anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature would recognize this as sloppy journalism at its worst:

news snl 2

This is what passes for news at Yahoo!.

Is that a euphemism?

So that’s what Republicans call it — brainstorming! I would have thought it involved a much lower part of the body:

news pubic

Thanks to Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket” for explaining what the GOP was doing after the 2012 erection election.

Where facts don’t matter

If you’re looking for accurate, timely news, you can skip Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket.” You won’t find it there. The “journalists” can get even the simplest facts wrong, like this:

news bible ticket

The Robinson Family Bible was a Mother’s Day gift from Mrs. Obama’s father to his mother. At least that’s what reputable news sources report.

Not a good place for a typo

Let’s just be charitable and call this attempt at Louisiana in a Yahoo! News headline a typo, and not a misspelling:

A real lightning rod for criticism

A mistake on Yahoo! News’ “The Ticket” can become a lightning rod for criticism, especially when the writer doesn’t know the difference between lightning and lightening:

Lightening means “making lighter”; lightning is the stuff that accompanies thunder.

Mitt Romney following school administrators

Is Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stalking school administrators? He admits to following principals all his political life, according to Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket”:

You’d think that he’d be talking about his principles, like his standards of ethics and morality. But noooo.

Here we go again!

Here we go again with more misinformation from the “journalists” at Yahoo! News:

Chris Christie was elected governor in 2009 and took office in 2010.

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