The ghost of Audrey Hepburn

Many people say Audrey Hepburn was an angelic actress of heavenly beauty. They may be correct — literally. According to Yahoo! Celebrity after her death, Audrey Hepburn worked for UNICEF:

More fake news?

Is this “news” from Yahoo! Celebrity as fake as the spelling of Bryan Tanaka’s name?

Whoa is me!

Whoa! Where did the editors at Yahoo! Celebrity get the idea that this is correct?!

Someone should get a long sentence for that Clause

It’s off to the grammar slammer for the Yahoo! Celebrity writer responsible for this clumsy Clause:


Writer and editor has a problem

This Yahoo! Celebrity writer and his/her editor have a problem with grammar — specifically, matching a verb to its subject:


That just won’t cut it

If you’re thinking of creating a hip street-style look by cutting up a T-shirt, don’t try using sheers, even if this Yahoo! Celebrity writer thinks they’ll do the job:


This is what is referred to as sheers:


You might want to try these:


That’s a pair of scissors, AKA shears.

Not a good place for this

The home page of Yahoo! Celebrity is not a good place to misspell Joe Giudice’s name:


Not an unusual error

There seems to be a general impression with Yahoo! staffers that the correct indefinite article before a word starting with a vowel is an, not a. Sometimes it is. But not always, as illustrated on the home page of Yahoo! Celebrity:

an uterine cel

It doesn’t matter what letter the word begins with; it matters what letter it sounds like it begins with. So, it’s an unusual rule, but a useful one.

Whoever wrote this needs an editor

Whoever is responsible for this grammatical gaffe on Yahoo! Celebrity needs an editor:

whomever cel sty

Maybe the writer thought whomever sounded cultured or erudite. But the word is the subject of the verb is and the subjective pronoun (who or whoever) is called for.

You’ve got a friend at KFC

Selena Gomez loves friend chicken. At least that’s what this Yahoo! Celebrity writer tells us:

friend chicken cel

If you think readers don’t notice typos, think again. Here are a few comments from readers of the article:

  • “I love a good plate of friend chicken,” she revealed. MMMM, I love me some FRIEND chicken, too. Sheesh, who edits this stuff?
  • Is “friend chicken” a mexican thing?
  • friend chicken? lol. please fix your typo.
  • I also love a good plate of FRIEND chicken.
  • I’ll be on the lookout for “friend chicken”…sounds interesting. In the meantime, will have some KFC tonight in her honor.
  • Extra crispy friend chicken is my fav.
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