Do-it-yourself article shines on Yahoo!

If you’re a DIYer, then this article on Yahoo! Shine is for you! Add your own words and punctuation!

You get to supply the missing word and substitute the correct word here:

You’ll want to move some words around here, so that the opening phrase doesn’t imply that some studies are the boon to health. And then you get to choose the punctuation for the closing sentence:

I love that the writer left it up to you to determine what the low-fat food item is and what the closing punctuation should be:

Now, just supply the correct spelling here:


(Hint: It’s serotonin.)

Are you still playing along?  ‘Cause the writer has a few challenges here:

To complete this DIY project, just correct the typo, add the missing hyphen in sugar-high, find a homophone for the ludicrously incorrect coarse, and insert the missing punctuation!

That’s it! You’re done! If you completed this, you’re ready to write for Yahoo!. Or maybe you’re too good for Yahoo!.

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