Ghosts of the Nasdaq

When the Nasdaq reached the 5000 level, ghosts appeared. Or something like that. I’m trying to figure out what this writer meant and why Yahoo! Finance is one of the most vaunted, excessively praised financial sites on the Web:

haunted fin

Is that Manny Pacquiao?

Things must be rough over at the Yahoo! front page. It seems that the writers can’t find pictures of actual movie and sports celebrities, so they’re substituting pictures of look-alikes. I’d swear this was Manny Pacquiao, but it’s not:

fp pac

This must go

Do you think this must have undergone editing before being published on Yahoo! Style?


I’d rather believe it wasn’t edited than think that there’s an employed editor who believes that underwent is the correct form of the verb undergo in that sentence.

Lady Gaga’s career is open and honest

It’s not often — if ever — you read about a career (and not a person) that is open and honest , but that’s what the writer at Yahoo! Style alleges:

up and up sty

If I’m going to be on the up and up, I’d have to say that the writer has a real problem with common English idioms. She probably meant Lady Gaga’s career is on the rise, is on the way up, or is in its ascendancy (not that she’d know what that means).

Building charging stations one at a time

According to Yahoo! Makers, you can get wireless charging stations that are built in, one at a time:

discretely diy

That’s what it says, but what the writer meant was they’re discreetly built in, so that they’re not noticeable.

Which states are you referring to?

If you’re referring to the United States (as this writer from Yahoo! Style is), then it’s the States:

the states sty

If you’re referring to some states, and not the whole country, then use the states.

Do you have to take it off the wall?

How does one linger on a president’s portrait? Do you take it off the wall, lay it down on the floor, and rest your head on Mr. Clinton? What do you say when the guards at the National Portrait Gallery try to haul you away? You tell them you’re just following the advice you read on Yahoo! Style:

linger on sty

Might I suggest that next time, you linger at the portrait. It’s less likely to get you thrown in the slammer.

Do you remember the pale, lifeless years?

Yahoo! is celebrating its 20th anniversary. In honor of the event, Yahoo! Style is focusing on 20 pale, lifeless years:

pasty sty

It’s a historic mistake

It’s not a horrible mistake, but it’s a common one on the Yahoo! front page:

fp an historic 2

Most words beginning with H are preceded by a, not an because the H is pronounced: a head, a heart, a hand.  But some words beginning with H are preceded by an, not a because they start with a vowel sound: an hour, an honor, an honest mistake.

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

In this episode of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” we find a missing hyphen or an unnecessary hyphen.

fp plane tracking

Seems like they just can’t agree on much of anything at


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