Does this strike a chord?

This strikes a chord with me, and not in a good way. It’s an example from Yahoo! Style of a writer confusing a group of three notes (which is a chord) and  a string or rope (called a cord):


Striking the wrong chord

Nothing in this photo caption on Yahoo! Style hits the right note or strikes a chord with me:

hit cord sty

I’m embarrassed for the writer. She managed to screw up a common expression in two ways: The expression is “hit the right note” or “strike a chord” (but she can’t even use the correct homophone in the latter). It’s followed in the same sentence with a mismatched subject and verb. And to prove that she’s not just grammatically and verbally impaired, she shows that she knows little about the subject of this mess by misspelling Céline. I’ve read high school newspapers that are better written and edited than this.

You sing chords

Even though you may sing chords, you don’t use your vocal chords. They’re vocal cords and that’s what the writer Yahoo! Style should have written:

vocal chords sty

Does this strike a chord?

Yahoo! Style reports that Kanye West was recently spotted wearing “a hoodie with chords.”

chords sty

That could only mean one thing: The rapper was singing chords while wearing the hoodie. Or the rapper was wearing corduroy pants (also called cords) and the writer is a tad confused. Oh, I guess that’s two things.

Does this strike a chord with you?

Does this homophonic error on Yahoo! Parenting strike a chord with you?

struck a cord parent

If you have an emotional response to it, or it triggers a memory for you, then it strikes a chord. It you picture someone hitting a rope, then that’s striking a cord.

Getting tangled up in the wrong chord

Kids these days! What with all their cell phones and their smartphones, they probably don’t know that at one time, phones had cords. And if they write for Yahoo! Style, they certainly don’t know that the cords didn’t include an H:

chord style

Speaking of vocal chords…

They’re not vocal chords. Even though you use them to sing chords, they’re vocal cords:

vocal chords omg

This homophonic horror was brought to you by Yahoo! omg!.

That doesn’t strike a chord

Hitting a rope isn’t going to make a whole lot of noise, so what does this mean?

That expression doesn’t strike a bell (or even a chord) with me. Maybe it’s a new expression conceived by the Yahoo! Shine writer.

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